Katie Price’s topless breasts

August 5th, 2009 // 59 Comments

Here’s a topless Katie Price relaxing in a hotel pool in Spain yesterday, and whoever shot these, kudos on being the worst paparazzi in the history of paparazzing. Seriously, these are the world’s largest freaking breasts, and yet somehow you managed to mostly get shots of a metal bar. Had you shown a little initiative and climbed out of the tree, Katie would’ve posed for you and given you a free copy of her book. At this point, I’d suggest another profession, but I doubt there’s a market for pool stair photographers. And if there is, you’d be fired for snapping pics of a lawn chair. Because you’re legally blind.

NOTE: Pics link to NSFW versions that aren’t 17. (What now, Vanessa Hudgens’ legal team?)

Photos: INFdaily.com

  1. Changed your nose to look like a shiska, didn’t you?

  2. Jake


  3. Robert


  4. ha

    …are there nipples there? Does she have nipples?

  5. Fifth!


  6. CaptainMorgan

    Daddy like. Fake or not, I’d give those a good ride. I like this girl better without make up….and preferably no clothes. YUM.

  7. Axel

    @ #6…

    Well Said

  8. Kraki

    total butterface

  9. Jibbly Biggins

    Behold…..silicon bags!

  10. I never thought I’d say this, but she looks SOOOOO much better without make up.

  11. Uhm what’s with those ripples under the breasts in the first pic? Should have skipped the implants–gorgeous otherwise.

  12. GM

    I know i konw, but id still (.)(.) Fuck the Shit outta her.
    And ( ! ) Fuck her too!!!

  13. Upinya

    Her tits look like they were put on with a zipper.

  14. Daryl G


    Janice Dickenson…?

  15. mikesh

    look at the scares under her boObs

  16. fetus_mcnuggets

    opaque nipples !!!!!!!!!!!!

  17. You sure that isn’t Janice Dickerson?

  18. Gossipgirl

    are these pics actually new? that looks like peter andre, and the two of them are in the middle of a divorce, a pretty nasty one at that.

  19. fred

    Actually that papparazi has made a ton of money out of that metal bar as it allowed one of the less tasteful UK papers to have it as a front page picture (what do you mean news?) which they couldn’t have done if the nipples were visible. This suggest that the pap is a genius or freakin lucky

  20. Darth

    Nice tan! Didn’t she used to live in LA?

  21. Rhialto

    Who’s reponisble for these photos?!

  22. I'm telling you...

    She’s a MAN. There is NO doubt about it in my mind.

  23. I'm telling you...

    She’s a MAN. There is NO doubt about it in my mind.

  24. Wow, some people who aren’t really beautiful w/poor bone structure to the face should not take shots w/their hair slicked back in natural light.

  25. above me is an idiot


    WTH are u talking about? Katie Price has a very photogenic face.

  26. NYbigurl

    I wouldn’t fuck her with my girlfriend’s strap-on!

  27. above me is an idiot


    Why does your girlfriend have a strap-on? To fuck you up the ass!

    HAHAHA, you dug that one yourself.

  28. Deacon Jones

    I agree Fred.

    These were staged. How do I know? She has brutal nipple scars from the implants, and each one of these 4 (that’s fucking it?) photos oh so conveniently hides the nipples.

  29. Érico

    I only there were more proeminent women like her.

  30. Bosco

    Skin rippling on the side of the boob sign of a lousy boob job…

  31. Kelley

    Franken-Tits … the girl was too tiny and thin for basketball-sized implants in the first place. They look grotesque. Of course if she had them removed she wouldn’t be “famous for my tits” anymore, as she once said in an interview. I’d rather see a Heidi and Spencer post than look at this talentless skank … fuck, imagine being famous for a boob-job, and a god-awful one at that. Before all the surgery she was actually cute, but she’s still an airhead.

  32. Katie Price’s tits get just as much attention as a oompa loompa does..

  33. #28, Sickitten, I clicked your link. I hope that’s not you in all of those ragdoll image pictures. If so, you’re the LAST one to be talking about anyones bone structure. Your face doesn’t even appear to have bone structure…it’s flat. Stop being so hypocritical. And well, if that isn’t you..then my apologies..I guess?

  34. Adolf

    Isn’t Katie Price a jewess? I bet her beaver smells like matzah balls.

  35. Adolf OvenShoveler

    @ Sickitten Get in the oven you jewess.

  36. Ever try to grab a fully inflated inner tube while in a pool? It’s maddeningly difficult… what with the sliding all over the place and the squeakiness. That is exactly what it would be like to fuck this beeotch in a pool.

  37. me

    nasty.nasty nasty …..get some class chick

  38. bUZZTOE

    PARTY TITS!!!!!

  39. ImARobot

    Gross tits are gross.

  40. NYbigurl

    #27 did you not read my post name? what do you think NYbigurl means? it means my gf has a strapon because i am a bisexual girl, you illiterate, limpdick ass clown.

  41. Mama Pinkus


  42. Annie Loves Anal

    Wow 36 your turning me on!

  43. Tom K

    She is such a sad skank but she’s probably great in bed!!!

  44. Didn’t take this skank long to find another cock to jump on.

  45. What an attention WHORE

    Laughable. This skank will do ANYTHING to get the attention she desperately craves. She’s pathetic…

  46. Disgusting skank

    If she had natural tits, it’d be one thing. However, she’s got the world’s WORST porn star fake bolt on titties. Yuck…

  47. christianbachelors

    She such a good mom! Very supportive and providing! – christianbachelors.com

  48. uh...nevr seen a furby with fake tits...

    omg…wtf. this ugly mofo jus made me spew in my mouth!!! wat a fucked up botched tit surgery…pete burns luks bettr than this bucket!

  49. 1moreidiotintheworld

    What the fuck are you censoring? You cant see shit in any of the pics…. not even PG-13 material.

  50. moody_me

    A poor man’s Janice Dick-in-son, and it’s hard to stoop below La Dick anyway. Both tranny lookalikes. Both ugly, vile, classless skanks.

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