Katie Holmes, Tom Cruise want another baby

September 19th, 2007 // 99 Comments

Katie Holmes and Tom Cruise are ready for a second child. The timing couldn’t be more perfect since Katie’s schedule is wide-open. Though I heard she almost got a part the other day, until Tom Cruise kicked the director in the shins. Which was basically his only option because, you know, he’s a midget. Ok! Magazine reports:

“It’s something they want to do sooner rather than later,” a source from Tom’s Berlin Rubicon set tells OK!. “Suri has been such a joy for Tom, so he’d be more than happy to have another girl. Katie feels the same.”

Remember, long ago, that one week when Katie Holmes was smoking hot? Now she’s starting to look like a man. Maybe Tom Cruise likes men. It all makes sense! Tom Cruise is a [Editor’s note: The Superficial, in an effort to avoid legal action, will not publish the rest of this post. In summary, the writer goes on to suggest that Tom Cruise enjoys the sexual company of men. There are no grounds for this statement and no evidence to support the writer’s theory. Except that time Tom Cruise jumped on Oprah’s couch. Wow, talk about super-gay.]

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  1. Annie Rexia

    Somebody should tell Tom that babies don’t come from your boyfriends spunk filled asshole.

  2. FIRST


  3. Xarias

    That guy really destroyed that poor girl.

  4. David Miscavige

    You misguided Thetans do not understand the power of OT VII. Sir Cruise is so close to the ultimate power of the universe and people do not realize the punishment he will levy on your ungrateful souls. Just like LRH said, “Put the LSD away, someone’s coming.”

    Someone’s coming, bitches…someone’s coming.

  5. spooge flavored shake

    isn’t katie under 30? why does she have the veiny old lady hands already?

  6. spottedtan5

    Looking at her pic, I half expect her to say, “ELIOOOOOOOOOOOOT”

    Is it just me or is she looking more and more like ET?

  7. I hear they are getting Jamie Fox to be Tom’s stunt cock

  8. Mdizdiz


  9. veggi

    I just can’t say bad things about Katie….except that her choice in men sucks. But I think she’s so pretty and her little girl is cute…… I know, I know….. but hell, I liked Dawsons Creek. And I realize that’s retarded in itself. Bah. whatever.

  10. suri is undeniably adorable! as sweet as mummy!

  11. Sugar Tits

    Is this where we all break out with TCLTC again?

    I really don’t care. All I know is that I covet that fugly bitch’s shoes.

  12. JLWS

    Her shoes are incredible!

  13. Katie has a crooked mouth, Tom has a crooked view on life. Perfect match

  14. Forget about legal action …

    What about ethics?
    What about the fact that in a few years his children might read this?

  15. bob

    i love how she dresses now, like Tom picks out her clothes every morning. nice trench coat Katie.
    i used to like her too until Tom got his meat hooks stuck in her. he’s revolting & now so is she.

  16. LadyJane

    Does Björk know she’s going to father another baby for the happy family????

  17. jesus christ porno star

    Katie Holmes is the best looking creepy cult member I ever saw.

  18. ApacheRose


    Thank you. Now I have coffee all over my monitor, miss cunterson.

  19. veggi

    Brit, take notes. Even if it’s in crayon scribbles about Katies shoes.

  20. LadyJane

    HA! Gotcha, Apache… Mwahahahahahahhahahahahaha.

  21. Michelle

    Suri is definitely ugly… she is like an alien or Damien – which, I cannot decide.

  22. I think Katie Holmes looks cute these days. Very European.

  23. V

    Katie still looks good to me… and she’s definitely naked under that trench coat.

  24. @22 Tito is “European” code for plain Jane? Is Tom trying to get her to look like a 12 year old boy?

  25. jrzmommy

    Bjork can be mother and father. Bjork can do anything.

    Well, let’s review their contract……….marry TCLTC, produce family, get divorced, keep mouth shut, enjoy career as major Oscar-winning/nominated star…..a la Nicole Kidman and Penelope Cruz. Their contracts were a little different, Nicole had to wear flats and adopt….Penelope only had to “date” him.

  26. Roxi

    Suri is gorgeous!!!!!!!

  27. Milky

    The shoes make me feel a bit nervous for Suri.

  28. LadyJane

    His collection of beards is as varied as the selections of wine in my cellar.

  29. Yo.

    Agreed w/22. She looks lovely. Also, her shoes are amazing.

  30. smegma

    I think Katie looks very happy and carefree, almost as if she’s no longer struggling with the burden of free will.

  31. my comment

    Not loving the shoes.

    and is Suri cross-eyed?

  32. Noxioius Bob

    Man oh man has she hit the wall She’s only 29 come December, and Tom has sucked the life out of her.

    She hasn’t done a movie since Thank you for smoking …. (I don’t even recall her in that movie).

    if you all want a laugh check out Frank Zappa’s Joe’s Garage, where he worships the first church of appliantology and it’s founder L Ron Hoover

  33. lambman

    Man, I miss Katie Holmes!!!!

    I really wish she would go back to acting. If you’ve seen Pieces of April, Wonderboys or Go you know she can be good when she wants to.

  34. One more scientologist. That’s fucking great.

  35. comments by me

    This is just gettings WAAAAAAAYYYYY too easy. Like taking potshots at retards.

    She needs to lay down before she hurts herself.

  36. The only good thing she ever did was befriend VicBecks

    Completely redesigned

  37. my comment

    And HOW do they know they will have another girl?

    That is some spooky-ass shit right there.

  38. Toddler likes time with mom

    Suri — “You bring Katie Holmes here. If you don’t, I’m going to kill one of them. And then if you don’t bring her back before sundown tomorrow I’ll kill another, and another, another. One everyday. And Tom Cruise, I’ll kill you last.”

  39. swan

    Let me hear you say CANKLES!

  40. swan

    The worst part is that she is ALWAYS wearing over 4 inch heels while carrying and playing with her daughter. I definitely think that is his idea.

  41. Dee

    What the hell happened to Katie? She looks like some old matron. Not that long ago, she was cute with a tiny bit of talent, now she’s ugly and will have a hard time recovering ANY professional future after life with the very weird Cruise dude (especially when he turns on her)! Obviously he doesn’t like sexy looking women – his mother is more appealing than Katie!

  42. jesus christ porno star

    I’ll bet if she stood next to tom in those shoes, it would be like Shaq standing next to Mugsy Bogues.

  43. She and child are lovely but I must add also that she seems to
    have aged overnight; she looks so much older then she did
    in Wonderboys!
    But Suri is a doll and so nicely dressed-she puts the other
    Hollyweird babies to shame.

  44. lola

    she is not ugly she looks like a mom—thats every sexy womens morph after bearing children…pretty soon she’ll break out the mom jeans and white keds

  45. wedgeone

    Many thanks to the new writer, who came up with a wonderful new concept in commentary. Let’s see how long this goes before it gets worn out like “By , I mean ” has.

    One more thing that cannot be said enough – TCLTC.

  46. he’s a freak.

  47. Katie

    Wow, so Suri has been such a joy to Tom? What about his two other kids, you know the adopted ones who apparently no longer matter to anyone? Haven’t they been a joy to him? What a shame.

    Anyway, Suri is pretty freaking adorable, considering she has a man for a mom and a trannie for a dad.

  48. Noone Special

    I absolutely love Katie Holmes and Suri! I have followed Katie’s career since Dawson’s Creek, and I think she puts most if not all other Hollywood Mothers to shame. When you see her, she is almost always with Suri, playing with her walking with her, taking her places, etc. At least she takes care of her child, unlike so many others….Brit, Kate, Courtney, etc…
    And the fact that she is a mother and dresses like one and deosn’t have her ass hanging out for everyone to see and have her vag hanging out all over the internet says something. You see her and Tom out and about, but they are usually with each other and Suri, looking like a real family, spending time with each other, which is very Un-Hollywood these days,

    Good for you Katie for acting and dressing like a mom! :-)

  49. Micky Mc

    Why is she always fucking carrying her kid??!! Tom – buy her a fucking stroller you cheap bastard!

  50. mafme

    Yeah, I don’t see a reason to assume that she’s not naked under that coat. Good call.

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