Katie Price models linge- WHAT IS THAT?!

March 5th, 2008 // 234 Comments

Katie “Jordan” Price (center) modeled the latest lingerie line for George in London today. She thought it’d be a great idea to invite six of her “everyday” fans to help model the undergarments. Unfortunately, one of her fans happened to be a hairless gorilla in a wig. Hold on, that’s a woman? Why would God create such a beast? It’s because I, you know, do stuff at night, isn’t it? Whoops. My bad, everybody. Sorry!

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  1. AdamYYZ

    Thats mean

  2. velocityJE

    oh god

  3. lisa

    i think its great that she uses plus size models. go katie!

  4. jimmy

    the irony is that none of them look good! Not even the one that supposedly should look hot and sexy, instead she looks more like tranny.

  5. jrz

    that’s fucked up. She’s the insecure pretty-ish chick who only hangs with the ugly chicks to look better……BIG TIME.

  6. wildcat

    excuse me while i throw up all over my desk. and wtf is wrong with katie’s belly button?!

  7. PunkA

    #5 BINGO. The hot girl with the less than hawt friends to help her esteem. I mean, wow. KP looks like an anatomically corect version of Barbie next to anatomically correct Cabbage Patch Dolls.

  8. nutsonyochin

    Thats one big bitch holy shit, fat bitches don’t wear lingerie they wear mens underwear stupid superficial writer

  9. plus_sucks

    Stop using stupid terms for fat people. They aren’t “plus” sized, they are more like squared sized models. Especially gigantor on the right.

  10. mike

    Is that Lindsay Lohan on the far right?

  11. Binky

    #5 and 7 – It’s called ‘That’s why they replaced Pete Best with Ringo’ syndrome.

  12. wtf

    that’s really mean and fucked up… the poor girl did something really couragous by wearing that and you people and whoever writes this are making fun of her…

  13. wtf

    that’s really mean and fucked up… the poor girl did something really couragous by wearing that and you people and whoever writes this are making fun of her…

  14. Meow

    I think the blonde chick to her right is so much prettier than she is.

  15. mike

    Her belly button is fucked you!

  16. jessica rabbit

    i think they are all gorgeous women

  17. Sammy

    It is a nice change to show average American women. Although some men might not like it, some men will like it because one of those ladies probably remind them of their wife, lover, or mistress. And average women can relate to these females and it will make them smile.

  18. nutsonyochin

    # 11 +12 i assume since you posted twice you are a women and don’t know how to use a computer, if you are fat don’t wear revealing clothing it’s like holding a sign over your head saying “look at me i am a fat whale”

  19. Jackie Blue

    I think all these females could look great and sexy by wearing an a line skirt and cleavage showing tops.

  20. Paul Veryze

    Say what you want but it takes a lot of balls to be that big and stand up in your underwear in front of everyone!!

  21. Katie

    All this ‘real women’ stuff is ridiculous..not everyone should model underwear, it looks bad :S

  22. nutsonyochin

    #20 it also takes a really sturdy stage for her to stand up there

  23. crazypants

    hells to the yeah – 3 of the bigger girls (but not the really big girl) are what probably 90% of most American and British girls look like – and they’re not bad. Got some tummy because they like to drink and eat but they still got curves and aren’t so sloppy that you’d be happy to bring one of these women back to your place for some action.

    Good for Katie.

  24. D. Richards (Sadist.)

    That girl on the far right in the first picture needs to abstain from cookie dough, forever!

    Though if I was to have to choose between one of those ‘models’ to be my partner on a single-engined flight across The Andes, I would most certainly pick the fatty on the right.

    Not only would she last the longest and be the tastiest, but between the folds of her skin, you might be able to find an errant Oreo; a pork chop — something.

  25. UltraSly

    Are fat women synonymous with girl power?, is it that every woman is chubby inside?, are naked fat people strong? courageous?. huh…huh… where are those women that hate big boobs and butts? are they too going to call this empowerment? huh… huh… would someone here prefer to see Kim whatever modeling this?… Pamela anyone?.

  26. Matt

    FINALLY! After all these endless lingerie posts by the Fish, he finally finds one that includes some female Fish commenters. Good job!

  27. courtney

    Deal with it; not everyone in the world is stick thin. When you had your own blog I stopped reading because of racist comments, and you’re just as bad here. I liked this site so much better when it didn’t contain your idiotic ramblings.

  28. BunnyButt

    #12-13, do I have to cite the meaning of “superficial” AGAIN, then whack you in the head with my dictionary???? Damn, people, if you’re looking for sweetness and light and pats on the back for everyone, go somewhere else! Seriously, hang out at everyoneisawinnerandequallywonderfulandbeautifulandsmart.com. We’re all about the mean and fucked up here.

  29. Kimmy

    Is anyone else disturbed by her outtie belly button?

  30. damn

    Fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck, SHE’S FUCKING HOT!

  31. BunnyButt

    29, that’s where they put her dick after the sex change…

  32. Helena

    These pictures are really old, why are sites only just posting them now?! She had a breast reduction since this, they’re like 3 sizes smaller now!

  33. Sue

    She brought all the other girls so no one would notice her outie belly button.

    Just goes to show that even beautiful gilrs are not perfect.

    But if I were her… I wear a band-aid over that thing!

  34. Keeping it Real


    I think there is a time for being nice and a time for being mean when a person deserves it like Kim Kardaskank.

  35. Billy Avenue

    I am all about equal opportunity, so I would let all of them suck my cock at the same time.

  36. Dick Richards

    #26! Ha-Ha!

  37. Arguman

    It it quite mean to post this just to make fun of that chubby chick.

    This is mean for other reasons though. Katie would probably look like those other chicks if she didn’t have fake boobs and and no self-esteem. It’s just chock full of irony.

  38. The Laughing God

    Beauty is in the eye of the beholder

  39. farming cacti

    good for all of them, especially the ‘bigger’ ones for having the balls to go out and do that

  40. mike

    @33 Sue, You could hang a towel off it. It is bigger than Ted from LA’s dick. I don’t a band-aid is going to help much.

  41. Kate

    Wow, I always thought you were really funny and en pointe with your celebrity jabs, and as it turns out, you’re a stupid fucked up souless beast with a small, almost non-existant dick who has to bag on people with more courage and self-worth than you have. Kudos, prick.

  42. Tess

    How can you people be so shocked everytime you see someone fat?:D Look around guys, it’s everywhere, especially in the US.

  43. Randal

    Kudos to Katie Price. Taking the opportunity to take a photo to real women is a step in the right direction. These days, all the magazines show are picture perfect women. This photo shows you that there is more to what meets the eye and there are in fact, real fans, large and small in the world today.

    It shows that Katie Price has a lot of class and I tip my glass of wine in her direction.

  44. blp

    @42, Tess. Because we usually don’t see them in their underwear, nor do we want to.

  45. Beth

    #25 is onto what really pisses me off. “Real” = fat=supposedly feminist pro-women empowerment blah blah blah. Fuck you. “Real” has absolutely nothing to do with your bodyweight, whether you’re male or female. Everybody knows that. It’s not wrong to laugh at these stunts because the “lesson” they teach is utter bullshit. You can’t judge people by their bodies, fat or thin. The whale on the right might be a very self-confident and courageous woman, or she may be the meekest yes-woman who never sticks up for herself and goes home to drown her sorrows in a bucket of ice cream. You have no idea which impression is correct. These types of pictures mean nothing…except that there’s a lot of money to be made in expanding (so to speak) plus-size apparel of all types. And that Katie Price thought the photo shoot needed something drastic to take the focus off her mutant body.

  46. Moe

    This site is called “The Superficial.”

  47. Kellfishlet!

    Props to the big girl for getting half-naked in front of all those people! I commend her!

  48. sla

    When did Katie become a black woman?

  49. Fasshonaburu

    Hooray obesity! We shouldn’t be mean to fat people, we should accept them for who they are, heart disease and all!
    Seriously, that girl on the right is going to die at 55 unless she gets herself to the gym.

  50. Fit and Happy


    Girl Power=Good self esteem.

    But it is unhealthy to be overweight because it can cause medical problems such as diabetes, high cholesterol, and high blood pressure. America need to quit making excuses for the fat Americans and start more campaigns on a healthy life style.

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