Katie Holmes no longer looks brainwashed


Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes attended the Arclight premiere of “Lions for Lambs” as part of AFI FEST 2007 in Hollywood last night. And, dude, she’s doing it again! Katie Holmes is looking hot and smiling – in public! Although notice the lack of heels. Do you think, I dunno, there’s a chance they read this site? If so, Tom! Hey, Tom! I’m going to punch you in the stupid haircut until you hand over Katie Holmes. You’re not even using her, man. As soon as you want another kid, I’ll give her back. In fact, I’ll even put one in there for you. Save you a lot of work and tears. No need to thank me. Helping my fellow man is all the thanks I need. Oh yeah, and the sex with Katie Holmes. That’s nice too, I guess.

Photos: Getty Images