Katie Price has nipples! You heard it here first.

May 16th, 2008 // 76 Comments

Katie Price decided to do a little topless sunbathing while vacationing in Cairns. And, oh man, wait until you guys see what’s under those stars. Wow! You won’t believe it.*

NOTE: All pics are seriously, seriously NSFW. And also NSFC, NSFHE, and, also, NSFMW**.

*The Superficial Writer is not responsible for any crying, eye gouging or damage from heroic feats of masturbation in the face of adversity. And by adversity I mean those really wicked implant scars. *HORF A NORF*

**C = children, HE = human eyes, MW = my wang. HA HA = I love asterisks!

Photos: Flynet

  1. jig

    mmmmmm fat and juicy

  2. Nipplez

    They look fine to me.

  3. dukseewhorse

    Honestly… what the hell are behind those nipples? Semi-automatic weapons of mass destruction? Spy cams? Really? ….

  4. dukseewhorse

    Honestly… what the hell are behind those nipples? Semi-automatic weapons of mass destruction? Spy cams? Really? ….

  5. BoboTed

    Her tits were so much nicer before she had the implants were taken out.

    Her big titties were the only reason she became famous.

  6. Jabeezy

    Man I love the summer

  7. Vapid Cunt.

    This is why implants are a terrible idea.

    My first wife got implants. She went from a gorgeous B cup to a scarred, mutliated D cup. She could no longer wear bikini tops or anything low cut to due the terrible distended, purple scars.

    Waste of good titties.

  8. Hemlock Queen

    Leather. Boobs. Gross.

  9. Fumus

    Mr. Superficial writer, the stars don’t even cover up the scars! WTFM*! After posts like these I wonder, how do you sleep at night!?!?


  10. Angus

    Punishment for complaining about the young chicks…

    Well played, Mr. Fish.

  11. lex

    looks like she breast fed a bager

  12. Rick

    #7 – so that’s why you dumped her? Good move. Once they break, you gotta toss ‘em.

  13. Kim Lard-ass-ian

    shes a state! her nipple looks like it has a huge scar underneath it! I love to see cupid stunts frying themselves in the sun though, it makes those of us who dont look amazing in comparison to their leathery skin.

  14. queef latina

    im more confused by her hair do. why the hell is half her head shaved?

  15. Eirin

    Her boobs look better than ever x)

  16. Ted Mosby

    I expected franken-nip like Tara Reid.

  17. Wow, worst frankenboobie ever.

  18. Sam

    Her nipples look like English teeth.

  19. snarky

    yuck! why would anyone do that to themselves? I mean, if you want implants, fine, whatever…but then leave them alone! Don’t start with the whole…oh small titties are back in vogue in now…then I want small implants… oh, big titties are back in…put the DDD’s back in…and on and on and on…they’re not freakin fashion accessories, for cripes sake!

  20. That kind of scar is from a breast reduction.

  21. nipolian

    She’s picking crabs out of her belly fur.

  22. gay4girls

    Who the hell is this?

  23. Beef Jerky lover

    She has beautiful legs!

  24. Quinn

    Women with implants should never lie on their back.

  25. She has such silly cones…get it, “silly-cone”?! Huh?! Do ya? Do ya get it? Huh? Huh?

  26. dew

    Her nips are melting!

  27. Captain-Insano

    Haha, thats where her milk comes out……if surgery hadn’t destroyed them it would have anyway.

  28. bob from albuquerque

    Do you have any idea how bad Armenians smell when they’re wet?

  29. Kingsley Amis

    I love the photo of her looking down at her scarred teats, thinking “Gosh, they sure do look awful. What the f**k was I thinking?”

  30. the last word

    I can’t stand this hag. Seriously, how does England continue to produce such crap? Lily, Katie aka “Jordan”, Amy, Victoria, man…that place sucks. And then they all come over here!! WTF!!!!!!!!

  31. You'd Think With All of Her $$$...

    wow. She has what looks like a reduction or lift scar that opened up and didn’t heal properly. Probably her implants were too big for the incision to handle when all was said and done and her skin probably had to heal with a gaping wound. Ick. With her funds I’d think she would have had a better outcome than what looks like what I’d expect a first time surgeon’s results would be. Suddenly I don’t feel so bad about my titties anymore. Thanks, Katie!

  32. What a mess

    Her right ear is all effed up too. What a plastic surgery nightmare. Yuck.

  33. She may be a mess, but

    I’d still let her suck my cock and swallow my come.

  34. sloane

    What is wrong with them? Did she have the same surgeon as Tara?

  35. Randal

    Nice form.

    Now, to more important issues when it comes to Katie Price.

    Did you know her real name is Katrina Amy Alexandria Alexis Infield? Although she’s well known for being a model and for appearing numerous times in Playboy, she’s also a vivid author and writer, most notably, her book Angel.

    She has certainly become a role model for many other young aspiring women to step forth and use their brains instead of their… 32G-24-30 measurements.

    Have a great weekend everyone and see you Monday.


  36. britney's weave

    i could have sworn that was janice dickinson.


    how do i see the pictures without the damn stars??? every pic i try to see is censored


    how do i see the pictures without the damn stars??? every pic i try to see is censored

  39. Gwen

    Oh, my god. Ow, ow, ow.

  40. ronr

    This is the same picture; this one is zoomed, this one show the long (heh heh heh!) shot, landscape, portrait, etc, etc.

  41. Missystar

    Forget the knockers, what the hell is wrong with her face? She looks like the demon offspring of Mickey Rourke and Miley Cyrus.

  42. learn how to use fucking regexes already

    if ($comment ~= /w\s*e\s*a\s*l\s*t\s*h\s*y\s*r\s*o\s*m\s*a\s*n\s*c\s*e\s*\.\s*c\s*o\s*m\s*) {

  43. loltypo

    heh. throw a /i in just before the closing ).

  44. fygu

    I love Randal and Randal’s trolls. Awesomeness

  45. Me_You_Asshat

    Nasty,misshapen,plastic crap.

    And her boob job sucks too.

  46. wow

    This is all the same picture at different levels of pixelation. How about give us just 1 good one instead of 5 of the same at different crops.

  47. Geez People

    If that truly is a scar and not just a bad picture…it’s most likely a scar from a breast reduction. Look it up….

  48. She looks like a stick of jerky with two melons attached.

  49. fifty second

    if you cover all of her up except the big wrinkles under her chin, it looks like a vajayjay

  50. Sil

    She’s looking down hoping no one notices her boobs are defying gravity. She should sue her plastic surgeon for such a terrible boob job.

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