Katie Price has a lot of bikinis

June 18th, 2009 // 80 Comments

Katie Price continued her calendar shoot in Ibiza today, and it’s comforting to see she’ll never stop posing like Barbie’s sister who didn’t quite make it in Hollywood yet somehow claims to be an “actress.” Then why won’t she let us see her movies? Or come over during the day? Life’s so mysterious sometimes.


  1. Boob


  2. renegade


  3. Not first

    I love # 20. She oozes class. And for the record, I’d rather see Dolph’s penis than Tori’s nipples. His shlong makes me feel better about my own.

  4. franken furter

    Can clearly see scars from implant surgeries in photo 13.
    Y\This is a yukky fake tan plastic woman.

  5. Mama Pinkus

    not sure which is worse – the cement-filled balloons she calls breasts or the fish lips

  6. Dread not

    Katie is awesome, ’cause she poses like she’s a bitch in heat. Damn it! Pics 4, 14 and 20 just got me in trouble. Thanks, SF. It’s Alpo for a while. What the hell, milk-bone makes good biscuits. How many damn months are in that calender?

  7. Beth

    From glancing at the thumbnail I thought pic #11 had 3 boobs in the picture

  8. Funeral Guy

    Her skin is horrible. Her tits would be a joke on an android. Her ass is OK, but why is her picture everywhere. Does she act? Does she sing? I’m not trying to be funny…I don’t have a fucking clue as to why she is famous.

  9. GaGa

    She is like a curvier and older version of Megan Fox. Totally annoying!!

  10. I would love to hear her explanation on how her sex tape got out…Katie and Paris should be up for the sack of potato award….

  11. This is considered attractive? Are you showing this woman as if she’s hot..or as an unfortunate, pathetic, unattractive human being?

  12. CooperTrooper

    nice scar on the side of your tits, hag.

  13. two sense

    LOL..I’m sorry. Who the fuck stands like that?? Yes..you’re beautiful, great bod etc..just cracked me up..there…that’s my two cents

  14. Rabbit

    Damn I’d hit that till next thursday!

  15. me

    I think she’s hot. Are all the people calling her “hag” women? That would make sense.

  16. Queen of WAGS

    Damn, shes looking bad. Pity really- she used to be so cute before the butchered herself with all the surgery.

  17. Galtacticus

    Is it mating season again?

  18. Who cares

    These are just pictures of any stripper with a pole. Notice the pole in the background.

  19. Parker

    I want to pack her fudge and by pack her fudge I mean I want to fill her ass up with mustard and relish then stuff my weiner in there and buttfuck her.

  20. america the "beautiful"

    Hey, in picture #9, which eye should we be looking at?
    But really, what a great country- if you have giant fake tits, people will pay you to take your picture and your eyes don’t even have to track together!

  21. Tupac

    Nasty craggy face – check.

    Fake halved-melon tits bolted on – check.

    Slutty personality – check.

    Cameltoe – Bzzzztttttt!

    Sorry Jordan, thanks for playing, 3 outta 4 ain’t bad, here’s the consolation prize, you dumb whore. Now go fuck the poolboy.

  22. huh?

    #19, your multiple mixed metaphors confound me.

  23. bert

    Man, I would fuck that bitch stupid!

  24. Tupac

    Whoops – forgot to mention the wonky eye & the low self-esteem.

    Chick’s really put together!

  25. Check out the pic in the link on my name.

    Dumb cunt has freckles like LoWhore, and her fucking tit stretch marks are hilarious. Probably gonna burst from the sun’s heat.

    Notice how they only show one eye. That way you can’t detect the wonk.

    The other eye probably went out of alignment when some guy blew a load in it.

  26. chick

    No matter what stupid thing you decide to write on here to try to sound cool, you know you couldn’t get a woman even close to her! Besides, most of you are probably still sporting a lunchpack to school.

    Yes, she got implants but she keeps in shape and looks fantastic for her age!

  27. AmericanWhiteTrash

    water balloons for tits – check
    duck lips – check
    gonorrhea – check
    syphilis – check
    degree at a top school for etiquette – check?

    A mouth breather’s dream girl..

  28. aaron

    you are all stupid. none of you get sleep with her. and if you did, you would last two seconds. I can’t believe how many gay comments there are on every picture with a girl about. ” i’d hit that” ” man i do it all night ” I doubt any of you have been laid

  29. timmy the frisky virus

    Pics 4 & 14: Is her bikini bottom on inside out? And what about #14, is that a golf pencil holding her ass cheeks apart?

  30. Brothabill

    Those breasts are ridiculous and she’s ugly and my new wife is hotter than her by far and all natural. How any guy could be attracted to skanks like that must not have gotten laid enough

  31. me

    So I guess guys really aren’t attracted to skanks. That’s kind of a relief, but I’m having trouble believing it…

  32. me

    So I guess guys really aren’t attracted to skanks. That’s kind of a relief, but I’m having trouble believing it…

  33. Fati

    Tell me something. Do any men actually find fake boobs sexy? I mean, are you still attracted to a woman and still want to squeeze and kiss her breasts, when you know that there are silicon pouches in there?

  34. I think she looks hot in a lot of the pictures.

  35. I think she looks hot in a lot of the pictures.

  36. Pukie

    Pic 11. wonder how she got the shiner?

  37. joho777

    What a fake rack.

  38. UrSoGheyIfYouDontWantToHitThis

    I would hit that till she died.

  39. Galtacticus

    Holaboo! Her top looks like a fruitbasket as big as her melons are!

  40. Groucho

    I don’t care what you idiots say, she’s hot like a black Mustang in Death Valley.

  41. Darth

    Is she doing arch-exercises in the 14th pic? Arch that spine!

  42. Nero

    She has quite a long back.Lotta to arch!

  43. Noelle

    Nothing hotter than breast implant scars…oh baby

  44. arroyo

    the most plastic I’ve seen since Pam Anderson.

  45. The more she conquers the LOSING SITE of america, THE MORE SHE WINS, folks?

  46. JaniceGUnit

    EEEEEWWWWW! Gross. She has a big boob scar showing and you can see her armpit 5 o’clock shadow.

  47. tc

    I wouldn’t touch her.

    In fact, I wouldn’t touch her with a barge pole.

    In fact, I wouldn’t let my friend touch her with a barge pole.

    In fact, I wouldn’t even want my enemy to touch her with their own barge pole.

  48. Styxchix

    Peter Andre must thank his lucky stars he got out when he did. Katie Price is like some over-waxed, over-blown inflatable doll has-been. If she didn’t have her huge lips and huge boobs she wouldn’t know what to do with herself. YUCK!

  49. I always around what’s hot and the photos are just that Hot. What’s the Buzz?

  50. Elizabeth

    I don’t care about Katie Price. For some reason The Superficial wants to obsess over her. We don’t need multiple updates on her or her ugly boobs everyday. ENOUGH. This site sucks.

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