Katie Price looks so elegant

February 13th, 2009 // 50 Comments

Man, how do these fancy celebrities always manage to look so sophisticated and elegant? Sweats, little kid sunglasses, and giant curlers in her hair? I bet she gets mistaken for a princess all the time.

Photos: WENN

  1. Kelley

    An attention whore is all … a photo op … to attract attention. Twit.

  2. alya

    hehe i luv her guts to show up in a swarm of paparazzis looking like this. cute glasses

  3. liv

    she still looks fucking gorgeous.

  4. peter

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  5. Balack Obama Fixin' America, 1 Trillion at a time

    What a fucking idiot. Was there anything so important this dipshit had to go outside looking like a complete jackass? I wish they would always use this picture first when it comes to referencing this chick. If they always used they most ridiculous, then maybe these “celebrities” wouldn’t shame themselves in public.

  6. Sauron

    She doesn’t look fat.

  7. Sauron

    It must be monsoon season in LA.Did she get a coconut on her head?

  8. Lowlands

    Poor coconut… Small chance but i hope it survived. . .

  9. It’s hot. She reminds me of my mom. Specifically, my mom when she was having sex with me, last night.

    Uh, time for a short “toilet break”.


  10. Lowlands

    Mrs Robinson 3000 lol

  11. Fati

    who is she? who cares? boring.

  12. whopper jr.

    Well, one thing’s for sure…

    I would certainly enjoy pushing and pulling my erect penis in and out of her lubricated vagina until it ejaculated some semen from my testicles.

    whopper jr.

  13. elenas

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  14. Sauron

    Nice sunglasses *cough* But where’s the sun?

  15. Fernando Narcos

    Y’know,you could still had sixty pounds to her,and she’d still be the hottest woman in the state of Missouri.


  16. Lowlands

    If that’s a prius in the back then she must be a midget.

  17. feckless

    How did she get famous? Oh yeah, she got ginormous breast implants and married a gay guy. I just couldn’t bring myself to get breast implants.

  18. Sauron

    I’m a bit surprised.No cameltoe this time.Maybe it’s the first time?

  19. Lowlands

    Next post! Booring!

  20. mittens

    Can’t thank you enough for taking her off our hands, feel free to take back Paris Hilton whenever you like.

  21. Lowlands

    I didn’t know she’s exchange student with Paris Hilton.What are they studying? Whoreism? They must be professor by now.

  22. jojo

    i hate VD. im lonely!!!!!!!!!!!

    p.s. whore

  23. justine

    So nice to see a sexy woman without the fake fucking londe hair!

    So tired of slutty blondes!

  24. justine

    So nice to see a sexy woman without the fake fucking blonde hair!

    So tired of slutty blondes!

  25. Lowlands

    Oh yeah,it’s a bit a mesh here.But that’s what you get when you’re off.

  26. annie

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  27. Mike

    Every time i print to the CutePDF Writer I think of you Superficial Writer!! Rejoice! Now if only my word doc will convert to a PDF with tits showing

  28. Ihatehumans

    Calling women whores and sluts is just another way of oppressing us and keeping us in our “place”. A grown woman can do as she pleases why don’t all you no life, hating, oppressive jerks mind your biz.

  29. CK.

    It’s a thing they do in UK, they walk around in rollers all day, and by night they have ‘brilliant’ hair. I’ve read about it on The Sun.

  30. Dominick

    Um, this is not Katie Price ya tools.

  31. lisa Simpson

    Can’t believe this made Superficial news.

  32. Apes in the White House

    She looks like a ape trying to look white. Just like Michele Obomma, the first Monkey….

  33. I’d still bang her like that than any of the moo moo’s who usually comment on here… that fat slobby bitches who need to drop a few hundos. :P

    (be honest: BRAINS ARE NOT REQUIRED, folks)

  35. Lowlands

    Those rollers are handy to stick an umbrella in.But where’s the umbrella?

  36. Sauron

    No umbrella but sunglasses? On the other hand brits are used to rain ofcourse.

  37. I really can’t stand her, she is so annoying.

  38. Lowlands

    Well,if Katie Price wants to make it then she’s to come with something better.What does she think? That all people are stupid and dumb?

  39. Chelle

    All she needs is a cigarette hanging out the corner of her mouth and a ratty bra strap slipping down her arm to complete this chic look.

  40. barbie

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  41. Michelle

    Katie Price, fancy celebrity? Sorry, I don’t understand??!!

  42. Pathetic Worm

    She’d look great wearing a B-52.

    Not the hairdo; the eight-engined bringer of destruction.

  43. roy

    I wouldn’t mind shitting on her face

  44. RaraAvis

    My, this post certainly brought out the brightest and the best, didn’t it?

  45. ROFL seems like she just got out of her PJ’s

    XOXO !!

  46. lawrence

    Why so many people keeps saying they saw katie’s profile before on a celebrity and wealthy dati*ng site like “Billionairepal.com”or something.

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