Katie Holmes not looking like a librarian

October 22nd, 2007 // 70 Comments

Lately Katie Holmes has been looking like a sad 40-year-old woman, so it’s nice to see her looking not only decent but kind of hot. Sure, crazy old Tom probably has her all drugged up so she obeys his every command. And maybe, because of that and a loveless sham marriage, Katie Holmes is dead inside. But at least she’s looking good which is all that really matters, right? I know, ladies, you’re overcome by my sensitivity. What can I say? I’ve got a heart that’s almost as big as these biceps. Go ahead, touch them. They won’t bite. Much.

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  1. jess brazen


  2. TxTammy

    Still a fug!

  3. TomKat Zombies

    Zombies Rule!

  4. G Man

    She is so F.U.B.A.R. !!!! But she can still smoke the sausage and I’ll give the gravy…

  5. squab

    Her blacks don’t match. Fashion faux pas!

  6. Looks like the inflatable belly is down for the day.

  7. ^Jodi

    I still can’t believe she’s married to Private Dick.


  8. Gordy

    Tom Cruise has a 1 inch pecker.

  9. TS

    Congrats, Jess #1. You’re better than everyone else. Good job.

  10. MindRiot

    She seems alright, kinda cute even. Although she is missing out on life with that tumor on her arm.

  11. Doc

    Hot is a word that should never be used with Katie again. Who cares what they look like with expensive clothes, naked she is a nightmare.

  12. danny

    I’m still lookin’ for the hot parts……she just looks like a dark haired version of that Spice bitch to me.

  13. Me

    She’s pretty hot for a mom…

  14. Taylor

    She looks adorable, albeit unhappy.. as for the “blacks not matching” you probably wear white heels with matching purse after Labor Day. Pleeeasseee!!!

  15. hot milfff 2 thumbs up

  16. Christina JL

    I love this site I tell everyone to read it.

  17. Quinn

    Yeah she looks good….although. she always looks like she’s in a state of hypnotic trance?? She has “crazy” eyes.

  18. Aren’t these people wealthy enough to afford clothes that are not threadbare?

  19. tromba

    As far as I am concerned, there are two actresses at the top of the elegant, modest, classy, and drop dead gorgeous list. Those two are Katie Holmes and Catherine Zeta-Jones. All the rest are in a pathetic tie for third.

    All of the ad hominem attacks are just baseless and mean spirited.

    Sorry, no Spears, Lohan, Hilton, Zellweiger train wrecks here.

  20. So glad I got off the Fish when I did this afternoon. I would have been quite disappointed to see what boring posts he wrapped this day up with. I could have wasted some serious time when I could have been picking people off in the parking lot

  21. gotmilk?

    wow, those shoes are extra special. jesus christ wtf happened to this chick?

  22. Oh…thanks gotmilk, you made me look at her hideous shoes

  23. Sheva

    She’s sad because Tom said she can have no pasta and therefore an ass. Ever.

  24. tromba=short for rusty trombone

    KH and CZJ certainly dress better than Spears/Lohan/others. Modest? CZJ? No way. Drop dead gorgeous? CZJ about 20 years ago. She looked 35 when she was 25, and she’s been slowly thickening ever since. But, it’s true, no “Juicy” clothing or genitalia flashes, so both are non-skanks. That’s about it.

  25. Auntie Kryst

    Where’s BunnyButt? Her opinion on this is required. I think she is still under house arrest by the Scientologists. She’s a dollface for certain, but not looking happy. It’s like the crew is rushing to the limos before the paps and Xenu can get to them.

  26. mr right

    She looks like all my girlfriends do when I drill ‘em in the ass for the first time. Still looking hot, but a little distressed and unhappy. LMAO! Good times…

  27. cookie monsta

    atta girl Katie – let out the inner GOTH …………………

  28. D. Richards

    Man, you’re right. She is “dead” on the inside. What amount of joy could her life possibly entail? Her marriage. Agh, her marriage. Could you imagine being fucked by little tommy-cruise? I bet it’s so unrewarding. Having to lay there while Cruise masturbates his flaccid cock, trying to get it hard for you. Even when TomBoy’s erect, he’s looking over your shoulder at all that Nordic underage boy porno. After sex, Cruise runs to the shower to have one of his muscular male-servants wash your “filth” off of his little penis. Sad.

  29. bruce

    A nice woman! Maybe she can check this site richmingle.com to find some good friends.

  30. jeremiah

    I feel sorry for all of you. This girl is pretty, seems so sweet and yet due to your own feelings of inadaquecy you have to attack her.


  31. jordana

    someone has a link to britney’s blackout already at hiphopupdate.blogspot.com….downloaded it and its not bad! I’ll be buying it regardless!

  32. gerard Vandenberg

    And you wanna know why she looks like a librarian? Simple because she is at the age, people are developing themselves. That scientology-loser and FAGGOT-asshole tommy cruise has the whole story of developing behind him. Now this sucker expect Katie to whipe of his ass after SHITTING. NICOLE KIDMAN was saved by the bell, so she left in time!!

  33. D. RIchards

    Let’s all give #30 a silent ’round of applause. He is so tender. He’s going to make some guy, very, very lucky one day.

  34. cariouboo

    Librarians are hot and kinky – leave us and her alone.

  35. TheExpatriot

    There he has it. Now he is married to a (finally) taller version of himself.

  36. Ript1&0

    I’m…. confused about this one. I want to feel sorry for her for being high on sex and agreeing to marry his crazy ass, but on the other hand I know they didn’t actually fuck…. wow my head is spinning. Katie and Tom are a mystery of epic proportions that I don’t even want to attempt to decipher.

  37. Sally

    Librarians are very cool and stylish…

  38. sayll

    Those pants are so stretched the seams look like they are about to burst open.

    Also, we classify this as ‘hot’ now? Do you see what Britney Spears is doing to this country!?

  39. tomcruisehater

    clean-cut, always classical looks with great hair-style. the only thing sad or boring there is that she’s still with that new-age fundamentalist tom cruise. i see that faggot as totally responsible for the misery of an other-wise all too loveable and attractive young woman. I haven’t seen the girl smiling after the baby.

  40. Eva

    here she is on a great video:


    enjoy (:

  41. Mike

    She never smiles… sad.

  42. Axeldee



  43. Sam Hain

    Nuns are hott!

  44. Menace

    Did you guys ever think that the reason she always looks so unhappy is because she gets followed by the paps much more then when she wasn’t married to TC? I do however think that TC has a small pecker.

  45. hegadeth


  46. Ice

    ever since I saw photos of her gnarly feet I don’t like her no more, they were horrible looking

  47. jrzmommy

    Nnnnnnnn…….nope…..still wallowing in mediocrity.


  48. Taada

    I still think its weird she was a virgin until she married Tom Cruise. How fucked up is that?

  49. russ

    just wait until her lip herpes acts up again and disfigures her face for another month.

  50. Sam Hain

    hmm… Lip herpes, virgin till marriage… no wonder TC was all worked up. All men like a good blowjob – gay or not.

    I need a minute alone.

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