Katie Holmes wears a toga

January 8th, 2008 // 62 Comments

Katie Holmes wore a toga to the 13th Annual Critics’ Choice Awards last night. Meanwhile, across town, Tom Cruise returns home with an exact replica of Gerard Butler’s outfit from 300 – complete with fake beard. Katie will look perfect in this, he thought. Hey, where’s my toga dress I laid on the bed for me to wear tonight? *turns on the TV* Goddammit…

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  1. Smom


  2. Sowaht

    DUMB story Fish-head!

  3. jrz

    Leave it TCLTC to make his wife dress like a Greek………….

  4. holla@meh

    first? maybe? lol

  5. LadyJane

    That’s what coffee beans are shipped in.
    Oh, and TCLTC!

  6. MIMI


  7. holla@meh

    yeah… that toga look is not really in… so idk what the fuck she was thinking. maybe she thought it was one of those frat parties where everyone shows up in sheets! cute shoes tho.

  8. Em

    Holy Crap!!! Sally Field is looking DAMN fine for a woman her age! Wonder what her secret is? Hmmmm……

  9. Lana Lohan

    Whoa, shit, look at her fingers in pictures 2 and 3! She must be the boatman on the river Styx.

  10. Jrz

    Is she morphing into an East German female swimmer? Jee-zuss! Look at her shoulders and neck.

    this is a TRUE scientology-outfit!!

  12. Tonight, we dine in HELL!!

  13. Lana Lohan

    Ha, Jrz, I dated an East German female swimmer ( from Schoenefeld, East Berlin ) and let me tell you, Katie’s shoulders don’t compare.

    But I see where you’re going with this. Tom must be feeding her ‘roids so she’ll develop a nice square ass that he can pretend is David Beckham’s.

  14. my comment

    I think she tried to escape out the bathroom window and grabbed the shower curtain on the way out.
    If you look closely, she has ‘HELP ME’ written on the bottoms of her shoes.

  15. Ally

    she looks older with that kind of clothing but she is beautiful anyways..

  16. FACE

    This one isnt funny Superficial guy is running out of good material. Oh, and I would fuck the shit out of Katie under that toga.

  17. PunkA

    Looks like she is using the time when she would normally be having sex with a hetero husband to hit the gym. Those late night workouts have her looking good. Although the hair makes her look old.

  18. Gerald_Tarrant

    She has that far away look in her eyes. I think her Thetan level is too high. Her engrams are keeping her from scoring higher on the Tone Scale. Someone grab an E-Meter quick. She needs a audit, stat.

  19. Fashion Police

    It looks like she is wearing the drapes from my grandparents’ living room. Ugh!

  20. MonkeyMan777

    Whoa! I first glanced at the picture and thought
    “What the hell are street people doing making the Superficial now?”
    That is one very very unfortunate outfit. Really, it looks like they raided a curtain store closeout sale to make that dress. Ithink my grandmother has curtains of that same fabric.
    Tom, stop handing out $100 to everyone who helps you open a door and get your man a decent dress!

  21. SheLooksGood

    She looks good. It is a stupid dress and still she looks. See what happens when pretty 8 year olds are allowed to watch TC dance in his underwear in Risky Business. It makes an impression and they end up marrying the now middle aged idiot. Cruise is so damn lucky. He doesn’t even know what to do with a girl. Ask Nicole.

  22. The Office Whore

    that bedazzeler HAS to be broken now.

  23. 10pound

    Didn’t Katie Holmes get butt-raped by the lead singer of the Flys?

  24. sunshine

    #13 – hahaha, you are so funny, thanks for the laugh…Beckham’s ass–
    terrific observation

  25. Billybob

    She has the look of “please only be a fart…..all I wnated to do was fart…nothing extra…”

  26. McSnarky

    That isn’t a toga. Katie is wearing the ultra hot ceremonial garb that all hip Scientologist female units are wearing this season. Tres chic, tres chic! And of course, underneath it all she’s surely wearing the latest in signal receiving tin foil granny panties that send out vibes urging her to breed for Ron. This all pleases Tom greatly….

  27. I do believe that dress is the seventh sign… Xenu is nigh…


  28. Donna

    she’s a fucking moron

  29. D. Richards (Saint.)


    Take Katie Holmes and baby Suri, stuff them both in to a burlap sack, beat burlap sack viciously with feet, stuff sack in to the trunk of a piece-of shit car, douse car in gasoline, pin the accelerator to the floor, light gasoline fumes, knock the car in to drive, and let that fucker run itself in to the ocean.

  30. Tom

    She looks hot! When she gets home, I’m going to take that toga off and use all of her feminine curves as mountains for my matchbox cars…or whatever it is heterosexuals do with naked women…

  31. chewyme

    Joey Buttafuoco Sex Tape. It’s sick!


  32. #29 – That’s very similar to my idea of painting her head like soccer ball and burying her up to her neck on a playground in Bolivia… just when “futbol” season begins.

  33. Sunny

    kinda cute, actually.

    but woulda looked SO much better with flats, not heels.

  34. Todd

    she sucks

  35. Pacey

    Dawson’s Sheet

  36. Spazz

    I dont know what it is, but I think she looks HOT with the new haircut.

  37. blaspheme.this!

    And the Critics Choice Award for best made up religion with UFOs and shit…goes to….Scientology!

  38. sheets are for frat partys

    her hair looks great.her face looks alot thinner. wtf is sheet wearing?

  39. Its like a sack of rice or Mr. Cupid costume,.

  40. BunnyButt

    38, I believe that’s one of my missing bath towels…

  41. zsa

    LMFAO #25. Besides that, I think she looks gorgeous. The dress looks good on her, but not the best choice. I think she wore heels because if she wore flats it definately would be a toga outfit. I love her hair, she looks grown up, not like a teen tv show princess.

    Free Katie and Suri!!!


  42. D. Richards hates children

    Hey old fag, what kind of childhood did you have? Heh heh I bet rough. You sure have posted a ton of child-directed naked agression! Damn you are a funny one though. Such wit!
    Hey can we get some more of that Little Richard genius directed towards humor that does not involve mutilating helpless babies and toddlers?
    I would love to know what happened to you though, as it spills out of your mind through your crooked fingers onto this site.
    More! More! The wart hags here love it! (I think a few of the ole whores here too have maternal issues, the ones that find you amusing. Pick on someone your own size, like small female A D U L T S

  43. emily

    i think she looks like juiliette binocche (sp?) in the 3rd pic…

  44. El-Coyote

    I really need to start selling TCLTC bumper stickers…..

  45. KTG13

    Ha ha. Funny!

  46. Jack

    Why would Tom be coming home with a beard? I thought Katie WAS his beard . . .

  47. D. Richards (Unattractive.)

    #42? My childhood consisted of hearing mommy fucking, and sucking strange men for minimum wage. Sometimes with more than one at a time. My bedroom was situated next to my mothers, and, unfortunately, our bed’s headboards lined up perfectly through the wall.

    You can imagine the moans, and headaches I had to endure. Horrifying. I managed, though. I learned to masturbate to the mother’s passion. Mom had a penchant for orgasming with her trick, and she did, everytime.

    The three-of us – my mother, the stranger, and myself – would orgasm all at once. One time (!), I yelped really loudly as we ejaculated. Moms never mentioned it to me, but I know she knew.

    My father was a terrible drunk; a seargent in the military. Good thing he left my mother before I was born, because he was pedophilic. He was later busted for fucking his second family’s kids. He’s in prison somewhere in the country.

    Good ol’ USA!

  48. yukadoozer

    Looks very itchy. She might as well hide, that hair belongs on a 5 year old.

  49. D. Richards Roid

    hahahahahhaaahahhahahahha Goddamn I can’t say anything to that, you sick twisted fuck!!!!! If I didn’t hate you I would love you!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Don’t feel bad though. I still pay a child support check to my mother back in Kentucky.

  50. Alexandra

    She looks really old for her age.

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