Katie Holmes, Tom Cruise want another baby


Katie Holmes and Tom Cruise are ready for a second child. The timing couldn’t be more perfect since Katie’s schedule is wide-open. Though I heard she almost got a part the other day, until Tom Cruise kicked the director in the shins. Which was basically his only option because, you know, he’s a midget. Ok! Magazine reports:

“It’s something they want to do sooner rather than later,” a source from Tom’s Berlin Rubicon set tells OK!. “Suri has been such a joy for Tom, so he’d be more than happy to have another girl. Katie feels the same.”

Remember, long ago, that one week when Katie Holmes was smoking hot? Now she’s starting to look like a man. Maybe Tom Cruise likes men. It all makes sense! Tom Cruise is a [Editor’s note: The Superficial, in an effort to avoid legal action, will not publish the rest of this post. In summary, the writer goes on to suggest that Tom Cruise enjoys the sexual company of men. There are no grounds for this statement and no evidence to support the writer’s theory. Except that time Tom Cruise jumped on Oprah’s couch. Wow, talk about super-gay.]

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