Katie Price understands ‘kid-friendly’

February 4th, 2009 // 59 Comments

Here’s British TV personality Katie Price at a Los Angeles Toys ‘R Us yesterday, and her outfit had to make for an awkward drive home for parents shopping with their kids:

“Why can’t I show people my underwear, but she gets a Transformer for showing her’s? No fair.”
“Daddy, why were those lady’s boobs hanging out but you kept staring at the Ken dolls and that made Mommy cry?”
“It won’t go down, mother. Could you hit me again with the Bible, please?”

Photos: Flynet

  1. killerabbit

    Looks pretty kid-friendly to me. If I were a kid…

  2. Tomi

    smuggling dodgeballs in her shirt

  3. p0nk

    Katie Price and “personality” in the same sentence?

  4. Are those her real boobs??

  5. Barry O

    I would buy a Big Mac meal for her before tittyfucking her while shitting on her face.

  6. By definition those titties are “kid friendly”!

  7. Deacon Jones

    “It won’t go down, mother. Could you hit me again with the Bible, please?”

    HAHAHA, genius Fish!

    Look at the hag in Pic 9 yelling at the photog’s. That’s what the average women who degrade her look like.

  8. Douche Bag

    Hi All,

    My name is Douche Bag and I am your average gossip site reader. I check TMZ and The Superficial compulsively because I do not have a life. I am typically a teenager that does not know any better, a bored housewife or even an educated person. But mostly, I am a slacker that hates his/her job and needs this site to achieve a twisted sense of happiness and purpose. I check the sites every minute just to be the first to post and write FIRST! That’s how fucked up my life is. I get such a big rush by being first.
    In addition to that, my delusional sense of self importance compels me to write things like:

    Slow day TMZ?
    And I should care because…..
    Who cares!

    I really think those comments are relevant. And I do it over and over again.
    I am racist, ignorant and visceral. I get my political opinions from Entertainment Weekly and Fox News. But just the first 5 minutes, that’s enough for me to have an opinion because I do not question or think by myself. For the most part I strongly support G.W. Bush, Sarah Palin, Rush Limbaugh, Bill O’Reilly and Anne Coulter, because they are real Americans. Unlike Obama, who is a Muslim and hates America. I hate him and I hope he fails. That’s the type of imbecile I am. Oh! and I completely lack a sense of common good or empathy.
    Anyway, I have to go back to my job, God I hate it.


    Douche Bag

  9. Obamma




  10. hurt

    @#8 i would totally have a scorching reply that lacked any wit if you weren’t so spot on. can you hold me while i crybate now? please?

  11. the big kahuna

    honestly who wears their bra hanging out like that?
    i’m no prude, but that is just ridiculous.
    (and haha at the bible comment)

  12. It's Me Fuckers

    Holy tits.

    ROFL@ the bible comment.

  13. Whatever

    I’d motorboat in those things until I drowned.

  14. HCrighton

    What Class, What Elegance…OH almost nipple slip in picture 4.

  15. Murf

    Who knew dressing like a hobo could be so hot??

  16. SATAN

    i said it before and i’ll say it again:

    I need more Katie Price in my life

  17. KeroWit

    #4….Those are NOT her real breasts…shes had them inflated and deflated. They look great in a top, then you get that top off….what a horror show!!!! Seriously, she’d have visible scarring from all the mangling and cutting up shes done to them….surely she must look at her deteriorating frame, haggard drug-ravaged face and deformed breasts and ask herself, ‘What the fuck??!!’ Good bitch, its karma for taking drugs and shit when you were pregnant with your first child and fucking the poor things life up. Irresponsible whore. Your days are numbered. You cant be the center of attention and YOUNG forever!

  18. Freak of Nature

    I’m kind of surprised those things even have nipples.

  19. Jan

    I think she looks good. I would wear a better top, but that’s just me.

  20. joanna

    christ, why cant she just wear normal people’s clothes? what is going through her mind, when she decides what to wear?
    or is she just so desperate for attention. then go naked, lady, maybe you’ll get a headline or two…

  21. heha

    plastic with leather…my fauvorite sofa!yehaaa

  22. well definitely attention getting!

  23. Ted Kennedy's tumor

    “Daddy, why were those lady’s boobs hanging out but you kept staring at the Ken dolls and that made Mommy cry?”

    - Because Daddy is a liberal.

  24. Dr.

    Katie look mighty yummy when you can’t see too much of her face.

  25. Delgo

    That guy’s face in pic #3 man.

  26. bnihi

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  27. Bill Victus

    Wow, she looks great! Would have loved to have an ass shot, too!

  28. Magnus Maximus

    Haha, I like the picture of the Toys R Us manager chastising the photographer.

    Never again dare to compromise the privacy of Toys R Us’ exclusive clientele, you cretinous shitstain!

  29. kate

    She always likes this. At a club, ***sugardaddyconnect. c om***, you can see many of such kind of pics, She really want to show something special.

  30. .

    God I can’t stand her. I just want to send her somwhere she can’t get back from like the kyrgizahkistan wilderness (mainly because it doesn’t exist). Britain does not want you Jordan/Katie Price!

  31. .

    #8 sooo true (not of me though ; )

    (………try it in america)

  33. bar room hero

    nice cans.

  34. Delgo

    Security aint playin’ in pic 9.

  35. Venom

    What a waste of space this woman is.
    I can’t believe that she is successful at anything.
    I am baffled as to how Katie Price’s boobs hanging out have anything to do with politics.


    At first I was like, wtf, she looks different…then I realized this is that whore Katie PRICE, not Katie Perry…in other words, that random fucking slut who is famous for no reason.

  37. nysro

    Those titties are so young, they needed a parental guardian to accompany them into the store…

  38. PlanesMistakenForStars

    She does -know- her bra is completely visible. Right?

  39. The singles in my pocket are just screaming to be stuffed in her ass crack.

  40. dontlooknow

    WTF was she doing @ Toys R Us? Shopping for crayons?

  41. Someone is stealing volleyballs from Toys-R-Us. . . . .

  42. jrz

    Toys R Us introduces the Katie Price Human Trampoline.

  43. Seriously???

    #17 Is THAT what happened to that poor kid? She was using while pregnant?

  44. Clown

    I think her chest has balloons in it, and if I tied a string to her leg, I might be able to fly halfway across the country before they explode.

  45. Get a Life

    #8- Douche Bag -

    Me too!!!!!

    But unlike you, I get all of my knowledge from the back of Snapple caps!

  46. All the girls talking shit on Katie Price is because your either

    a. a FAT SLOB.
    b. Smell like the trash can behind 7 Eleven.
    c. Know that in heartbeat your boyfriend would fuck that shit out of her, and not think twice about it and or your boring ass sex.


  47. Mama Pinkus

    She could feed those octuplets if babies liked silicone

  48. For all the girls talking shit, your either:

    a. a FAT SLOB.
    b. Smell like the garbage can behind 7 Eleven.
    c. Know your boyfriend would fuck the shit out of Katie Pierce without thinking twice about the disgusting, smelly sex he had with you last night.

    don’t hate fatties, put down the fucking sprinkles cupcakes.


  49. meee

    well looks like i’ll correct your post AGAIN fish.

    it’s “hers” not “her’s”. “her’s” would imply the word “her is” which just is not what’s going on here.

  50. ashley

    What kind if self-respecting human being (and a MOTHER at that) would walk around like that? ESPECIALLY IN A CHILDREN’S STORE! Seriously, she’s disgusting, and I would be so embarrassed if that thing was my mother.

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