Katie Price’s drunken areola slip

July 19th, 2009 // 55 Comments

Here’s Katie “Jordan” Price drunk off her ass in London last night where, not surprisingly, her dress failed to contain her insane breasts. Leave it to Katie Price to look at a tiny scrap of fabric and think “Oh yeah, my tits are staying in that.” And for the record, I mean that in the most respectful way because, honestly, I don’t know how else you exemplify heroism. Besides letting me touch them. Just throwing that out there.

NOTE: Pic links to LSFW version. Unless you work at a pepperoni plant.

Scope Out (24) Pics of Katie After the Jump


  1. martina

    first …

  2. gil

    ii have megan fox’s porno video LMAO

  3. Martina

    the real surprise here is that she’s wearing clothing, and that she is not on her knees.

  4. haha

    Nice areola scar…

  5. REally fish? slip?…you are reaching…

  6. Hardly a nip slip… Booo HISS!!!

  7. me

    this chick is retarded !!!!!!!

  8. Anon

    For a woman in a custody battle she’s doing a good Britney.
    But unlike Shitney being in the UK no matter what she does she’ll still get full custody.

  9. Lain

    stretch marks

  10. Lauren

    LOL at the crossed out “Pete” on her wrist. Wonder how she’s going to disguise that :)

  11. Lain

    I love how the tagline for Lohan’s new movie is “All her career needs is a little bump”

    Of course it applies to the baby bump, but it also applies to her in real life

  12. jon

    pic 17, wtf is up with that? nasty plastic bitch.

  13. hammer Time

    Her photos from page 3 (topless) in the uk are way better check them out

  14. Rhialto

    Who’s grabbing her from behind this time?

  15. popculture

    wow. i can even see the nipple scarring where the implants went in.

  16. Gando

    He’s supposed to lift her up instead of pushing himself to her.Is he really a ballet dancer?

  17. Darth

    He’s probably a straight ballet dancer.

  18. mcfeely smackup

    Wow, we now have a new definition for aureola slip. Just for the record for you guys (and editors) who have never actually seen a nipple, they don’t look like a ring of scar tissue.

  19. Ryan the Canadian

    Is that Tom Yorke in the background???

  20. Ariana

    Okay. Who the fuck is Katie Price? I’ve seen her pictures on gossip blogs everywhere. She looks hella ugly with big breasts.

    Shield my eyes.

  21. Is that drunken bag showing her over inflated boobs again? it’s not like the world hasn’t seen them umpteen times already. At least they draw attention away from her orange and increasingly weather beaten face.

  22. dombigdinbr

    why the nipple is cover???

  23. inbred white guys

    Not bad for a negro

  24. kingofbeer

    looks painful..

  25. Teriqua

    Hey, Inbred white guy;
    Nobody says. “Negro” anymore. It’s okay say African American or even Black. But Cracker please, get rid of the word Negro!

    A couple things about this woman..

    For Inbred; I don’t think she’s black at all, not even bi-racial. The only this faker than her tig ol fake bitties is that orange tan. Black girls don’t waste their money on a fake tan.

    I also don’t believe that exposure was a mistake! C’Mon Barbie, the “Oopsie did my nipple really show?!?!” Give us a break!

    The question I’d really like to ask is, “Why?” She has got to know those Monsterous Mangos don’t have a chance in hell of staying in that tiny dress. If she is promoting a porn, I guess that might be a way to get some press. But don’t insult our intelligence by acting like it’s a mistake.

    A normal woman doesn’t try to expose their nipples.

  26. spicy

    whoa the amazing things that skin can do. I mean how do her tits just not bust through the epidermis!?!?

    as a female, i find these pictures to be quite painful to look at

  27. Kelley

    Jesus, you know what ? I think I’d rather look at Lindsay Lohan than this used-up bag …

  28. Dont you get the feeling with all these haute couture she wears, her hairy wishbone stinks to high heaven….

  29. missywissy

    Looks like somebody got a little carried away with the black Sharpie marker.

  30. She’s enjoying the moment… well, he breast looks great anyway. She can be proud of it.

  31. She’s enjoying the moment… well, her breast looks great anyway. She can be proud of it.

  32. HuckyDucky

    Rough D,

    What’s a hairy wishbone?

  33. She's hawt

    Shes fucking amazing. Jealous fat ugly losers. Of both sexes

  34. Martina

    Clarification for #34 – as a companion doll she’s hot.
    However, as a plastically enhanced woman, she melts if placed near a heating vent. Please continue.

  35. fetus_mcnuggets

    SHE LOOKS EXACTLY LIKE MEGAN FOX just with big plastic honkers

    this is why megan fox never appealed to me … she carries a “my-anal-sphincters-have-ruptured-into-a-magic-flesh-eating-unicorn-ps-im-the-shit” look going for her

    very porn star esque
    not a big fan of chicks that look like this :(

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  37. mr awesome

    Megan fox is superhot, she is just freaky!

  38. mr awesome

    Megan fox is superhot, katie price is just freaky!

  39. Charlene

    What the fuck is wrong with her face?!

  40. Well young man im glad you ask…@33 picture a wishbone and the female anatomy what do you see?

  41. The Jerk

    In pic #23, was that Rose Boy?! Onto other news…ugly bitch is ugly.

  42. I was going to illustrate the idea with pics, but Superfish refuse to publish it, its not even porn…

    picture Megan Fox’s recent camel toe, and picture a wishbone in front of it…

  43. Gorilla Pimp Slap

    She looks like an older, more weather beaten version of Janice Dickinson.

  44. whattheshit

    In the words of Larry David, “they’re not breasts, they’re just big chemical balls.”

  45. hateyoufornoreason


  46. Bosco

    She must be drunk her eyes are partly closed………..

  47. marcus

    I think shes a waste of silicone, but I still want to fuck her till she loves me.

  48. Did you see that big hook nose she was sporting before all of the surgery?

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