Katie Price (aka Jordan)

The infamous 34FF Jordan wants to remove her giant fake breasts in an effort to be taken more seriously. It didn’t work for Pamela Anderson or Jenny McCarthy and it’s not gonna work for Jordan. No matter what, these stupid blondes can’t seem to survive without their big fake breasts. It’s like their bodies have formed some sort of biological attachment to them and slowly die with every day that the implants aren’t inside. Sure, Jordan’s implants are a little more excessive than the average Hollywood blonde, but that’s what defines her as Jordan. Does she really think anybody is gonna give a crap about her if she has normal sized breasts? Somebody needs to smack some sense into this woman. If you’re blonde and you’re stupid and you’re not that pretty, the only way you’ll get attention is if you have gigantic boobs. Damn, I’m a good role model.

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