Katrina Bowden in a bikini

October 4th, 2009 // 68 Comments

Here’s Katrina Bowden in Miami yesterday and apparently she’s a regular on the Emmy-winning comedy 30 Rock. I don’t watch the show, so I’m going to trust Wikipedia on this one because everything written on the Internet is true. On that note, I need to go fight crime with my young boy sidekick who I hang out with in a totally non-gay way. Honest.


  1. z;fadsg

    i wanna do her sooooooo bad. DAMN!!!!

  2. gabval


  3. jojo

    First!!!! and hot

  4. Taz

    I’d pump her brains out!

  5. Philma Johnson

    What a fox. I would definitely give her the business.

    Now let’s see the Faggots & Fatties Brigade come through and try to tear this girl apart. “Butterface, needs to lose weight, fake tits, nothing special, blah blah blah.” Haters are going to hate, after all.

  6. OMG, it’s still bikini weather and I’m sat here freezing my butt off. Man I wish I lived somewhere that sunny to be chillin in my bikini right now.

  7. GSHOE

    OMG HAWT. Are you joking…she is smokin!

  8. Mayo

    Agreed Philma.

  9. Hugh Gentry

    she needs some big tits on that frame. Smokin hot, but missing the big titties.

  10. Randal

    Katrina has made 30 Rock what it is today, playing an important role on the show which all others circle around. She’s certainly deserved being part of the Emmy Award for without her, the show would be nothing.

    You look smashing, Katrina!


  11. Turd the third

    Yumm, nice tight body, real looking titties too BUT.. that bathing suit is freaking awful, in some of the pictures is looks like she is strapping on one of those old ass maxi pads

  12. Yeah, i’d pretty much eat her asshole.

  13. what


    Fuck you she doesn’t need big tits. You’re prolly some fat asshole anyway.

  14. alisa

    fuck you #9. we should be praising natural girls. if i was a guy i’d much rather want a natural girl who hasn’t been cut open with a fucking knife and been surgically enhanced. fucking disgusting. news flash little boys… most women do not naturally have a small waist, big tits and a round ass. VERY FEW do and the rest you can thank photo shop /or plastic surgery. boys these days are too used to seeing fake women and don’t even know what a real one normally looks like. its sad. this girl has a great body…. small boobs and all.

  15. She looks about 14 years old…………..yuck

  16. Tatersalad

    Nobody else catches the self induced camel-toe in pic 5?

  17. The Rough report

    Dont know who she is, nor care to Google but shes gorgeous…body wise…

  18. Festivus

    #9 is a fucking moron.

    Just LOOK at those things:


  19. Merv the Perv

    I am loving the camel toe action on #5

    Actually I am loving everything of every picture.

  20. See Alice

    She is hot . Never seen her before . 30 Rock sucks

  21. take em' off, baby...

    She’s totally fuckable. I’d split her like a rail…

  22. Jimboooo!

    None too shabby

  23. sexy sexy. assman likey.

  24. j

    i would eat that ass all night long!

  25. Wow, this girl’s body is AWESOME!! Cute little boobies and all.

  26. wow

    Fabulous pictures! Thank you. You made my night.

  27. Gary

    She is a goddess. Perfection.

  28. Zuzu

    I thought that false eyelashes came off in the water? #14, natural girls, get real there are no natural humans anymore, where have you been, preemies and in vitro and clones are everywhere; you big fat jerk!

  29. cc

    That’s not nearly enough pictures. Especially of her backside. Pic 8 makes my mouth water.

  30. ginger

    She has no ass.
    She looks like a little boy with long hair.

  31. Seth Rogen

    Not to be a hater but #30 is right- she has no butt. And for all you people who will say “but she’s natural” let me point out that there is nothing stopping you from getting some bump in the trunk the natural way- with a little cardio!

  32. Seth Rogen

    Not to be a hater but #30 is right- she has no butt. And for all you people who will say “but she’s natural” let me point out that there is nothing stopping you from getting some bump in the trunk the natural way- with a little cardio!

  33. Lombardo Grigui

    these pictures prove one thing most people already know = white girls dont have any junk in the trunk.

  34. Black as Night

    No white girls got dat ass. You watch the black chick gonna be the hottest new sensation and the bruthas aint gonna let you take our women from us.

  35. Bob

    The critics on this page are full of Sh*it – they think every woman with breasts smaller than a D-Cup is “flat-chested.” She’s hotter than any woman that anyone on this board has ever – or will ever nail (or touch, for that matter).
    I haven’t given her much thought since I’ve stopped watching “30 Rock”, but now I remember why I got so frustrated at not finding many pictures of her on the net way back when.

  36. i wanna do her sooooooo bad. DAMN!!!!

  37. Darth Vader's daddy


    My to Do List:

    a) Suck on her face
    b) Suck on them lil’ tit-tays
    c) Suck on her coochy-coo
    d) Suck on her butthole (didn’t think I would pass this up!)

    Then hump all the above like a sex-crazed sexaholic, not necessary in the preceding order

  38. Dread not

    THAT is one hot chick. And all that sweet, un-inked skin. It really makes you appreciate girls with relatively healthy self esteems who don’t feel the need to punish Daddy, or be like Suzy, by colorfully scarring themselves with assinine cries for help. I say relatively healthy self esteems, because, let’s face it, she’s STILL an actress. Romp.

  39. wtf

    Can I have my bandanna back please? I’ve got a Criss Angel show to attend and she stole it from me.

  40. She’s delicious…

  41. Rhialto

    Is that all what she does in the water?! Just show me the butterfly stroke the next time or something.

  42. Fat Chicks Suck

    Literally one of the hottest girls alive. She’s the only reason I watch the show and she’s barely in it. She’s so hot it hurts to look at her – absolute perfection.

  43. Darth

    The backstroke can’t be that difficult to start with.

  44. Oliver Chester The Molester Lester

    Between her and Jane Krakowski I find myself coating the tv screen two to three times a week.

  45. Hanging Chad

    Holy SHIT that’s a smoking body. I wish my girlfriend looked like that in a bikini (I guess who wouldn’t – just thought I’d be upfront about my jealously of the fucking lucky bastard that’s fucking her.) Anyone who finds anything wrong with her is a jealous fucking idiot. She has a ridiculously cute face, those tits are flawless (too small? ARE YOU KIDDING ME?! Imagine how perfect those fucking nipples are), that ass is mouth-watering, and she doesn’t have an ounce of excess body fat. Toned but not too toned, a healthy glow but not a ridiculous tan, and nice and skinny in all the right places. Why couldn’t more girls would put in the effort in the gym to look like this? The world would be a better place.

    Girls: this is what your boyfriend/husband/etc is thinking about while he’s fucking you. Thank God we have imaginations so that we can turn the lights out and get off on images like picture #8 when we’re fucking our lazy, whiny-ass girlfriends and wives.

  46. ginger

    wow… @46… I am shocked you even have a girlfriend. Sad you feel the need to compare your girlfriend to this little 12 year old girl named Katrina. Yes, she is very pretty but still underdeveloped. No hips, no ass and no chest… she still has growing to do.

    Does your girlfriend know you like little boys?

  47. Fat Chicks Suck


    We all know you’re an out-of-shape jealous bitch – you’ve made it very clear throughout your posts. It’s hilarious how women can become so overcome by denial and delusions that they actually believe the stupid crap they spew out. How is this woman underdeveloped? Because she’s in good shape and doesn’t have a flabby gut and a cellulite-covered soggy ass? Because she doesn’t have huge saggy tits with stretchmarks all over them? This woman is a goddess – it’s okay to be jealous…but just admit it. Comparing her to a “little boy” or saying she is “underdeveloped” seriously makes you look like nothing short of a complete fucking idiot. I’m so sick of fat lazy bitches running their mouths. Nobody cares about your bullshit opinion or what you have to say in general. I’m sorry you’re too lazy and lack the self-control to have a body like this but insulting beautiful women out of jealously isn’t going to change your repulsive appearance. Out-of-shape people will never be attractive – just fucking deal with it. If these fat, jealous idiots spent half as much time in the gym as they did complaining about hot, fit women maybe they wouldn’t be so damn repulsive.

    Man do jealous, loud-mouthed face-stuffers annoy me. Take your soggy ass, your back fat, and saggy, sweaty, flapjack tits elsewhere. Nobody wants to look at you or listen to you.

  48. Sardonic

    Oh so ripe for naughtiness.

  49. Captain John

    What #48 said! She is perfect, a goddess and is what all girls should strive to look like.

    #47 ginger is a stupid fat ass lazy bitch jealous of beauty. Katrina is 21 years old and looks perfect.

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