Katie Price launches another book using her entire arsenal of dumb which consists of, but not limited to, her ridiculous breasts

Ah, yes, I love these special days when Katie “Jordan” Price dresses up to launch another one of her literary endeavors. Why, you ask? Because I know I’m in for a bag full of retardation. This time around, instead of a homoerotic children’s book or a new installment in her 20,000 volume autobiography, Katie wrote “an explosive and highly-charged tale of love, lies and celebrity,” according to the book’s Amazon UK page.

How does Katie Price manage to write a new book every 2-3 months? It seems like she spends most of her time trying to design costumes for the sole purpose of making my penis cry. On that note, keep fixing the tiara, Katie. Because that’s exactly what’s going wrong here.

Photos: Splash News
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