Katie Holmes under pressure to produce an heir for Tom Cruise

Okay, sure, America’s elected its first black president, but more importantly, when is Katie Holmes going to get off her ass and get pregnant again? And would it kill her to make it a boy? Ok! Magazine reports:

In the December issue of Glamour, the star of the upcoming Australia explains that Connor, her teenage son with Tom, is still hoping for a brother. “[He] would like one of us to have a boy,” she confesses. “He wants that boy. Katie?”
“At 41, Nicole knows she’s not likely to have another baby,” a friend of the actress tells OK!. “It’s obviously up to the much younger Katie to give Connor that baby brother.”
And the Cruises are more than ready to welcome a new child into their lives.
“Katie and Tom very much want another baby,” a friend of the couple tells OK!. “There may be no better time than now for Katie to get pregnant again and absolutely nothing would make Tom happier.”

If nothing would make Tom Cruise happier than another child, I don’t see what the hold up is. There’s two simple solutions here: Either 1. Tom needs to stop hiding under a thimble whenever there’s a vagina in the room. Or 2. Tom needs to ride the sperm in and personally deliver it to the egg himself. As for arranging the gender of the baby, may Xenu’s will be done. (That said, if you build a multimillion dollar Scientology gym with a Juice Bar, he’ll think about it.)