Katie Holmes mingles with the little people

December 16th, 2008 // 48 Comments

Katie Holmes spared some time for the low-key Christmas party in her apartment building’s lobby over the weekend, according to Page Six:

“She was very nice, even though she always has the bodyguard with her,” said our spy. “She only stayed for about two minutes to make small talk with some of her neighbors on the way to her waiting SUV.”

Of course, by bodyguard the spy meant Suri Cruise who spent her time ransacking the cookie tray and karate chopping the “yucky” men “not pwetty enough for daddy.” She was awarded that night with the land rights to a small tropical island which she promptly traded for a whoopie cushion to the kid in 4-E. (He got bored with the jet.)

Photos: Splash News

  1. Val

    too cute!

  2. Me

    Anyone posting after Me sucks on Tom Cruise’s impotent little genitalia

  3. Sid

    She wanted to stay longer but Tom pressed the “shock” button on his crusty dildo shaped remote control and Katie walked rapidly away from the party.

  4. Sgt. C. Foxtrot

    Dayum. Tha little one probably weighs more than her mom.

  5. havoc

    Aww….Tom looks cute in his little dress and coat.


  6. Sam

    Suri puts a new slant on their marriage.

  7. friendlystoner

    what has Tom “i`m a fucking douche lover” Cruise done to this woman?
    she used to be so hot, now look at her.
    the stress of being married to a closet gay boy must be very stressful i suppose.
    fuck you tom and your bum loving scientology ways!!!!

  8. Anyone else notice that Katie and Tom are starting to really look alike? It must be a creepy Scientology thing

  9. Rodolfo

    She done too much breastfeeding. Her tits are totally gone.

  10. Katie Holmes looks like the unhappiest beard on the planet.

  11. Pap Smear

    Suri looks surprisingly fuckable

  12. 12=hollywood hillbilly!

  13. Randal

    Katie offers a look of sophistication from head to toe and even cute little Suri has a splash of red to match her beautiful mother. There’s been speculation in the industry that Tom and Katie are moving forward on contract talks to appear together in Top Gun 2, which if is the case, will be one of the biggest summer movie hits in a very long time.


  14. AteIsEnough

    @14 – Randal, you have got to be a GIGANTIC LOSER, and / or a faggy nerd to post something like that. It was hilarious!!! Oh, and “fabulous” if you prefer.


  15. AteIsEnough

    @12 – and THAT’S NOT funny at ALL! You sick bastard.

  16. Kati and Suri look purfect!, just like always!

  17. overheard at the party

    “Mommy, why do I have so many ‘uncles’?”

  18. Matthew

    free katie and TCLTC

  19. lola

    i love you, Randal! as always:)

  20. p0nk

    @3, Your friends at Club Penguin miss you.

  21. Fleur

    @ #12 – you disgusting pervert, what a gross and unfunny thing to say, sicko! You must be a child toucher because not even the most rotten person on the planet would joke about something like that. Be grateful you can hide behind internet anonymity because you would get the ass-kicking you deserve if you disclosed your identity. Get some professional help you waste of skin or better yet do the world a favour and go kill yourself. The world won’t miss one more degenerate fuck like you.

  22. vanessa

    hollowed cheeks are so hot right now, katie. way to take a stand against food.

  23. Jail Lawsuit

    That top pic creeps me out. Suri either looks superimposed into the photo or like she’s floating.

  24. Big Poppa Stump

    #12 – You’re a sick disgusting fuck and I would take much pleasure in holding your head under water until you stopped kicking.

  25. iknowbetter

    Picture #7…I found Waldow!

  26. jenny

    Um I never liked Katie Holmes but what the fuck has Tom done to her??? See how she is sticj thin and Zombie-like, but we are not supposed to notice that because she is wearing $10,000 pants and $50,000 shoes.

  27. RJ

    Is it just me or is Katie loosing her good looks and charm.

  28. Lindsay

    Aww…Suri is so damn cute!

  29. She is my favorite. Just saw her on milllionaire personals site “”"” W e a l t h y D a t e r . c o m”"”"”" last week. I am wondering what kind of relationship she is looking for on that site.Is she single again now?

  30. Suri is a perfect baby girl. Seems she’ll has perfect life. So rich and popular.

  31. The Laughing G-D

    In the first few pictures you can make out a spot of herpes. Now is it type 1, or with people’s practices these days, type 2? Vote now!

  32. Katie Holmes does not deserve media attention. Another one of those people like Gwyneth Paltrow, Kate Hudson and Rumor Willis. Just Hollywood connections and stealing the thunder from real actresses out there. We have to pay by looking at them, more than the actress who got bilked due to Hollywood Nepotism. The End.

  33. My site doesn’t link to selling you anything. Just a blog on celebrities and I take on no advertisers. It’s free and fun.

    This aren’t the 1940S any more!!
    GIVE HER CLOTHES TO PLAY IN, you two absolute MORONS!!

  35. Me 2

    Suri Cruise is so cute. I’m sure she’ll turn out to be as big of a freak as her parents are but right now she is friggin’ adorable.

    oh and I’m going to give @12 the benefit of the doubt and say he was kidding but that was still a tasteless, not to mention illegal, thing to say.

  36. Fati

    cute baby-princess. feel bad for her fro many reasons. just imagine constantly being under a spotlight in the media since your birth!

    as for #12, yea.. you should die, dude. no other way.

  37. misskocopi

    Well now thats what i call CLASS
    thats how every GIRL AND WOMAN should dress now
    and she looks like shes going to be a freaking gorgeous baby!
    i looked a lot like her, but shes way more gorgeous than ill ever be.
    This is the only real Mom in Hollywood.
    every other mom will be druggin their kids and kicking them around, you just watch. but this mom is going to actually have some sense and class in herself.

    well, she didnt have sense when she married tom cruise, but still lol

  38. #12 is a perfect example of why more and more states forbid prisoners and parolees from having online access.

  39. Jenna Baby Raper Elfman

    What’s wrong with you people? Niacin induced jaundice is totally in right now. Katie looks great!

  40. Cutest baby ever! Stop growing up, Suri! :D

  41. stoplookingatme

    Suri looks more and more like her dad each day… you know, Chris Klein?

  42. fletcher

    # 12 I hope someone where you live finds out what kind of a freak you are and kicks the shit out of you.

  43. Concerned

    This site aint nothing but for women and fags

  44. sweets

    my god she just has no dress sense

  45. tahnee

    well.. i kinda wanted tom cruise to die today, but now i hope #12 does instead

  46. zsa

    He finally did it.

    She has no breasts. He can officiaally and successfully see her as a man now.

    Anybody remember when she was gorgeous? When she exuded girl next door charm and still had sex appeal?

    Forget her looks, when she was considered the next big thing in hollywood and actually had a career?

    It’s pretty sad actually. Rock on Katie, I just hope you snap out of it soon.


  47. He prolonged his stay crusty dildo tom on the “shock” button pressed and Katie size remote control away from the party was sharply.

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