Katie Holmes no longer looks brainwashed

November 2nd, 2007 // 114 Comments

Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes attended the Arclight premiere of “Lions for Lambs” as part of AFI FEST 2007 in Hollywood last night. And, dude, she’s doing it again! Katie Holmes is looking hot and smiling – in public! Although notice the lack of heels. Do you think, I dunno, there’s a chance they read this site? If so, Tom! Hey, Tom! I’m going to punch you in the stupid haircut until you hand over Katie Holmes. You’re not even using her, man. As soon as you want another kid, I’ll give her back. In fact, I’ll even put one in there for you. Save you a lot of work and tears. No need to thank me. Helping my fellow man is all the thanks I need. Oh yeah, and the sex with Katie Holmes. That’s nice too, I guess.

Photos: Getty Images

  1. gotmilk?

    44, thank you for drawing my attention to picture 6. proves my point that tom cruise has always been ugly. how was he considered sexy, ever? he looks like a damn puffin with that nose.

  2. Texas Tranny

    @50 Vince,
    At least she wears a nice strap-on for TC.

  3. Watcher

    She has corns and bunions on those nasty feet. They just creep me out…and so do Tom and Katie.

  4. Waren Piece

    Where the HELL did her boobs go?

  5. whoneedsenemies

    Her tits went from her chest to her feet…

  6. TS

    FRIST!! doesn’t get high anymore. She does love her alcohol though. I smoke enough chronic for the both of us. Frist, I had a couple for you last night (and again this morning before coming to the office).

    Does anyone else think Holmes looks like Charlize Theoren in some of these pics? Or am I just high as fuck?

  7. RENEE Z....

    Must be a new writer today; someone who has the hots for Katie.

  8. boo


  9. Mmmm yummy alcohol………

    TS, you’re just high as fuck.

  10. steve

    those FEET! My penis is hiding.

    I have rubbed out my last one to Katie Holmes.

    RIP—-Rubbing Indefinitely Postponed.

  11. He simply is scared people see him as a sort of freaking FAGGOT……..AND HE IS, DEFINITELY!! Maybe he didn’t have sex with a guy for a long time because he married lovely katie.But at the start of his career I’m absolute positive he did. This sucker is gay-man!! But he simply couldn’t and daren’t to come out of the closet because he thought America dumps him. There is the asshole so afraid for and because of his gay-fielings he moved over to the scientology church.
    An Actor can make people believing some things he wants them to believe:

  12. ARGG!!

    I have a damn zit on my balls!!

    I know it’s totally unrelated to the post, but this has never happened and I’m bummed.


  13. TS I was just kidding!!! Come back!!!

  14. laura

    I think Katie looks great and happy. yeh her feet are scary… my feet are way nicer than hers and there is no way in hell I would ever wear those shoes…. I highly doubt Tom says ooh Kate those toes are suckable. He can pay someone to do that.

  15. Yes I must admit I am a Jimbo troll. Whats most troubling is I am not alone. That is not funny. I call on all of the other Jimbo trolls to cease and desist trolling Jimbo immediately. I do realize the appeal he offers for trollability but he is mine to troll exclusively. So back off losers.
    OR ELSE!!!

  16. JP

    I’m a guy. I’m not gay. But I have to admit, gay guys have a big advantage over us heteros. They can all form up in a big choo-choo train and bang away while at the same time getting it up the sphincter. If you had a group of 100 guys and chicks, you just couldn’t pull that off. But with gay guys, all 100 could really enjoy themselves except for the guy at the front.

    I wonder how many guys have tried this at one time? Is there some sort of official world record?

  17. JP

    #62, if you shave, it’s likely an in-grown hair.

  18. Big

    you are gay and thats ok really

  19. veggi

    65- are you my troll too?

  20. Big Red's Ghost

    katie wore flats….and tom wore the highheels…..that is so hot!!! Just like I remember him….go put on that nice little wrestling out fit Tom…..lemme look at how you’re growing……I don’t know about growing….but it that pimple in your pants ready to pop??

  21. Texas Tranny

    You idiot, if they make a nice circle, nobody is left behind. All 100 would be “pitching” and “catching” at the same time.

  22. Who the crap is trolling ME?

  23. Fag

    I’d love to suck Tom’s little cock while Kate pounds my ass with her dildo.

  24. Frick

    Nah, Katie doesn’t look that great. She used to be really pretty, but lets face it, those days are gone and nothings going to bring them back. Granted she’s not ugly, but she ain’t what she used to be. At least she no longer looks spellbound and suicidal anymore. Wondering how much longer before she’s on Oprah talking about postpartum depression and “writing” her own book.

  25. gotmilk?

    you know what’s more annoying than these trolls? the people who say that their parts look better than so & so’s parts.

    “my feet are way nicer than hers” that’s great 64. so do 97239340923049823 other people’s feet. no one cares!

  26. Narcissist

    That purse looks like it might be a push out foil of happy pills. He’s been looking like a fat little boy lately.

  27. edidas

    Her feet are uglier than Paris Hilton’s.

  28. Narcissist

    I don’t think sandals are ever really the answer. There must be other ways to make her midget happy.

  29. amma

    …So, he is wearing lifts in his shoes and she is wearing flats. It’s his film premier so I guess he needs to look taller/same height {which he never does in any other pictures of them}.
    Anyway, I’ve always thought she was pretty in an average, wholesome kind of way.
    Oh, and btw…#66, uhm…you ARE gay. Aren’t you glad someone told you?

  30. Ferocious_Imbecile

    Katie Holmes = herpes zoser of the mouth.


  31. kat

    am i the only one who thinks shes pregnant??????

    flat shoes….slight baby bump???

  32. Ript1&0

    Kate wasn’t brainwashed, she just caught a whiff of the Avril Lavigne stench when she walked by a couple years ago.. All this time it’s been wrecking her mind and she just couldn’t let it go.

    She had to switch religions and marry a gay man to get rid of it. See what this does to people?!?!?!

  33. toolboy

    Tom and Katie are happy after her “little” procedure. She had an addadicktomy.

  34. Jennay

    Pretty girl….but her feet need to be covered up…blah….:(

  35. Grace

    That’s one of the later steps in the Scientology brainwashing. They teach you how to fake being happy while they slowly suck out your soul and your bank account.

  36. FFF

    I love women’s feet. But even as a committed foot fetishist, those puppies would require a lot of beer and lube before diving in.

  37. D. Richards

    I personally believe that Katie has been infected by the Holy Ghost (L. Ron Hubbard).

  38. Feckless

    @30 are you always poetic when you’re high?

  39. Matthew

    she is brainedwashed and FREEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE Katie!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! TCLTC

  40. RENEE Z...

    @30, damn you, now I want to light up a big giant smoke. But those days are over…damn…

  41. cookie monsta

    “lions for lambs” she’s fuckin livin that one.

  42. fifi

    At least she’s got some makeup on and has used some hair straighteners for once! Don’t like the sandals. Heels would have complimented the dress a lot more, made it elegant and suited to evening. She doesn’t look that much taller than Tom in the pics. Thought she was 5ft 9 or something?!

  43. metahari

    Is it just me or is he turning into Jason Schwartzman?

  44. KRIS

    Katie Holmes has one of those faces where it gets uglier the more you look at it. She is NOT pretty.

  45. L.Linus

    You guys are talking about hair in the ass, maybe Katie got hair in her ass. I hope at least she doesn’t shave her pussy like all the others, damn some hair on the pussy is nice to me!!!

  46. jacknasty

    soooooooooo pretty

  47. bigfoot

    that’s some nasty bunion feet. look at the twisted pinky toe. the feet doesn’t match the face. And what’s up with the Indian-inspired dress???

  48. carrie

    Is it just me or did Tom get some work done to his face? Didn’t he have big wrinkly frowns right above his nose that was pretty bad? I mean, look at his past recent movies and interview/photos and you will see what I mean. it’s all smooth now, like he’s had a facelift. maybe that’s why he is wearing that hair do – to cover up!!!

  49. getdownonit

    look at photos of Tom’s face when he first dated Katie – definitely looks his age:

    I guess he felt too old being photographed next to her youngness, that he had to go smooth out his wrinkles. it’s not a bad job, since he didn’t go overboard. just looks like he is in his 30′s instead of 40′s now.

  50. Makemepuke

    Oh she is way beyond brainwashed..now she really believes the shit they have fed her and beleives she is superior to every human on earth, on the road to becoming clear and immune from negative thetan energy, thats why she looks so confidant and self assured, no more doubt ….she knows that Scientology is right and that its everyone else who is wrong..she is now fullly converted and assimilated into the Cult of Scientology…Katie as we knew her is gone people, she is beyond hope!

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