Katie Holmes no longer looks brainwashed

November 2nd, 2007 // 114 Comments

Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes attended the Arclight premiere of “Lions for Lambs” as part of AFI FEST 2007 in Hollywood last night. And, dude, she’s doing it again! Katie Holmes is looking hot and smiling – in public! Although notice the lack of heels. Do you think, I dunno, there’s a chance they read this site? If so, Tom! Hey, Tom! I’m going to punch you in the stupid haircut until you hand over Katie Holmes. You’re not even using her, man. As soon as you want another kid, I’ll give her back. In fact, I’ll even put one in there for you. Save you a lot of work and tears. No need to thank me. Helping my fellow man is all the thanks I need. Oh yeah, and the sex with Katie Holmes. That’s nice too, I guess.

Photos: Getty Images

  1. tight lipped smiler

    It’s the Patty Hearst syndrome.

  2. Awesomeface

    Why is he taller than her in this picture?

  3. tight lipped smiler

    Or that blonde kidnapped girl kept as aJesus wife type for the kiddies.

  4. Minnie

    she has some ugly feet!

  5. Ed McMahon

    @1 and 3 You are correct Sir! Hiyooooooooo!

  6. Vandal

    dude…her feet are HUGE

  7. Akare

    She has a mustache.

  8. Jumpin J

    Sure she doesn’t look brainwashed. Is she still married to this wierdo? She is? Then she’s clearly brainwashed. That and and Scientologists are threatening to clean up her image or they’ll take the kids to Planet X. You know, Tom’s ancesteral home.

    Weirder than a bucket of hair.

  9. justlikehoney1

    #4 – agreed.

    If you’re going to wear open-toed sandals to a movie premiere at least get a pedicure first!

  10. BaconMessiah

    Why are her arms so fucking long. She should be protecting the key, blocking shots and shit, not acting.

  11. veggi

    I’d let Tom do me in the butt if I got to lick Katie. He might go for it, my ass is kinda hairy.

  12. big

    Tom looks like the father from the Omen

  13. She looks like the type that just lays there.

  14. She looks like the type that just lays there.

  15. VEGGI

    why does my troll always talk about asses? weirdo. SHAADAP!

  16. veggi

    ewwww FRIST!!! You made me think about them doing it. What if he talks dirty to her. Y to the uck!!!

  17. Achin4dabacon

    She does have long arms. It’s like when I get erections watching Tayshaun Prince in slow motion replays.

  18. Dammit! I told the Sea Org to up her dosage last week. Fucking idiots…

  19. U.N. Observer

    notice there’s no denial of the hairy ass

  20. Why is the fish so slow lately? No wonder all the double posts. Here I’m going to try to make this a triple. Wish me luck!

  21. Why is the fish so slow lately? No wonder all the double posts. Here I’m going to try to make this a triple. Wish me luck!

  22. Why is the fish so slow lately? No wonder all the double posts. Here I’m going to try to make this a triple. Wish me luck!

  23. not news

    haha – FRIST is h-i-g-h again

  24. No, I’m not high, just bored! You’re high

  25. veggi

    Oh shut the hell up number 20. Do I also need to clarify for your stupid head that I don’t want Tom to fuck me in the ass or lick Katie? Can you read this? Is your head hurting? Are you that much of a fucking tard?

  26. U.N. Observer

    again, everything “butt” a denial

  27. I like to fuck in the hairy ass.

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  29. I love hairy ass too.

  30. hegadeth


  31. MrsWentz

    She looks preggers

  32. whoneedsenemies

    She looks cross eyed in #12

  33. Texas Tranny

    Nothing beats sniffin’ a finger that just came out of a hairy butt! Like, say, veggi’s.

  34. Blondie

    Katie Holmes is never allowed to wear sandals in public again!! *shudder*
    God Dammit Woman – its almost winter – hide those ugly feet in a pair of boots or something!

  35. my comment

    She looks good.

  36. #29 and 30, I’m still bored

  37. TT, in that case, here, sniff my finger…

  38. Dee

    Wow, Tom is looking more and more like Alfalfa from Our Gang. I’m pretty sure he and his matronly wife do not see the same thing when they look in the mirror at themselves as we see when we look at them. Very weird people. Just imagine the headlines in a few years, we all know what’s going to happen and the prenup has it covered as usual. Use ‘em up and throw ‘em away eh Tom. He likely chose Katie to have kids with as he figures he can keep dominating her and obviously she has lost all semblance of self. But that won’d last…this is gonna turn into a train wreck, stay tuned. It’s just too bad that this sort bring innocent children into the world…but then again, it’s not about children, it is about themselves (or rather Tiny Tom).

  39. Hey FRIST both our trolls like the same thing, hairy ass, maybe they should get together.

  40. Sheila

    Katie is cute, but LOOK AT THOSE HORRIBLE FEET!! what the hell is growing on them? No wonder she wears heels regularly, her feet are GROSS… Please, do us all a favor and put the heels back on….

  41. It’s like how we met…mmmmm…Steamers….

  42. 23apples

    UHHH picture number 6. Tom looks like a cartoon character. A poorly drawn one.

    And Katie’s feet are revolting. It looks like she has extra bones or strangely placed bunions growing on her toes… Why not wear flats that are closed toed? Those are ugly ass feet and no one wants to see that.

  43. They are together, a schitzophrenic troll

  44. PunkA

    Xenu loves you, Kate!!! Now give him all of your money, bow down to him, and prepare yourself to jump into a volcano after you give TC some babies.

  45. jg

    Her shoes are a size too small. Toes should not hang over the ends of the shoes!!!

  46. Elliot

    blah blah hobbit feet blah blah eat a live cobra blah blah blah xenu blah blah its over, johnny

  47. gotmilk?

    do not look at her feet in the 3rd from last photo…i am warning you all.

    tom is probably pissed that katie didn’t part her hair on the same side that he did because he wants them to look alike. fucking freak.

  48. Vince Lombardi

    @7 – of course she has a mustache: she’s the man

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