Katie Holmes sends baby gifts to Nicole Kidman

Katie Holmes really likes Nicole Kidman and is apparently happy about about her pregnancy. She recently sent Nicole some sweet baby gifts in hopes that, the next time they meet, Nicole won’t throw a boomerang at her face. Those things fucking sting. Star reports:

Katie shipped hubby Tom Cruise’s eight-months-pregnant ex-wife a deluxe gift basket filled with onesies, stuffed toys, a baby blanket and more from Neiman Marcus in Beverly Hills, an insider tells Star.
“Katie wanted the best of everything in the basket,” the insider says. “It cost over $2,000.”

Also included was a letter that read: “Dear Nicole, please enjoy these lovely tokens of my affection and do write back. Maybe even include a description of what intercourse is like because I’ve completely forgotte…” Then there was a bunch of scribbles from the “Free-thinking Wife Suppresso-tron” firing off in Katie’s head. Tom installed it on their honeymoon by simply walking into her ear. So, technically, their marriage was consummated by some form of penetration. I stand corrected.