Katie Price has no shame

November 30th, 2007 // 188 Comments

Katie Price purposely flashed her panties outside of a London club last night. I guess since she’s getting a breast reduction, she figured she’d show off her vagina. Makes sense. But seriously, what is she even doing? Is there a toilet on that van or something and she really has to pee? Or is that a hemorrhoid
– Holy shit, it is! Whiskey. I need whiskey now! Pour it in my eyes! Hold on, brain, liquor’s coming! Don’t stop pouring until I forget my name. If I try to dry-hump the coffee table, that means it’s working.

NOTE: What’s that? Why yes, Katie Price is making out with her younger sister here.

Photos: Bauer-Griffin.com, INFdaily.com

  1. minniememe

    this is gross!

  2. the epitome of class.

  3. minniememe

    she looks like a toasted ethnic barbie doll

  4. fweem


  5. minniememe

    one word: stepford

  6. pissy skank

    I’m surprised this tranny’s balls didn’t pop out when she bent over.

  7. Stace

    She taint all that

  8. GMan

    Hey Guess that smell… Is that a Tuna Truck or a Dirty Hamper?

  9. lux

    Her as looks like a 10 year olds…or maybe a guys. She should get butt implants to balance out that ridiculous rack of hers!

  10. Lowlands

    Hope she can stand up straight again after her breast reduction.

  11. KC

    “Deliveries in rear.”

  12. Sheva

    Prepare to receive my wrath. bluuuuuuurrrrrrrrrrrrppppppcussshhhhhhh.

  13. cookie monsta

    bleah, thank fuck for underwear

  14. imran karim

    how long ago did she have her baby

  15. Rowan

    Oh My God – she is so nasty looking – that face! Oof-Ahh!

    And those crotch shots don’t help in the least. Nice orange “tan”

  16. omg this jus made my day!

  17. Salvana

    And she is kissing her younger SISTER!!! Yes, that’s her younger sister…

  18. Mmm

    She has a typical tranny face. How do people learn to make themselves up like that? Tranny makeup school?

  19. the cunt

    siiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiick. here’s to anorexia.

  20. The Bull

    This chick had NO ASS. It’s like she got heisted by the Body Snatchers, but all they took was the booty. Her girlfriend is kind of cute though…

  21. Bruce

    Who are these two, and why should I care?

    Why does the drugged out looking one have “Mrs. Andre” written on her panties, and then is seen kissing the other ugly one. They are both a couple of wrinkled up pusses.

  22. 9

    I hate the new buttons.

  23. iburl

    Um, who??

  24. fiona123568

    she is hot.. but someone said she joined an online service sugarcupid.com.it is a site for rich men to date sexy women.. spoil and support them. what a f*cking slur..

  25. fx

    Fucking hate white trash. why are white women have to be so dam slutty. Look at Cancun spring break it’s a fucking disgrace.

  26. xman

    who is this skank?

  27. Princess

    wow…what can i say…she looks HORRIBLE, she has no class, and she is kissing another girl (sister yes) so why WOULDN’T this thing be famous? makes sense to me.

    I wish i had no self-respect, then i too could be famous…but sadly, talent gets you nowhere these days.

  28. Miles Long

    I think I see a turtle head.

  29. long time reader

    Your new picture viewing sucks. I don’t want to have to scroll through all of them, I just want to click on 1 or 2 and see it. Change is BAD!!! Fix it pluheez!!

  30. What the hell is wrong with her face??? AAAAHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Do you think she has any skin under all that makeup or does it just go from makeup to skull???

    I bet she’s scary looking in the morning, in that chew your own arm off to escape sorta way..

  31. kate

    Who IS Katie Price? She’s repulsive.

  32. Disgusting

    @ 30 – What’s wrong with her face is that it is a mask kind of like in Mission Impossible. She pulls it off and there’s Tom Cruise underneath. As if that’s not scary enough, that’s probably Tom’s ass too!

  33. Ript1&0

    I know who she is.

  34. mcbeef

    burger shot


  35. fweem

    meh ill say it for all of you “blaaaaaaaaaaaaarg”

  36. Is this the latest and pretty cheap to get in the picture?
    I guess when your person doesn’t own any kind of talent so you’re choosing this “CHEAP and CHEATING” solution!!

  37. …also has no trousers!

  38. fred

    Incestuous lesbianism is hot.

  39. Hemlock Queen

    Anyone notice that the little sister is 10,000 times hotter than Katie and her rotten beef curtains?

  40. rudy

    What her sis’ name? she hot.

  41. Betina

    I’m sorry, but why are most English girls so ugly?

  42. fertile

    What a hot ass with a cute pantie….BTW, have u guys seen her on a millionaire site MeetRich.com? I heard of this around the internet.

  43. No, I better go check it out..

  44. Exyank

    Lovely. A scrawny, orange arse somewhat covered with black, lacy knickers with “Mrs Andre” in rhinestones. What a class act.

    At least she IS wearing panties. Imagine how much worse it would be if she wasn’t!

  45. Tinner

    Written by Exyank: “At least she IS wearing panties. Imagine how much worse it would be if she wasn’t!”

    Simple: just think of shitney

  46. butterfly

    they are so beautiful, but someone said they joined the famous rich women seeking affairs club sugarmommymeet, true or not? If yes, i just wonder what they are doing with that sugar baby dating service? they want to find a charming man for extramarital relationship?

  47. susan

    How sexy she is. It is no wonder that so many men join the pubspa.com because of her.

  48. 100%

    she has very nice legs!

  49. 10%

    41 i’m sorry you feel that way, but i feel the same way about american girls too…

  50. Ofcourse not!! What’s she gotta lose? She maintains a dumb piece of shit!!

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