Katie Price’s salesmanship has drastically improved

November 20th, 2008 // 93 Comments

What does it say about me as a person that, if Katie Price was selling cyanide capsules, I’d probably buy an entire case and pop them like candy? Besides that I’m awesome and people are genuinely surprised to learn I don’t drive a battleship to work.

Photos: Splash News, WENN

  1. havoc

    Bangability = 100%


  2. Faustus

    Where´s the ass???…..

  3. Cowering

    Those boobs are scary.

  4. Yikes!

    The combination of a boy butt and enormous breasts really excites my suppressed bisexuality.

  5. Run n Gun

    When will women learn this is all men want from them?

  6. Ted from LA

    Fish and havoc,
    I have to call you on this one. She looks like a disgusting slob. Everything about her says, “fake.” I’ll bet you my dog that her personality matches… and I love my dog (and not in a Mike and his goat sort of way either).

  7. Save me from those eyelids!

    If only she could hoist up her boobies a little bit more, so they could completely hide her face, I’d be in heaven.

  8. Deacon Jones

    @6 High fucking maintenance.
    I guarantee this bitch can’t take a shit without taking her cell phone with her.

  9. simplicity

    not again

  10. Those brittish C-listers are way over the top for me! how do you walk around with that, in anonymity!!! its like a walking billboard for plastic surgery!

  11. Mike Hawk

    Leave the dog out of this…

  12. NotBlonde

    You know…if this is what guys think is sexually attractive (busted face, huge fake tits, bloated stomach, no waist, no ass, skinny legs, and fake tanned) then I’m switching to the other team.

  13. NotBlondeEither

    Bloated stomach? I agree with you that she’s icky, and it’s utterly depressing that she is considered attractive, but I don’t really see the bloat. Of course, put anything next to those enormous tits, and it will look small. Hmmm…..

  14. Victow Pablow

    NotBlonde is just pissed cause she aint got nothing. No ones posting her pics. haha. Just kidding ugly. She’s not that bad looking. I would hit it.

  15. Fat Chicks Suck

    NotBlonde: Wait….why wouldn’t guys want skinny legs? And all guys want a skinny waist – I don’t think there’s a guy in the world that likes a big waist. Are you super fat or something? Skinny, toned legs are fucking hot and hers actually aren’t even THAT skinny.

    I’m not saying this girl is that amazing. She has nice legs, a decent ass, her fake tits are just a joke but I’ve seen MUCH worse faces and at least she’s not fat. She could afford to work on her stomach a bit but I wouldn’t call it bloated – better than 90% of the girls I see walking around.

  16. NotBlonde

    Aw gee…my feelings are soooo hurt right now. The anonymous person thinks I’m not getting any. Boo hoo.

    A guy would “hit” a Fleshlight. Just because a guy says he’d have sex with a woman, does not make her sexy.

    I didn’t say she had a skinny waist, I said she had no waist. Like Lindsay Lohan. She’s got a box for a stomach, basically.

    Perhaps I should be glad I am neither male, nor a lesbian. She just isn’t aesthetically pleasing to me, sorry.

  17. Fat Chicks Suck

    NotBlonde: I’m not defending Katie Price – like I said she’s not that amazing to me….but you think girls look good with fat legs? I can’t get over that. Probably 999 out of 1000 guys prefer thin, toned legs.

  18. Mal

    goddamn she has no hips or ass at all. creepy post-op TS, imo.

  19. tc

    Jordan is a fucking repulsive pig.

    It’s mostly because of her personality, however a large part of the problem is that she isn’t blonde. If you are notblonde, nobody is interested.

  20. Yes!

    Yes! You nailed it, #18. He/she looks like a transexual. Maybe that’s the appeal for some guys. Personally, I like women, you know, with hips, not this freak.

  21. M

    Oh shut the fuck up seriously….for a 30 year old whose had 3 kids shes got a great figure, yeah her fake boobs are too big but they could be much worse and thats what first started earning her all her money, she now a multi millionaire…not bad really :/

  22. Rant

    Kim K. is hotter.

  23. Chauncey Gardner

    She doesn’t have any hips.

  24. Hugh Macpherson

    thanks for fixing the RSS – even if it means seeing this bitch

  25. Horrified

    Where’s her butt??????

  26. Mal

    I live in San Francisco. If this chick walked down the street looking like that, everyone would assume she was born a man because man-ass is one of the last dead giveaways in a sea of surgical homo.

  27. JPRichardson

    Else than her enormous fake boobs, she has quite an amazing body and a cute face. Whoever this is.

  28. SomeGirl

    I think she’s hot. Don’t most men prefer humongous boobs, regardless of whether they’re fake or not? Maybe even prefer the fakes because they’re perkier…? Also, her legs are the perfect size IMO.

  29. Huh?

    Bloated? Her ribs are jutting out!

  30. Fernanado Narcos

    I’m so scared,I peed a little….

  31. Me 2

    She must have to have her bras custom made. Too many things about her don’t match: big boobs, small butt, black hair, pale face, and I don’t think she’s that pretty. She’s not that impressive.

  32. NotBlonde

    Fat Chicks Suck, there is a middle ground between fat legs and skinny legs. Your legs do not have to be skinny and toned in order to be attractive. I don’t think fat legs are attractive either. I’m merely saying hers are skinny. That is my opinion.

    Anyway, even if her legs were perfect, she’s got zero hips and zero waist, like a man. If it weren’t for her massive fake boobs, yards of nylon hair and inch-thick make-up…hello Tranny.

  33. Bob

    I think she looks fine. She has done extremly well for herself and is a millionaire due to her success. Her boobs aren’t that big anymore and suit her better.

    @ 31 her bra isn’t custom made it will be from her range of underwear that is sold in asda (english supermarket owned by walmart)

  34. britboysarehot

    Wow, her cup runneth over in those pics. I miss ASDA and Marks and Spencers.

  35. Kevincy Q

    She is so beautiful and charming. Just saw her on a dating community ???INTERRACIALLOVING.COM??? last week. I am wondering what kind of relationship she is looking for on that site. Is she single now?

  36. Holy crap!!! I might jerk off like 6 times tonight to that one!

  37. Ted Kennedy's tumor

    You know a few weeks ago I said that I had heard for an ass to be hot, the cheeks were not supposed to touch (that vida chicks cheeks were stuck together from not getting a clean swipe I suspect), a’ la katie Price’s.

    This is what I was talking about. You may call it flat, but at least the cheeks dont touch.

  38. Bootlip Obama


    Dem white wimminz is FINEZ!!!!

  39. Pasada

    Bitch needs some ass implants!

  40. kate

    Just saying, she’s looks like a tranny that’s trying really hard with the super fake tan, fake circus tits, and no hips or ass. Now looking like a tranny doesn’t mean she’s ugly, it just means she has the proportions of a ladyboy.

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  42. Jameberlin

    She looks like a tranny, and she’s sucking in hardcore. And to Kennedy’s tumor: You heard what made a hot ass? As in, you don’t have an opinion about it on your own? FYI, all ass cheeks touch. All. Ass. Cheeks. Touch. Hers are touching, it just looks like they’re “apart” because of her ass floss.

  43. Jim

    NotBlonde is just mad her cankles are not considered attractive.

    Be honest fellas, you would hit this for as long as it would stay under your roof!

    Chick’s who bash this broad are just insanely jealous that nobody thinks of them as sex symbols.

    Fuck, I would nut all over those overstuffed lips, and especially those eyelashes. Heck, I’d even let her rim me!

  44. Personally, I think anything more than a handful, boob-wise, is a waste. I, of course, wouldn’t really know because I am a straight woman.

    I do think she is slutty and disgusting. Who knows what kind of filth she is carrying around with her. It’s sickening.

    And the no hips thing is gross too. But her ass is REAL, unlike K. K.

  45. She does carry a scent of tranny, but overdone boobs and Jersey Girl hair usually does.

  46. edamame

    You can see her “c-tuck” scar! nice.

  47. ummm...yeah

    Oh God, please whatever you do…don’t light a match!!!

  48. Sakurada

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  49. Wow she looks amazing in that red dress. She is one hot celebrity.

  50. Tim

    It’s like buying a used car in good condition. The idea is to buy the remainder of the car’s good miles, at a discount. There’s no question that some other guy (100 guys) put plenty of miles on this model.

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