Katie Price defies her traditional look, goes with hot

September 24th, 2008 // 47 Comments

Katie “Jordan” Price launched her new fragrance “Besotted” yesterday and somehow opted to look uncharacteristically hot as opposed to her usual look: Goddamn retarded.

Dear Katie,

Always do this. Never do anything but this. Whatever thought process was involved write it down, carve it stone, tattoo it on your children’s heads; I don’t care. Just do this.
I know you’re tempted to respond or, I dunno, eat a sandwich, but again, THIS.

Not secretly gay like your husband just sayin’,
The Superficial Writer


Photos: Splash News

  1. Sarah Palin’s pussy smells like a fish market.

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  3. Holy Shit!!! she’s wearing clothes


  4. Randal

    Nice to see you about Katie. Haven’t heard that much from you since 2001 when you ran as a candidate in Stretford and Urmston during the British General Election.

    No doubt your fragrance Besotted will do just as well, if not better than your overall book sales from Being Jordan, a great read by the way, thanks.

    Still looking good though, as always.


  5. stizzef

    She’s nasty, and her juggs are ridiculous.

  6. lulu

    jesus, her giant fake tits are enormous. too bad she’s a horse-fucking cunt. i dunno if she really fucks horses but it looks like she does.

  7. You know who else is looking attractive?

    Today at the UN:

    “Pakistan’s recently-elected president, Asif Ali Zardari, entered the room seconds later. Palin rose to shake his hand, saying she was “honored” to meet him. Zardari then called her “gorgeous” and said: “Now I know why the whole of America is crazy about you.” “You are so nice,” Palin said, smiling. “Thank you.” A handler from Zardari’s entourage then told the two politicians to keep shaking hands for the cameras. “If he’s insisting, I might hug,” Zardari said. Palin smiled politely.”

    Sure. She’d make a great commander in chief. Leaders of foreign countries would take her very, very, very seriously. At least in a “hey, nice tits!” sense.

    Come on, be honest, even you libril-commie-pinko-hatin’ reactionary Repugs: you knew they wouldn’t take her seriously, didn’t you? This is a preview of what would happen if McCain were elected then croaked, and let’s just say that’s not exactly a long shot (he’s showing signs of dementia already).

    Oh, and of course, no reporters were allowed to watch any of the actual meeting or ask Palin questions afterward. Because, you know, she’s just out of school for a couple of days on a field trip to the UN to get yearbook pictures and stuff.

  8. Has the superficial change writers? I would nt know i only focus on what i post….
    btw those Brittish imports are so annoying…

  9. I don’t quite get this chick. Sometimes she makes me so hard that I have to whack off just to sit down. Other times I see her and want to eat a bag of Cheetos. I just dont get it

  10. Zee Brat

    She looks like every Second Life character, ever.

  11. Nice synthetic wig.

  12. ummm...yeah


  13. yikes

    agreed #12. The wig looks awful. What the hell is this person famous for?

  14. ella

    i think she looks a little better than normal b/c she’s not over-spraytanned for a change. the wig looks silly. she could be pretty if she’d quit trying so hard

  15. @14 Her big tits!!

  16. britney's weave

    do guys get bruises on their faces from motorboating those things? they appear to have the consistency of bowling balls.

  17. Yes, but they are happy bruises..

  18. Binky

    Thanks Jimbo – (I was beginning to think she was in The Royal Family.)

  19. syn

    #1 –

    Mike…thanks for providing more evidence that MoveOn.org is full of assholes and idiots. Much appreciated.

  20. jlylec

    @1 hey oxb…not sure if you noticed but this is a place to come see titties and read about the dumb-ass celebrities we love to hate for no reason. go peddle your stupid somewhere else. nobody cares about dumb-ass palin, obama, or anything else important around here…get lost.

  21. SATAN

    there was a time when i would’ve sacrificed the entire future of my tastebuds just to slather her twat with my tongue-water before gettin balls-deep in her asshole.

  22. Amy

    Let’s pray for mimi

  23. Alicat

    Traditional look being what, skanky?

    Why does this chick try so hard? She would be pretty if she wasn’t so fake…

  24. Although she does look better here, I think she looked 10 times better before all the plastic surgery…

  25. And in other news – So I’m watching this David Blaine: Dive of Death ™ thing and the guy is hanging there moving his head and everything. Where’s the death ? Why else would we tune in ? Hey – he’s even talking now. From what height are they going to drop him ?
    The only things scarier than this ‘Dive of Death’ are the people this guy meets when he does the card tricks thing.

  26. Binky

    Her giant fake implants have been so smooched together with duck tape and a tight bra that if you look closely at the pictures you can see green and yellow bruises on her boobies, so disgusting.

  27. She Looks SCARY !!! a bit of Amy Winehouse is also there


  28. Binky

    Humm…that #27 one wasn’t me – I’ve got a troll again.
    Why do we bother giving an e-mail Fish ?

  29. Melissa


    1. having an irrational passion for a person or thing
    2. stupefied with alcohol

    I just thought I’d point that out. The perfect perfume for the lady whose only known position in life is either on her knees or on her back.

  30. Tony Alamo

    Let us prey.


    Spencer Pratt, Tom Cruise & Clay Aiken Love the Cock

  31. What happened to america today?
    Where is the taste of good life?
    America is dependant on british ex-prostitutes?

  32. Mr. Knievel

    She looks so plastic, like a wax dummy or a realdoll. Creepy, but I’d hit it.

  33. The answer to #29's question is . . .

    . . . that we give an email because anybody who is too stupid to include a @ symbol in a list of crap characters is even less capable of making a good post than the ovine ‘tards who already post here are.

    It separates the shit from the crap.

  34. kikylove

    nice story…!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  35. lidia

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  36. gotmilk?

    wtf is she doing? trying out for the spot of Tinkerbelle at Disney?

  37. a Woman

    I don’t think we’re looking at a human being, here. Everything about her looks completely fake.

  38. Binky

    Whoa–#29. Cut it out Troll. I stand by what I said–those boobs are disgusting.

  39. superstar

    She’s on every magazine almost in the UK :( Such a whore who doesn’t eat to get attention.
    We have better celebs than this U.S.A ;) So stop thinking we have ex- prostitutes as celebrities >:|

  40. missywissy

    Who will Sarah Palin pick as her VP when McCain croaks? Or should I ask, I wonder who the Republicans will pick for her being the candidates are not allowed to make their own decisions?

    By the way, didn’t think fake tits could get any worse than Pamela Anderson’s. This Katie Price looks absolutely plastic. Even her hair looks like it came out of a plastic factory in China. I’ll be glad when realalistic looking women is “in style”. The women in playboy in the 80′s were much more sensual than these manufactored broads are now. Sarah Palin has a manufactored brain.

  41. tommy salami

    i hate a broad with crusty feet and heels…….. its called a ped egg u nasty twat

  42. HorribleJudgment

    I have no idea who this woman is. All I can see is that she’s wearing a wig, she has implants the size of fucking Texas, and she’s had a ton of plastic surgery on her face. Goody.

  43. @ 42

    1) Third in line for the presidency is the Speaker of The House at that time and it can be either party. This time it would be Nancy Pelosi which should make you very happy for she is a dipshit such as yourself.
    2) In the 80′s there was no photo shop and fake tits were much more expensive.
    3) From your comments you appear to be the proud beholder of the manufactured brain.
    4) I for one am glad the U.S will never have to worry about you being third inline for the presidency.

  44. Keena

    Hot? Is that what that is?

  45. adg


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