Katie Price is hot? Nope, that’s a lie

October 25th, 2007 // 71 Comments

English model/television personality Katie Price launched her new Jordan Haircare line today at Superdrug in London. I don’t think they used enough pink. I’ve somehow managed to not vomit. That being said, I’d like to thank the art director of this fantastic shoot. Now I finally know what Barbie would look like in real life – if she had epilepsy. Kudos.

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  1. Texas Tranny

    I love the dress, so pretty and feminine.

  2. Finally, a line of haircare products for trannies!

  3. stuperstar

    blahghghga. Another fake blond with too much makeup

  4. whoneedsenemies

    She’s got Paris’ wonk eye on loan

  5. Thaaaaat’s quite a picture on top. It’s like reverse-porn photoshopping. Just remove the stuff she’s holding in her hands, and add jizz dripping from her nose onto her lips (that’s why her mouth is that way), and off course add the big first spurt landing directly in her right eye. I’m pretty sure that’s what they started out with. In fact I think I’ve got the video clip around here somewhere….

  6. whoneedsenemies

    She does look like a 40 year old porn star, no doubt.

  7. eastcoastgirl

    How old is she? She’s got the under eye wrinkles. Does not make for a nice closeup.

  8. spy

    That woman is perfect. Now that Anna Nicole Smith is dead, its Katie Price time….

  9. @5 Troll – go back to blowing your brother you worthless pile of shit.

  10. veggi

    Jimbo, relax, we knew that wasn’t you. There are no spelling errors and it’s funny.

  11. Riotboy


  12. mrs.t

    Fucking Brits. If a woman’s got a full set of teeth, she’s a goddam supermodel over there.

  13. mrs.t

    And the winking is bizarre. It looks unintentional. And it looks like one of my deep south cousins did a Frost ‘N Tip on her-just wicked.

  14. LL

    This is the best I’ve seen her looking, if it’s the skank I’m thinking of. Is this the one with the show on E with her and her chav husband or whatever? That weave looks a little better than Britney’s.

  15. I want to cram her doo-doo hole full of my man-meat.

  16. KamUK

    PLease put this bitch DOWN or drop her even. She’s not British – she’s NOT, she’s an American pretending there is no way we can claim this monstrosity.

  17. Frick

    Yipes, what an ugly bitch. I wish she’d go stick that hair dryer up her ass…in the tub.

  18. Yikes @ 15

    Anyone else just sick of this day?!?!? I’m ready for a Long Island. A nice big fat eight dollar Long Island

    Anybody have eight dollars I can borrow?

  19. MindRiot


  20. kpol

    It looks as though she’s being electrocuted by the fine products she’s hawking. It would explain the twitching and why her hair looks like some shoved a Van der Graaff generator up her ass.

  21. Taylor


  22. blpressure

    I always thought she was ugly, got famous for her tits not her face. You only see her now because she married a gay Greek/Australian man who also got famous for his body. Now her younger sister is hot if you’ve ever seen her.

  23. blpressure

    Fish, if you’re going to put British chicks on the site give us Cheryl Tweedy/Cole. She’s gorgeous, the only thing she has in common with Katie Price is she too became a beard and married a gay man.

  24. Feckless

    @16 YES she’s British and Michael Jackson is a black man. Quit trying to foist your undesirables on us. We have enough problems.

  25. #21 – I tried that once. All I can tell you is that it’s a good test of your ability to relax and take deep breaths.

  26. Missystar

    She looks like the old lady from There’s Something About Mary.

  27. whoneedsenemies

    Is she promoting the new Dallas movie?

  28. grobpilot

    Well, at least she’s got great, big tits. I know, that’s very superficial of me but, that’s why we’re all here.

  29. Feckless

    You know if she actually turned either of those appliances on, her recycled rope wig would go up like Malilbu.

  30. beesknees

    How is this person considered hot? She looks like Pamela Anderson’s older cousin. These days, that’s not a good thing.

  31. Erka

    Woahh, that doesnt even look like her

  32. Erka

    p.s. thats one retarded ass tattoo on her ankle


  34. penis

    I wonder how big his penis is. It looks like he’s really got it taped back. Ouch.

  35. s0fa

    uhhh….old hag?

  36. kpol

    #27- LMAO – All I can say is shocking.

  37. Miss Anthrope

    This twit proves that no matter how 4th rate and nondescript you may in fact be, as long as you have a big rack you will go far in life.

    I suggest that all of the young women reading this should:

    immediately abandon all plans for college
    find an awesome plastic surgeon
    spend college money on oversized, blatantly obvious implants
    bleach your hair to get that dry, frazzled, straw like texture
    Move to that God forsaken shit hole (aka Hollywood)
    Wait for reality show, product endorsements, etc to start rolling your way

    If that doesn’t pan out, wait for some (rich) horny old man to take interest in your personality (ie, big tits). Get married.

    Either way, you end up with a lot of cash without having to work that hard.

  38. Me

    chipped nails and funky teeth. that’s so hot

  39. jacknasty

    man I hate Jordan. When I was in England you couldnt buy food or take the tube without seeing her ugly skank ass

  40. Mike

    I love when boobs are so huge that they get pushed back towards the armpits when they’re in tight clothes. I don’t care what she looks like, those boobs are hot.

  41. Pablo Escobar

    Hello, I no speake de English so well so I am not being able to read the story. By the picture I guessing they dig up dead hooker to make her advertise the shitty product, am I having this right ?

  42. justtheobvious

    too much makeup, i bet she is ugly as crap without it. Looks like the New Tammy Faye Baker – reincarnated.

  43. Jerri

    bleach out hair
    3lb makeup
    boob job
    little tan
    thye all kinda look related..like

    Christina’s A. twin sister?

  44. D. RIchards

    Holy-fucking-good-god Holy Ghost! What is that thing? She looks like one of the wives from Goodfellas. I’d laugh if she accidently burned her eyebrows off with that dryer!

  45. Makemepuke

    huh ?

  46. Mike

    Ok first time posting on here but what in the hell happened?? This is the same Jordan from before??? Damn she got ugly…

  47. funkycrime

    Nope..just, nope.

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