Katie Holmes running around in lingerie

November 17th, 2009 // 58 Comments

Here’s Katie Holmes running around in lingerie again on the set of The Romantics yesterday. Or she’s filming her scenes as the villain in Mission: Impossible 4. Could go either way.

TOM CRUISE: She’s in lingerie! Repeat. Lingerie. Get me that chopper.
VING RHAMES: Ethan, you’re going to have to time your jump just right so you pass directly through the blades then land inside. Are you sure you can’t just stare at her titties?
TOM: …. Let’s do the blade thing.

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  1. Jake


  2. Valerie

    her legs suck.

  3. Que

    Que ok, I suppose (but Jake esta twat).

  4. Virrgodoll

    wow she looks nice, I mean not the face only coz she looks so sad and all, but nice bod

  5. Jake

    #3- yes, twat is very delightful. I could eat one for hours!

  6. vanilla.
    not even vanilla bean, just vanilla.

  7. not a typo

    Jake failed Spanish I

  8. George

    she needs some lipo on her legs….sorry

  9. Perceptive

    Sandra Bullocks ass is almost as big as that O-Lineman’s.

  10. LordAtama

    What can I say? I like big legs.

  11. Fat Chicks Suck

    Man has she gone down hill. I realize she’s had a kid…but those legs are terrible. Remember The Gift? You’d never know that was the same girl.

  12. Trexx

    HAHAHAHAHA!!!! Anyone who comments on here and doesn’t remark the comedic genius of the Superficial writer is an asshole!

  13. Harold^Sick

    Nice legs!… is something I wouldn’t say to her.

  14. OJ's Mom

    Wow, that is the face of a very unsatisfied woman. Poor Katie, she could have been a decent actress and a sexy lady. Instead she chose Door #2, which was clearly marked “Beard for a Homo Midget.”


  15. just sayin'

    It’s simple, Katie needs to get proppa fucked

  16. Cordell walker

    those are some major tree trunks….

  17. donnerpartyoffive

    Xenu likes ‘em a little thicker

  18. Loved her since Dawsons Creek.

  19. GeneralEmergency

    Re photo #7.

    I wonder how much time she spends burning holes through Tom with –that– look?

    She must have set ants on fire with it as a child. Clearly, she has it perfected.

  20. p0nk

    last pic – “Tom is this big”


  21. doface

    Is it me or does she look high, wasted or just plain fucked up?????

  22. Louier

    Wow..gorgeous legs!!!

  23. Success is the greatest revenge

    To all you haters:
    Reading your pathetic attempts to make others look bad – you stupidly make yourselves look like fuck heads – so lonely and hating yourselves – YOU ARE THE JOKE! Knowing that you hide behind your computer you can put out negativity where no one knows who you are – only rebounds into your own lives causing you MUCH pain and sorrow. KARMA IS A BITCH!!! hahahahahhahahahhahahhaha! The joke is on YOU!

  24. p0nk

    @24 = Irony

  25. manlegs

    those legs are huge, man legs, my god, they could kill tom, which one is the man here

  26. gotmilk?

    overall i think her legs look fine. her cankles on the other hand are a sad story.

  27. Crabby Old Guy

    Well, most of the problem with her pins is that she’s long-waisted (short legs), so unless she’s rail-thin, those legs are gonna look a bit on the “thick” side.

    I went back and checked out pix from “The Gift” – not many of her legs, so I had to just look at Katie topless for an hour of so while I cranked one out.

    Conclusion on the legs: Need more time consulting pix of her titties.

    Oh, and TCLTC (but we all knew that, didn’t we?)

  28. OJ's Mom

    @24 – Grammer. Check it out. It’s free in most states.

  29. See Alice

    Katie looks very run down , sickly .

  30. Success is the greatest revenge

    < >
    Sorry lady, but ‘grammer’ isn’t even in the dictionary – it’s actually spelled ‘grammar’ but then again, you are SO smart – you know everything now don’t you now Ms Beeotch??

  31. JN

    Lipo my ass! Her legs are fine.

  32. JN

    ^ no pun intended.

  33. JPRichardson

    Nothing wrong with her perfect, muscular, shapely legs. Her face I dunno….

  34. Parker

    Every time I start to get interested in her I’m forced to recall who she’s married to and I lose interest again.The idea of buttfucking quickly her loses its appeal when you realize he’s probably spent the last ten years calling her Bruce and making her drill his ass with a strap on. She had to have suffered some emotional damage from being forced to wear a rubber penis and bind her chest all this time. What woman wouldn’t go nuts if her husbands pet name for her was Buddy. Heck, I bet he even makes her wear a condom when she f**ks his ass. She’s damaged goods, people. You don’t just “get over” an experience like that. Look at Nicole Kidman.

  35. XENU

    TCLTC, might be true, but he can also fly and eat planets. How about you?

  36. Confused

    well I am not sure what happened to her legs b/c I remember seeing her on David Letterman not too long ago and her legs looked really nice, long, lean and slightly muscular…Even Letterman said they were perfect…I don’t understand how this can happen in such a short period of time…sad

  37. Rasputins Liver


    Oh Christ on a shitpile!

    Look what hangin’ around with Tom Closeted and that crazy-assed Xenu cult’s done for someone who once seemed attractive.

    Well, the bitch asked for it, man.


  38. mah eyez

    hideous elephant legs. ewwww

  39. I hope this all blows up in her face, like Nicole Kidman. People who sell their soul without putting in the work in the field they don’t belong in, fucking DESERVE IT!

  40. I hope this all blows up in her face, like Nicole Kidman. People who sell their soul without putting in the work in the field they don’t belong in, fucking DESERVE IT!

  41. Cankles. Not everyone can be blessed with great genes such as Yours Truly.

  42. tromba

    I love her legs! She could hurt you with those gorgeous things. She can hurt me anytime, anywhere.

  43. hard boiled

    Still can’t believe Tom got her pregnant. You know Tom would be trying to stick it in her ass whenever he can. This way he can close his eyes and think about all those twinks he fucked(or got fucked by) over the years.

  44. Thanks for the very nice post . Katie is looking awesome in that lingerie. Really pretty cool . I am just fan of her .

  45. Rex

    Nice legs I am impressed, and apparently one of the few straight guy here.

  46. pdxfacehole

    I bet she gives a mean leg scissor.

  47. Sam

    I’m such a thick legs aficionado. And that’s a prime pair right there!

  48. Fatty

    Gigantisaursrex legs there.

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