Katie Price in a bikini

May 29th, 2009 // 69 Comments

Here’s Katie Price on the runway for a British fashion show last night. You know what I love most about her? How regal and natural she looks. Sort of like Princess Diana but without all the poise, dignity and self-respect that prevents a woman from jamming bulk-purchased silicon into her chest. So, in other words, like Princess Di but perfect.

Photos: WENN

  1. Kay


  2. Woodie

    Where’s the Camel Toe?

  3. Hunger

    @Pic 6:


  4. Hunger

    @Pic 1:

    eat more.

  5. ___

    Sweet mug on that fugly skank.

  6. Mr. Krinkle

    Pic #8 might just be the scariest image I have ever seen in my life. No joke. That will forever haunt my dreams.

  7. She’s just tragically trashtastic. Her and that Jodie Marsh. Ugh, they need serious make unders!

  8. chadisrad

    No doubt in my mind that she is packing heat between her legs! Reminds me of Buffalo Bill from Silence of the Lames a little bit.

  9. chadisrad

    No doubt in my mind that she is packing heat between her legs! Reminds me of Buffalo Bill from Silence of the Lambs a little bit.

  10. jimbo

    When I get that at KFC I promptly return it. Not enough meat

  11. Megan

    How can this worthless chav think she looks good? I mean if my dad fucked me every night when I was a kid, I wouldn’t take it as a compliment. Obviously chavs see the silver lining in every bad thing.

  12. julia

    Where are her waist and hips? This “woman” actually has the shape of a man.

  13. I wonder how high the tempurature has to be for her to melt into Janice Dickinson.

  14. Sport

    creepy and hot at the same time….mostly creepy though.

  15. Stop hating on her… Every guy would love to bang her at least 1x.

  16. @15 That doesn’t prove a thing…… I once masturbated with old lunch meat when my girlfriend was out of town.

  17. Zed

    At least she’s not a fucking pasty anonymous Canadian.

  18. Anon

    I wouldn’t and I base that on her looks and personality.

  19. KC

    I love how her bikini top is actually one that makes the tits look BIGGER. It adds an extra inch all around…like she needs that! Oh well, she seems happy with her trashy self, so more power to her. Those silicone factories have to stay in business somehow and think of all the children that can take shelter from the rain under those puppies.

  20. Ted

    #16 – that’s so weird! I was fucking her and the whole time thinking “this feels like old lunch meat.”

  21. @20 That’s good news Ted, because I always wondered how many dudes she gave herpes to… did you fall for the “that’s not a flare up, my pussy’s ribbed for YOUR pleasure” line too? You poor bastard……..

  22. Tom K

    This bitch makes Lady Gaga look classy!

  23. none


  24. glace neuf

    i’d hit it

  25. Krassy McKrass

    I bet she would be fun in the sack.

  26. Mr. Smooth


  27. vito

    In pic #2 she looks like a mannequin.

  28. Uk_Matt


    @13 – Spot on, I just had her morphing into Pammie in about 5 years.

  29. dang...

    girl jerky

  30. alisa

    ummmmmmmmmmmmmmm FYI mr. writer….. christina aguilera has fake tits and had a nose job. yah you reeeeally dont like fake women right….

    and number 12…. since when were all women shaped the same?

  31. Steve

    I would bang her 1x at least, more if she would let me. Even if she is packing heat between her legs (and what does that mean, anyway?). I would rate her as excellently hot. Does she have a current boyfriend? ~Steve

  32. Huckleberry Hashimoto

    Pic #8: Why is there a gaping cavity where a nice toe should be?

  33. obannionflunked

    I want to put my penis in there.

  34. Dignity

    MY GOD. She is hideous!! Her caked on make-up, huge fake boobs, and her malnourished body!! Just horrible! Her rips sticking out in the first pictures is terrifying.

  35. blp

    Must be super BLIND Peter Andre siding drunk cuz I’d hit it

  36. jazzieB

    She wouldn’t sleep with any of you.. she has taste and doesn’t like fat Americans!

  37. isitin

    I’d eat her out in a heart beat.

  38. D

    tampon string, especially in pic 9

  39. Even american porn actrices aren’t this MEDIA-HORNY like thisone.
    ……………………………SICK, SAD & STINKY, folks!!

  40. Daisy

    There is a tampon string visible in almost every picture! How embarrassing…

  41. becki

    @8 – she looks bloody evil!! Old Katie Price is a good old girl, alot more down to earth then all the American ‘celebrities’

  42. becki

    oh and how big do you people think a tampon string is????? and if it were one why would it be hanging directly from the middle where her bikini bottoms are? Anything to put someone down and make your selfs feel better huh!!!?

  43. EuropeanGirl

    fucking cyber freak. She looks so old too, her knees are the only part that seems natural (still gross yet).

  44. Babete

    It’s not a tampon string, it’s the strings from her top bikini

  45. Babete

    It’s not a tampon string, it’s the strings from her top bikini

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  47. Galtacticus

    Did the Superficial girl post herself this time? Oh wait,it’s Katie Price!

  48. Darth

    In the last two pictures you can see how she carries a whole sheep on her head!

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