Katie Price (Jordan) CKM Photoshoot

20041101_jordan.jpgPolish Magazine CKM has a photoshoot featuring everybody’s favorite big breasted Briton (look at the alliteration!). I know I’m going to hate myself later for saying this, but Jordan’s breasts are out of control. I’m all for the big breasts, but she’s like a damn cartoon character. And not the sexy kind like Jessica Rabbit, but more the weird freakish kind like uh…big breasted Jordan? The point is that once the novelty of having giant watermelon breasts wears off, you’re left with a woman that’s going to look incredibly horrifying at age 60. Can you imagine the sag that those things are going to acquire? Well I can, and let me tell you it isn’t pretty. It isn’t pretty at all. *shudder*

(warning: nsfw)

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