Katie Price’s salesmanship has drastically improved

November 20th, 2008 // 93 Comments

What does it say about me as a person that, if Katie Price was selling cyanide capsules, I’d probably buy an entire case and pop them like candy? Besides that I’m awesome and people are genuinely surprised to learn I don’t drive a battleship to work.

Photos: Splash News, WENN

  1. Almost every spanish girl who would be willing to pose like this is hot in america?

  2. Fake Kurt Cobain

    Look, for a grandmother, she looks great.

  3. neptune

    Don’t commenters here know a butterface when they see one? That ten pounds of make-up makes her look like a mannequin! The color of her face and neck doesn’t even match her chest and arms! Gross.

  4. Kevincy Q

    She is so beautiful and charming. Just saw her on a dating community ???INTERRACIALLOVING.COM??? last week. I am wondering what kind of relationship she is looking for on that site. Is she a single now?

  5. Arioch

    Just because it has big tits and a tan and shitty make up doesnt mean I’m going to hit it.

    Unless it’s with a crowbar.Maybe then.

  6. gfgdg

    SHE IS UGLY. I d seriously think twice about if if she asked me to go for a quick f***. she is so cheap and rough looking. the fake tits, the really BAD fake tain, her make up, the hair and all of it…she looks fuckin horrible.

    I’d do her with a bag over her head maybe…just maybe ;)

  7. The underwear is actually really nice, why do people have to hate on Katie still?

  8. Great post. She is gorgeous

  9. just

    Plastic tits, no ass and a hacked up face? Not attractive.

    When will women accept that they are beautiful without fucking themselves up with surgery? She was a very pretty girl when she started out. That was before she started to mess around with her body.

    Each to his/her own I guess.

  10. I wouldn’t pay $43 a night for this chick, despite her having some qualities that make me gaga: fake gargantu-tits, concave ass, liposuction, plastic surgery scars, and an extreme lack of self confidence that manifests in a need for any kind of attention at all. Drop the price to $4.30, and we’ll talk…

  11. Jericho34

    What the hell ever #60 and #61 and whoever is knocking this chick. When will women begin to understand that this is what men want? This is what every woman should look like!!

  12. Likes real curves

    Thanks, but I prefer women, not Frankenchicks. This girl was made in a lab. Give me Kim Kardashian any day.

  13. spanky

    As long as she cleans the house , does dishes and gets me a beer I will love her. No I want a Rum and coke instead.

  14. gorgeous girly

    TRANNY. That is a straight up tranny and any a-hole who proudly types “I’d hit it” is just proving that they’d fuck a tranny. RETARDS of course you’d hit it, you have no standards, you’re the same fucking tards who would bring a tranny home and have no clue until you woke up in the morning with a sore ass and a missing razor.

    I worked in a gay bar when I went through my “I’ll try chicks faze” and I met a lot of tranny’s and they all had stories of frat boys honking at them ehereever they went, construction workers and being constantly taken home by homophobic dudes who were too stupid to realize that they were men too and I saw it all for myself. Men who like this look are harbouring some same sex feelings and personally I have no problem with that, but you homophobes sure do.

  15. Deacon Jones

    Would someone please tell me what a “Fleshlight” (#16) is????

  16. Lola

    Oh and the funnest part of this is that she had her 3 yr old son with her… While parading around practically naked and signing shit for people… What a mother indeed…. She looks like a trannie on crack with anorexia…. The bitch is just a fucking joke

  17. Valkyrie

    # 66 a fleshlight is a sex toy for men. WHICH all men want also.

    Google it and see. It’s mighty handy. HA HA.

    #62 you and your like minded brethren need to stop circle jerking over your shared mentality and just grasp the obvious: not everyone will find this lady hot.

  18. Jericho34, I’ve spoken to Jerichos 1-33 and they all agree, you are a massive cockwart who never gets laid.

    That is all.

  19. weaselspeed

    The underwear is nice, I just don’t think she’s that cute… I think its the big fake boobs that do it. And as for “most guys” liking this look, big boobs, wide waist and narrow hips, thats gotta be an american boob fascination thing. if she had some hips the you offset her boobs and make them look to small. But anyway, good for her for making a lot of money. Shes gotta be doing something right…

  20. weaselspeed

    erg.. “they would”

  21. Plastic Sturgeon

    Yes, the tits are too big and the tan is a bit much. Still, she looks amazing, especially for having three kids. I cannot believe she looks that good to be honest.

  22. SATAN

    once again, Katie, if you ever decide America is the place for you, I’m so here and so rich and horny and good-looking.

  23. Fleur

    She looks amazing but – for reals? Who would prance around in skimpy underwear for all the world to see? I have had anxiety dreams about doing that!

  24. She needs to retire those tired ass fake body parts.

  25. Jed

    Fake body parts and fake personality.

    Natural is the way to go.

  26. friendlystoner

    to all the people who says she aint all that:

    if she was in your house naked and gagging for it, you`d be drooling for a shag off her and then would beg for more, well at least a tit wank.lol

  27. weirdo

    I’d go so balls deep in her sexy ass my insides would hurt–so would hers.

  28. Lounsey

    I feel totally sorry for her. I know that lots of guys would have sex with her, but she still feels so ugly that she won’t go out without make-up and is addicted to plastic surgery… Imagine going to bed with that, and think about what you’re gonna wake up with…. a panda face from her eye make-up and orange sheets. I think she’s gorgeous, but too fake.

  29. Doritio Man

    I dunno, Fish. She has that tranny kind of look going on. I’d steer clear.

  30. Érico

    I knew I was going to find something good (a hot babe with huge tits) when I came onto the site today. That’s what I need to face a hangover and work on monday.

    Thank you.

  31. Buyers Remorse 09'


  32. nick

    you are so horny.next time take off the braw.hey want to get married and sex 20,000 times?

  33. Great body…shame about the talentless husband…!

  34. Andreea

    I totally agree with NotBlonde. She is juts a bad imitation of a sex doll. And she has no waist, no hips and no butt. Her proportions are totally wrong. If u wanna see a hot body, take a look at Bar Rafaeli a model and Leonardo Dicaprio’s ex.

  35. jeezey mic jeeze

    why doesnt she have hips???? it makes her look like a man and no ass why doesnt she buy hips and ass like she bought those other body parts

  36. lollipalooza

    what is wrong with her mouth ?

    yawn, I’m bored.

  37. My hand is better looking than her… and more pleasing I might add.

  38. Once again, another chick whom I’ve never heard of that I’d totally like to bang.

  39. Kayleigh C

    Can her vagina fit in that pubic area? seems too small

  40. Strange… The first that my eyes stopped on was the boobz.
    I hope I dont look like pervert, but I desperately need to squize those and to suck them… I hope Im not alone in here thinking like that.
    About the face – she is perfect like the rest of the models in Hollywood. Everyone looks perfect there. Everything is fake. Even the behaviour. They are smiling , but the night before the filming some of them have been ganbanged by the producers, directors and probably some sponsors. Im just seeing an empty shell and couple of boobs. About the butt – I dont see it , its flat and tooo small. Dudes, I realy like Phat Asses. Not FAT , but Phat. Most of you knows perfectly the difference between those two words.
    And also like Chris Rock said in some of his movies : From the underwear I want to see only : tags and ass. Well that girl has boobs only. So …. the question that comes in my head is : GOT MILK ???

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