Katie Holmes wears a toga

January 8th, 2008 // 62 Comments

Katie Holmes wore a toga to the 13th Annual Critics’ Choice Awards last night. Meanwhile, across town, Tom Cruise returns home with an exact replica of Gerard Butler’s outfit from 300 – complete with fake beard. Katie will look perfect in this, he thought. Hey, where’s my toga dress I laid on the bed for me to wear tonight? *turns on the TV* Goddammit…

Photos: Getty Images

  1. Alexandra

    She looks really old for her age.

  2. Styxchix

    She looks beyond tired to me in these photos and years older than those quite girlish shots of she and Tom around their engagement! Perhaps she is sporting her own wee bump under there for a co-ordinated birth with the ex Mrs Cruise??

  3. I like this picture which has been posted on seekamillionaire.com

  4. lambman

    she is freaking gorgeous, she’s basically saying “that’s right bitches I can wear a potato sack and still look better then you”

  5. vicky

    She is so beautiful. Seems saw her before. Did she ever posted her
    profile to a celebrity and millioniare dating site called
    “wealthybeauty.com” ? I just saw her profile yesterday on that site.

  6. Spiraticus

    She looks stupid.

  7. Anonymous

    Hey vicky:

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  8. I do love Katie. She’s always beautiful.

  9. patriciaminetteregaladoisabitch

    am i really seeing this??
    katie sure looks old after hooking up with tom cruise..
    such a sad girl..

  10. kdollarsign

    this made me giggle for a long time for some reason.

  11. Hammer

    I dont understand the criticism of this outfit, personally. It looks good on her, and all her marathon training is certainly keeping her fit for a new mother. So, beautiful women in a hot outfit that isn’t slutting it up. Wheres the problem?

  12. Katie Holmes wore a toga Critics Choice Awards last night 13. Meanwhile, in the city..

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