Katie Holmes is the happiest looking woman alive

March 28th, 2009 // 100 Comments

Katie Holmes was spotted going to a dance studio yesterday and, man, have you ever seen a human being look more beaten down than her here? She looks like a kidnap victim that was just freed after being locked in a basement for twelve years. I don’t know what’s going on with her and Tom Cruise at home, but I’m pretty sure it has to be violating at least one or two federal laws. Or maybe this is just how she looks when she’s madly in love. Kind of like the girls I used to “date”, but that now I’m no longer allowed within a hundred yards of.

Photos: Flynet

  1. lilypie

    Ever heard that this one appeared on the hot hook-up club ” A f f l u en tM e e t c o m ” for wealthy singles to hook up for Love and Sexy dating?

  2. b78q34t

    All I wanna know is who’s the sexy black guy…

  3. Super King

    Well , what do u think? Being married to Tom Cruise… Omg

  4. Ali Knievel

    She’s still thinking about how she turned down Dark Knight to go with Tom to Germany so he could play gay midget Nazi dress up with Bryan Singer for 3 months.

  5. jim

    uhh…..she looks alright

  6. I would be sad too if my husband was an angry midget.

  7. haha lol

    What the hell is up with the prism at his feet?

  8. Rhialto

    Maybe my babe is here??

  9. Gando

    Holy crap! She looks like she didn’t wash herself for several days!

  10. Galtacticus

    Maybe she’s checking the rainbow in front of the guy’s feet!?

  11. Darth

    Did she just come back from a funeral!?

  12. surgerylass

    There is nothing wrong with running errands in sweats and no makeup ~

    BUT !! Check out her body language ! Tired sagging shoulders, head hanging low, eyes remaining on the floor not looking up, dark circles from lack of rest … she exhibits clear signs of serious depression.

  13. Wonder whos the out of focus handler with 2 backs look like,,,well she cant look worse than grandma here…

  14. Rhialto

    maybe she has a new movie role and is taking that very serious!?

  15. am

    It’s not even a joke, she always looks like she just doesn’t… care, anymore. It’s very sad, but she was a supposedly intelligent girl, she should’ve done a little homework on the cult before she had a kid in it.

  16. Matthew

    free katie and TCLTC!

  17. Smarg

    She’s doomed. She sold her soul to get hitched to a former “mega star”, and now she realizes what it’s all about. Sad.

  18. Chelle

    She doesn’t look like she has the energy or the spirit to even walk, much less dance. Must be some BIG FUN being married to Scientology. I mean Tom.

  19. What’s the huge swath of hair hiding?

  20. anon

    Wow. She does not look good. Her hair and face don’t look like she’s washed them and her clothing look like they were the leftovers at a thrift store: you know, the clothing they won’t take because they are in such bad shape. I agree with whoever said she looks like she just doesn’t care anymore. She looks so sad.

  21. Rhialto

    That black car in the back is depressing as well!

  22. hey girl

    What if she is just tired??? Is she always like this?

  23. Gimme a break. if paparazzi followed you around 24 hours a day, they’d get pictures of you in a bad mood too.

    The woman is worth millions, and would get tens of millions in a divorce. I’m sure being married to Cruise has many challenges, but If she’s really unhappy, she could leave at any time.

  24. Obama is a socialist pig. Oh, and a nigger

    Why is she so happy? She just get done fucking that big black cock?

  25. jay

    I can’t feel sorry for her. She has money and she could leave with Suri and go wherever she wanted. What is Tom going to do? Kill her? Oh wait, actually he might! Or the cult of Scientology might just make her disappear ya know?

  26. Galtacticus

    I’m getting almost depressed looking at her!

  27. Courtyardpigeon

    She just could be sick of people taking her photograph every time she walks outside. That would get me down a little bit. Actually, it would get me down a whole lot.

  28. Carolyn

    I suppose there is always the chance that she just wants to go to the gym dressed the way most of us do and not be gawked at every minute of every day. Trying to adhere to Scientology would wear me out too.

  29. Jordan

    She looks so sad, I feel for her. She probably didn’t realize how nuts her situation would be, she was pretty young and starry eyed when they first met. You know, hindsight is a bitch. And I don’t believe she can just leave at any time. Tom Cruise strikes me as one manipulative person. Easy for us to say this or that, but we really have no clue.

  30. Herpes cocktail anyone?

    Maybe her stank twat is infested with sores? Herpes is a bitch don’cha know?

  31. htown

    Let’s see, young woman, showing no emotion, getting out of a black van with an African American handler in a suit…. Am I the only one who watches Dollhouse? I think we can start calling her Echo.

  32. Pissed Off Reader

    Why is it that when I try viewing your blog, I get a download window open asking me where I want to save a document called 7.pdf? This is some horsesh*t!

  33. manamanadoodoodadooduh

    actually she’s method acting for her next role as maggie gyllenhaal.

  34. SoTe

    She looks like shit, like she’s been crying for a couple of days -god knows I would if I was married to the psycho-. This poor girl breaks my heart, and don’t tell me she had it coming and she married him knowing what she was doing. We’ve all been in love with a douche and were absolutely blind, she had posters of the faggot in her room when she was a kid, how can u expect her to turn him down? It was her dream.. and Im certain it is a nightmare now. I don’t quite like her but I pitty her.

  35. feckless

    How many times is Tom going to tell her that he’s giving up gay sex before she doesn’t believe him anymore?

  36. Lisa

    What’s with the rainbow at the bottom right corner?

  37. Fati

    I do feel bad for her. But on the other hand, “man is free at the moment he wishes to be”. She should gather up some courage to leave Cruise, if not for herself, then for her baby. Nothing good is gonna come out of this for Suri.

  38. Jenna

    I think she looks like this on most of her photos you´ve seen of her the last couple of months. Like a person who is really depressed. I think that is pretty obvious. But the question is why? Is it because of Tom? It could be something completely else,,,what do we know about her private life. Maybe someone she really loves is terminally ill or dying? maybe she herself has gotten some serious disease…it could be anything, doesn´t necessarily have to be Tom who is the reason. But yes, the girl is definitely depressed and as some of you said, that it looks like she doesn´t care anymore, that she looks unwashed etc…those are typical signs of depression aswell.
    If we see this so clearly, where is Tom in all of this trying to help his wife? You hardly see them together anymore and I seldom see any pics with Tom and Suri. It´s always Katie playing and taking care of Suri. If she wants out of the marriage and leave Tom she´d get the custody in no time!

  39. Andreas


  40. republican men are all bitter, closeted homosexuals

    see, when victoria beckham looks stone cold it’s just an act. this look on katie holmes is just reality. the woman is fucking miserable.

  41. Yepp

    Poor girl probably hasnt been f*cked right in years….i feel bad

  42. g_girl

    she looks soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo

  43. Obama is a socialist pig. Oh, and a nigger

    What’s this horse shit some of you are saying she is tired of getting her picture taken? Taht bitch singed up to be an actress and suck Tom’s dick. If you don’t like attention, you don’t do those things. So fuck off with your pathetic life and stop feeling sorry that the paparazzi are always following them trying to make a few buck.

  44. amanda

    the chick in the pink has NO boobs

  45. whatever

    I feel about as sorry for her as I do a pimple on my butt.

  46. save her

    She looks deranged. Tom probably told her that she is fat again, and is making her exercise like hell. Tom looks so stupid next to her because she is so young and cute, and he has turned into a wrinkle up prune face.

  47. Rhialto

    She’s walking very carefully! Maybe she has just an unsteady balance!?

  48. Dorito Man

    @ #6 and #41 righto. Come on guys, go easy on her. How would you feel if you had a control freak putz shrimp-cock for a husband? Course, she married him, but still..

  49. I feel that way going to the gym, too

    Maybe she’s just not in the mood to exercise? She’s wearing frumpy clothes because she’s going to DANCE. And maybe she’s not in the mood. So? She probably looked a lot happier when she was leaving.

  50. Galtacticus

    Don’t we all have our ‘down’ days from time to time!? Luckily there isn’t always a camera pointed to most of us in daily life!

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