Katie Holmes now Kate Holmes

April 28th, 2006 // 296 Comments

kate-holmes-name-change.jpgWith the help of Tom Cruise’s brilliant guidance, Katie Holmes has changed her name to Kate. After discussing the subject of names, the two decided her Christian name “Katie” sounded too young for a 27-year-old and she would now be known to friends and family as “Kate.” Tom says:

“Katie is a young girl’s name. Her name is Kate now


  1. Juliana's love

    Sherry-co, is it really that fucking hard to type out the whole word “people”? Or are you shortening it because your fat fucking sausage fingers can’t reach all the keys on the keyboard. You need to get off this site and let us get back to bashing super homo Tom Cruise and waiting for the next stupid thing Brit and K-fed do…You and Edna are reported. To my fucking ass hairs. Bitches

  2. CruisingForCock




  3. karatekachick

    I am a Catholic, a Practicing, in Church as much as possible Catholic. I love the Lord with every ounce of my being.
    That being said, some of the people here who are claiming to be Christians are NOT, I repeat NOT IN ANY WAY acting in accordance with the teaching of Jesus. Please do not let this woman (who is clearly insane) influence your ideas about Christians. REAL Christians do not Judge and “report”(I can’t even type it without laughing) a REAL Christian loves and shows the teaching of Jesus through their actions and their words, not this hate mongering crud that is spewing forth. Even those of you who are not believers in Jesus are still HUMAN BEINGS (hear that Edna??) and deserve respect. Jesus died for these people too, even the ones who hate him and you (Edna) have NO RIGHT to Judge them.
    While I choose not to cuss, it is MY call and MY choice, I am not forced to be here, nor am I forced to read these posts.(BTW I have laughed more at some of you than I have in a LONG time, he he he) You are not either and maybe you should remember that just because a cuss word or a rude comment may come out of someones mouth does not, I REPEAT DOES NOT make them any less a person than you! It dosen’t work that way sweetie, I am sorry. You do nothing here but tarnish and degrade the name of Jesus, even more so than those who choose to mock him, because you make Him a weapon to threaten people and make yourself seem better than others. I wonder how many people now have a horrible idea of Christians because of your ranting??

    (OK I ranted, I am sorry guys, I could not help it, I got on a soap box and could not get my rear off of it, I am just so mad at the ignornace spewing forth!)
    PS. I can’t spell worth a flip, never been able too, don’t claim too, please forgive any errors!

  4. BigJim


    Jeezuz loves me just the way I am — ramming my cock into his 2,000 year old corpse.

  5. BigJim

    Ohhhh… I think I may have crossed a line there. Even for me that was bad.

    Oh, well, another 20 or so years added to my sentence in purgatory.

  6. karatekachick

    LOL @ BigJim #255
    Hopefully I can send ya down some Ice Water!

  7. Edna Bambrick

    #247- Gerald,

    You do not hear about my reports because they go directly to Al Gore, inventor of the internet. They do not go to some $9.50/hour sinner like yourself.

  8. Yoda a Green Schlong Has


    “It is BECAUSE I have a mind of my own that …”

    I am tolerant of others’ religious beliefs, unless they evangelize, … or claim the writings of a bad science fiction writer as fact.

    It is because you are a cult apologist, that your scrotum-liking, schlong-sucking, ass-munching, frontal-lobotomizing, alien-fearing, TCLTC-worshopping Scientologist beliefs are fair targets.

  9. @ fake Edna, GS-13. $9.50 an hour, lol.

  10. sherry-co

    You are one sad, sick human being Yoda. One of the most disgusting beings this unfortunate world has to put up with. There should be an island where we can put all you amoral, vulgar human beings, when it gets full and your all tearing each other apart shred by shred, hit the detonator and blow your asses up, so the sharks can feed on your remains…The world would be a better place, thats for sure..

  11. turd ferguson

    i’m just curious, do edna’s reports go on our permanent records?

  12. Yoda a Green Schlong Has


    I get it, another fucking Scientology analogy, … put everyone on an island and blow it up ( you ), or, gather all the aliens around the volcanos and blow them up ( L Ron ), …

    What is it with you “ppl” and blowing shit up?


  13. enkoded

    i enjoyed this site much more before people could comment on photos cause theres too much bs back and forth harrassment/arguement instead of focusing on the real issue here.
    how queer and crazy tom cruise is.

  14. CruisingForCock

    If I had a cock, I would slap Sherry-co in the face with it.

  15. sundaybl00dysunday

    Well now there’s someone even more annoying than Edna, Sherry-co tha fact other people don’t like you or your religion doesn’t make them stupid, that makes you intolerant, why don’t you go and ask your “religion” a little more of a brain to understand the world is about diversity and freedom of choice, either that or go and lock yourself into Tom Cruise’s house there you’ll be with people of the same mental age.


  16. Edna Bambrick

    I am REPORTING all sinful posts and asking the webmaster to remove those who have somehow taken my name.

  17. Edna Bambrick

    “O God of Earth and Altar,
    Bow down and hear our cry,
    Our earthly rulers falter,
    Our people drift and die,
    The walls of gold entomb us,
    The swords of scorn divide,
    Take not thy thunder from us,
    But take away our pride.”

  18. Binky

    I think I may have posted here back in 2004 or so – not sure.
    - Good to see sherry-co str8in’ out some of these perverts.(Can I get some MI tickets?)
    - Big Jim – your CND citizenship is revoked. Head South. Joining this senseless chatter makes u as boring as Alberta.
    - #260 plus – Sorry I can be bothered to read all this crap so will bail and drivel one of my old old standbys – ‘BTWUII’
    (by the way – u invaded Iraq)

  19. EntertainmentWhore

    #269: What planet? Hollywood, baby. Ving is either standing in a ditch or Cruise on a soap box. Given his recent religious antics, I’d say the soap box sounds about right…

  20. maiira


    I’m totally NOT reading 270 comments this late at night.

    So I’m just going to say this: changing her name isn’t going to do jack-shit. I’m still calling her Katie. As will everyone else on this planet, I suspect.

  21. Binky

    (After about post 250 or so, some people seem to get a bit crabby)

  22. Edna Bambrick

    #253, I feel sorry for you. You should spend a few days nailed to a cross, as I have done numerous times, and then try to speak of understanding Jesus.

  23. CDT

    OK, seriously, what is this “reporting” nonsense supposed to be about? Reported to whom? For what purpose?

  24. BigEyedFish

    Read 253. That woman spoke more sense than you have in 2 weeks. I am calling your bluff. I don’t think a true Christian would be as cynical and mean-spirited as you. If you were a true Christian you would always remember:

  25. St.Minutia

    Canadian is the new gay.

  26. BigJim

    Awww, Binky. Does this mean I can’t come over to your igloo and drink Blue and BBQ moose cock with you?

    Please? I’ll bring the maple syrup.

    Alberta may be boring, but we’re sure as hell rich. Go Flames!

  27. BigJim


    And don’t you forget it! One day we’ll have our own sitcom too.

  28. katie

    edna has spent time nailed to a cross? can we put her back there?

  29. LickyLicky

    Sherry-Stupid-Co (is that a corporation of stupids?):

    By Stupid, #242: ‘…If I were to conform to your way of thinking, then I would have to digress back to the 60′s…’

    Dummy, don’t you mean REGRESS back to the 60s? You do enough digressing already. You’re ignorant and stupid, and the saddest part is that you are too ignorant and stupid to even know it. If you’re going to try to use big words, at least look them up so that you don’t look any worse than you already do. As for your attempts to make us believe that ScienTomology is a really, really cool, super-ultra fun, crackin’ good time, you’re wasting your time. If the COS is making you work for them so that you can move up a level, you might want to find someplace where minds are a bit more pliable and people don’t have their own opinions about it already. Right now, you’re bailing out the Titanic with a thimble.

    Waste of time, space, and energy. Really, what is the deal with you people relegating others and then blowing them up? Freudian slip or something?

  30. I thought gay was the new Canadian. With all the Canuckian actors and whatnot. It was cool to be Canadian long before it was cool to be gay.

    Damn, looking at it, I must be the most uncool person. I am neither Canadian, nor British, erm, gay.

  31. Binky

    #277 I can’t afford to heat my igloo – you oily Albertans keep jacking up the price of gas.
    (even their dirt is oily)
    276 Canadian is the new black, but enuff sex talk.

  32. karatekachick

    #273 Edna,

    You know NOTHING of my cross hon, ABSOLUTELY POSITIVELY NOTHING. You don’t like what I said because it is truth and you can’t stand to see it. It burns you that Jesus died for these people too, he didn’t do it for all the “perfect people” (don’t worry your not one either)he did it for the real humans here, there, and everywhere in between. You in all your “high and mightiness” think you , YOU have the right to “report” (again laughing at the very idea)anyone here? It is so sad. You have NO RIGHT, you are NOT, I repeat NOT any “better” or “holier” than anyone making these posts. IN FACT………your hate, bigotry and intolerance are things Jesus abhors and he is likely saddened at your sinful debacle of His Name! STOP using precious Jesus as your personal weapon, because He belongs to everyone, not you and your ignorance.

    BTW: The reason I have chosen to post “Edna” is because your hate and horrid personality is giving true Christians (ones who actually have knowledge and education) a bad rap. You and your type of one of the reasons children and teenagers turn away from God, who in their right mind would want to be like or have anything to do with you? I don’t mean to sound so mean but come on, apparently no-one has had the guts or the ability to tell you the truth.

  33. spatz

    can someone tell me when the fuck the superficial became places for people to write 5 page long papers defending their stupid religion? guess what assholes, nobody cares. if you want to be a martyr, go martyr yourself where somebody cares. go do something worthy with your life if youre going to take a place like the superficial seriously. so fucking pathetic.

    oh and PS #273. you DO know that the person “edna bambrick” is just some moron pretending to be this person who used to come on here and threaten to report everyone. he/she is just having fun. its not serious

  34. BigJim

    Edna is the new gay.

  35. Nah, Edna is more like the timeless, closeted Tom Cruise gay.

  36. spatz

    i mean #283 and everyone else who officially killed the superficial.

  37. Edna Bambrick

    I am REPORTING all disgusting posts!

  38. karatekachick


    Had no clue, she posted she was back, I guess she isn’t?????? **Doing the dance of joy**. Well then does that mean we can get back to normal now? Cause frankly it was such a drag having to think while being here, I mainly come for the mind numbing entertainment. (brain is numb, it works!) LOL

  39. Xopher.tm

    Wait…. Tom Cruise is gay?

  40. Xopher.tm

    Xenu loves the cock.

  41. Libraesque

    Great 291 comments and I have to weed through 280 of them to read some trash about TC. Will all you immature cocksuckers GET OFF THIS SITE, go yell at eachother and call eachother names somewhere else. You are single handedly ruining a great gossip site. And Edna, WHY are you here, go preach the bible somewhere else, if I see you here again I will hunt you down and kill you, you are seriously bumming my gossip high NOW GET OFF THIS SITE I MEAN IT

  42. CruisingForCock

    292 You don’t HAVE to weed through the posts. You don’t even HAVE to come to the site. Funny how you called us cocksuckers while telling us not to call names.

  43. Libraesque

    yes, you pussy, I guess I could have still made my point by not name calling. SHUT UP. Now how about you make a comment about what this is about which is Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes, otherwise SHUT UP

  44. Tom Cruise = Cult Puppet


  45. WhackoJacko

    #295 Cruise=Puppet is RIPODB on OCMB. Happy Fuckin’ Birthday, Mike! (May First)

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