Katie Holmes sends baby gifts to Nicole Kidman

June 20th, 2008 // 52 Comments

Katie Holmes really likes Nicole Kidman and is apparently happy about about her pregnancy. She recently sent Nicole some sweet baby gifts in hopes that, the next time they meet, Nicole won’t throw a boomerang at her face. Those things fucking sting. Star reports:

Katie shipped hubby Tom Cruise’s eight-months-pregnant ex-wife a deluxe gift basket filled with onesies, stuffed toys, a baby blanket and more from Neiman Marcus in Beverly Hills, an insider tells Star.
“Katie wanted the best of everything in the basket,” the insider says. “It cost over $2,000.”

Also included was a letter that read: “Dear Nicole, please enjoy these lovely tokens of my affection and do write back. Maybe even include a description of what intercourse is like because I’ve completely forgotte…” Then there was a bunch of scribbles from the “Free-thinking Wife Suppresso-tron” firing off in Katie’s head. Tom installed it on their honeymoon by simply walking into her ear. So, technically, their marriage was consummated by some form of penetration. I stand corrected.


  1. veggi

    FIRST you TB-infested oozing cunts

  2. Randal

    I think that’s very big of Katie to do, knowing the situations that Kidman and Cruise have had in the past.

    This clearly shows how well of a woman Katie is becoming and just how she respects Kidman as a person and a well defined actress.

    Katie has surprised many folks since first appearing on Dawson’s Creek and continues to shine as she matures.

    Good on you my dear.


  3. I hope Nicole sends a nice thank you note that says “SCIENTOLOGY IS A DANGEROUS CULT. Run Katie Run!!!!” But I know Katie’s many OSA handlers intercept and filter all her correspondences so it’s a long shot.

  4. veggi

    @2 you are a cute little monkey!!

    and hahaha fish!! “walked into her ear!” That’s great stuff!!

    You back yet Ted?? And where’s p0nk today??

  5. Penetration

    That was a good one! Thanks again. ha ha ha ha ha ha.

  6. Katie Holmbot

    Dear Nicole,

    Here are some gifts for your baby. Congratulations!

    Love always,


    p.s. Say, have you stumbled across those Polaroids yet? If you did, I’d really appreciate it if you destroyed them, or better yet sent them to me. Really, it was quite a lark, playing naked Twister with the fellas, and what are the odds that each of them would fall into me like that as if taking turns? I should give those pictures to the Smithsonian, is what I should do! So do you have them, seriously? Yes? No? Ok, well, you have my address…

  7. bernie

    Do the Scientologists have a time-machine? Because Katie looks like Marty McFly’s mother.

  8. Anonymous


    You’re a Tinkerbell. See a doctor.



  10. Nathiest

    wait…. Nicole is pregnant?

  11. Uncle Eccoli

    Wow, $2,000?! That must have broken the bank, huh?

  12. Tommy Sneakers

    Tom looks like he’s been shrunken

  13. JM

    She’s really starting to look Holmely.

    Thank you, I’ll be here all week.

  14. I love the retarded veggi troll..

  15. havoc

    She’s just covering all her bases. One of the volcanoes that our alien predecessors are stored in is actually in Australia. You can’t have too many friends down under.

    True story.


  16. Lola

    Oh wow, I commend her for doing that. It was really thoughtful and considerate of her to do….. I have a new level of respect for her for doing that.

  17. qwertygirl

    “So, technically, there marriage was consummated…” Their marriage, not there marriage.

  18. Lipper


    Nuff said.

  19. Matthew

    Free Katie,also TCLTC

  20. p0nk

    further evidence that scientology has eaten Katie’s brain – she’s adopting the facial expressions of Heidi Montag.

    good afternoon, veggi.


  21. Icantbelievemyeyes

    His tie knot is huge!!!!

  22. Trover

    Dear Nicole,


    Your friend,


    P.S. Got some goodies for your new baby. Enjoy!

  23. Baby mania! At least Nicole Kidman’s baby daddy is probably actually her husband. Tom cruise has never seen nicole or katie naked, much less had anything to do with their vaginas. these kids on The Baby Borrowers are more legit parents, haha.

  24. Tom

    What happened to Katie? She used to be so fucking hot.

    Is it a coincidence that when she got involved with scientology, her career started drying up? I don’t think it is.

    Oh well, at least I got to see her tits before her career tanked.

  25. mamadough

    if i was nichole, i would set the damn thing on fire as soon as it arrived. did the same thing with some ugly ass clogs a friend of mine passed off to me. used an entire bottle of hairspray, w-d 40, and some gasoline.

  26. Do_FreeBird

    That mouth opens so wide, and that tounge looks so inviting. Shame all that warm, wet, probing, fleshy goodness is being wasted on Tom Cruise.

    I know my throbbing purple veined member would know just what to do.

    And as always …………………… TCLTC

  27. slewis046@rogers.com

    The people writing these rants must be pretty sick, or dumb, you are believing the idiot who wrote this junk . wake up, do you honestly believe this???
    I still believe Nicole is an Alien that landed in the US desert somewhere.
    Keith, a few light years later. They are both addicted to Botax. Can you imagine those two going at it??? At least Katie & Tom can laugh and smile.

  28. koidfs

    He has classic gay face. Deal with it, Thomasina. You are as gay as Liberace’s tinkerbell embroidered hot pink chiffon sequined lace mini-skirt.

  29. wundersmack

    Shut up! Tom is NOT gay. He’s SUPER-GAY.

  30. Gra

    whater is with the freakin cardigan worn under the suit coat ??? how uber – gay is that. And Katie’s even doing that old scientology “wrinkle the nose while you pretend to be happy” thing that her husband has taught her.. I guess he’s still got his arm soldered to her waist just to pretend to be straight.

  31. ja

    Ya She is laughing like him now.

    So creepy.

  32. dude

    haha this pic is funny she looks twice his size

  33. kat

    Ahaha, yeah ja, Katie is totally laughing like him.

    Compare it to this picture of Tom…


    It’s uncanny!

  34. I heard they met each at a single club called —–Blackwhitemeet.com——- is it true? Can I find my love there?

  35. Gra

    yep, he definitely cloned her from his own gay zenu sperm

  36. Lily

    Mmmmm, it seems he is very interested in dating wealthy young woman. I saw him on “S e e k i n g R i c h . c o m ” last week.

  37. sorry, I have to PUKE!!

  38. Toonkinstein

    …and the “basket was dropped off at the Goodwill Bin shortly after it was delivered by UPS with the note “FOOK THIS!!”

  39. L Ron Hoover

    Wow, here mouth gets really big. I bet she uses it on the Rod of Xenu!

  40. L Ron Hoover

    Wow, her mouth gets really big. I bet she uses it on the Rod of Xenu!

  41. L Ron Hoover

    Wow, her mouth gets really big. I bet she uses it on the Rod of Xenu!

  42. Corey

    Katie is starting to look like a man with a wig on.
    That’s usually what happens to tall girls once they pass 25.

  43. I used to own a beautiful, expensive, bird once. It got sick and the feather’s came off. (GROADY). I did not want to admit to myself that it was using meth.. I was in total denial… Then eventually, it had scabby bird-meth leisions all over it…and no teeth. Nobody wanted to touch the damn thing, and I ended throwing the entire cage out…. (once bird was dead). Maybe it would have lived if we could afford rehab for the bird….but we could not. :(

    Strip her of those 23 hr make-up sessions (everyday) that TRY (unsuccessfully) to make Amy Winehouse look normal, and I ‘m pretty sure that I would still rather have made out with the bird meth-addict, rather than Amy Winehouse. That bird still looked better then she does the day it tyed-up for it’s last fatal hit…


    I would REALLY like to know how my pet bird was affording all that meth every day!! Was Amy suppling it so I’d go for HER instead!!? Dear Amy: You have become a skinny sick, scab-encrusted, Bird-chicken-girl. Leave other people’s pets alone Amy!! Mary Kate, be CAREFUL!! Your starting to look a little chicken-like too..

  44. I like her smile very much, and seems saw someone who looks like her on **casualpal.com_, that’s really wonderful for casual encounters.

  45. just4kicks

    You just know that Katie is going to disappear for a while now. Tom will need to have her re-brainwashed. How dare she communicate unsupervised with anyone let alone that catholic bitch who would not be controlled!

    Tommy smurf will not be happy.

  46. Hippo

    Why does Katie look like a braying donkey? Creepy.

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