Katie Holmes looks really authentically pregnant

April 7th, 2006 // 148 Comments

katie-holmes-pregnant.jpgI’ve never been pregnant so I don’t consider myself an expert on the subject, but I have seen one or two pregnant women in movies before and they usually don’t looik like this. In a sort of related story, Holmes recently appeared with Tom Cruise for his interview with Parade magazine and the writer noted how robot-like she was.

“She wore a large diamond engagement ring. She seemed dazed, passive and vacant. She never stopped smiling. The minute she appeared, Cruise


  1. do you think the baby will look good?

    I don’t

  2. beeotch

    #12- that was awesome! oh yeah , Tom loves the cock

  3. Bad Ass

    File this under “who gives a shit.”

  4. LittleWatson

    In those photos that were taken in Australia, she was wearing that Burberry bathing suit and looked heavy, like she was actually pregnant. So she probably had the baby and maybe now she is just walking around with a beach ball under her clothes. But why fake still being pregnant? What is going on in the Cruise household? Any theories? Anyone?

  5. wtf is wrong with her stomach? O_O

  6. Pez_D_Spencer

    She looks like she’s badly hungover and has serious beer-farts. Not exactly a matronly image.

  7. Binky

    # 35 and 47 … Party Poopers …

    # 49 ummm…she spits, or ahhh… so I was told.

  8. Ali

    That just looks WRONG. It could be that the baby has dropped, making it more sticky-outie.

    I hope during the final stages of labor she stands straight up in that bed and beats Tom to death with one of those giant Be Quiet signs while using Linda Blair’s voice to yell, “Go straight to hell, you dickless fag! Now GIVE ME MORPHINE!!!!!”

  9. NewGuy

    My computer is FAKE!

  10. Gedaliah

    I doubt she was ever pregnant to begin with. Her belly NEVER matched how far along she was… she as big, then small, then big, then smaller, then just retarted lookin’!

    I say it’s a huge lie and it’s all just very horribly bizzare…

  11. Gedaliah

    Or maybe she lost the baby and they’re still playing it off because … well… HE’S F$%&KING INSANE!!!!!!!!

  12. mommy_long_legs

    Just more proof that Tom Cruise is the father of an alien.

  13. mommy_long_legs

    Just more proof that Tom Cruise is the father of an alien.

  14. derekd

    Isn’t scientology the religion where they cut their nuts off and don’t believe in modern medicine?

    Katie Holmes is not hot and its not a prego thang niether.

  15. mommy_long_legs

    Goddamn that superficial site lag
    Now I look like a fuckass

  16. domino

    maybe there’s more than one Xenu in there…

  17. *jonsi*

    so have we established that it’s the wind blowing her shirt up (after at least two posts saying so, one of them after seeing a video clip of when the photo was taken), and who said it was a new photo anyway…? she could look thinner because it’s some random photo from 3 months ago. I agree with littlewatson, she looked *extremely* pregnant in those recent burberry-incident photos from australia, and the ones where she was on a walk at night a week or so ago.

    not that I’m defending either of them–tom cruise is clearly insaner by the minute (yes I know ‘insaner’ is not actually a word, but I’m referring to effing TOM CRUISE here, so all grammatical bets are off), and I have no idea what’s going on in her head. but let’s call a spade a spade. wind = poofy shirt.

    (boy do I like raining on everyone’s sarcastic comment parade…)

  18. it’s definitely robotic twins…anyone remember “The Astronaut’s Wife”? Fits right in with the Scientology theme…and the alien phantasm in that movie bears a striking resemblence to TC…

  19. Good heavens. It’s all just so hideously wrong.

  20. JennSTX

    Actually, I HAVE seen someone look like this. I knew a very thin girl who was having twins and her belly looked just like Katies. It was like a torpedo and was so long she couldn’t get her hands to touch in front of it. Her stretchmarks underneath it were so bad her skin resembled a watermelon with the lines. It didn’t look real, but it was, and man o’ man did she need the mother of all tummy tucks when it was over. There was no muscle left, just a huge, striped pouch of skin hanging down to the tops of her thighs. (shudddder)

  21. SweeterSweeterBoyfriendStealer!

    #19, i am sooo with you!!! that was a funny ass comment!!!! i bet its tru too!!!
    and #58– RIGHT ON!!!
    poor katie!!!!! ugh, tom cruise is so stupid, anyone see the south park episode where they blew the lid off of scientology???!!!!! um, is he REALLY thinking of naming the baby HUBBARD?????

  22. That’s the look of a baby that simply doesn’t want to come out. It’s got it hands and feet on the walls of her uterus, “Hellllls no! If you think I’m coming out to that nut’s face, grinning like a hyena, you’ve got another thing coming, woman!”

  23. LickyLicky


    I don’t know how to make that an actual link, but if you go there and scroll down the page, there are several pics of her, including this one. Her shirt is not being blown up.

    I think she already had the baby. She looks too thin everywhere else except the belly in comparison to other photos. I feel sorry for her; you know she’s miserable every damned day of her damned life.

  24. krisdylee

    NewGuy is fake.

  25. booface

    NewGuy, You are hilarious. I’m glad to have you back. Even though you’re fake.

  26. downshine

    they need to induce her labor. its not even healthy to have a baby in you for that long. she probably hasnt been induced because of their scientology beliefs, but if the baby dies we all know who to blame….

  27. gogoboots

    I’m blanking how long has she been pregnant for anyway?

  28. Kenton

    Ok in all seriousness….

    Her pregnancy was confirmed by her rep. on Oct. 5, 2006.

    So that means that if she was pregnant at the beginning of Sept. her due date could be around June 1st… Thats a hell-of-a long way to go if she looks like that…


    Does anyone know when the first preg photographs were taken (i.e. before Oct, 5th)?????

    We have to figure this out…

    (Fyi…. John Travolta’s wife was going to get an epidural for their last kid…)

  29. NewGuy

    You are all FAKE.
    And you fucking KNOW IT!


    This post is fake.

    GOT YA!

  30. #6 — LOL!!

    Hasn’t she been pregnant for 10 or 12 months now? I’ve lost track. Her hair is in clumps in the back, belly looks weird and unnatural, her jacket is 3 inches too short for her arms… The Scientology vampires have sucked the life out of her, stolen her mind and her will. I heard they even want to be in the delivery room with her. It’s The Omen all over again.

  31. #8, spindoc….not only does tom cruise love the cock….it’s also true that he’s quite taken with mine…i think it must have been the foreskin reconstructive surgeory that i recently underwent…the boy knows his way around a penis…but he keeps calling me ‘Iceman’…

  32. A2ROX

    DUH: She’s already had the baby. Since when do women all of a sudden lose weight in their faces and arms in the last week of pregnancy? AAAAaaaand who the heck would let a 10 month pregnant woman go shopping! She should be laying down. No woman that far along can easily move around and have the energy for shopping! Come on! How gullible do they think we are. And hey, no wind in this picture:

  33. Hey Tom, why noy just go ahead, put on the black Nikes, lay back and await the comet?

  34. Kristen

    First comment ever!! Yeah!!

  35. missmaiden

    ok, i have noticed the swelling greatly decrease, so i did some research…i can’t believe someone would be so insane as to wear a fake belly, but it is tom cruise we’re talking about….. http://hotmommadrama.blogspot.com/2006/03/hotmomma-exclusive-katie-holmes-gives.html

  36. TXBlonde

    Way to go there, #84! OK, my thoughts follow, in no particular order:

    1) Why would it benefit TomKat to have the child secretly, and why would she later pretend to still be pregnant? I think it was just a very odd camera angle.

    2) What’s up with all the “shopping” for blue/pink baby clothes…they have been extremely forthcoming in every aspect of this poor doomed child’s gestation, why not disclose the gender?

    3) If Katie screams during birth and Tom doesn’t hear it, does Scientology really exist?

  37. M@ce

    NGLTC (NewGuy Loves the Cock)

  38. M@ce

    NewGuy tucks his junk.

  39. samechick

    So I checked out the link A2ROX posted and clearly she is not pregnant. Her pants, which are not maternity pants are fully zippered and fastened as they would be on any non pregnant person. I effing hate them.

  40. LookAtME

    I think it’s New Guy’s belly photo-imposed on Katie

  41. Cheekymunkeh

    I keep picturing Vin Diesel’s wang in her mouth during childbirth..DAMN YOU DISNEY!!

  42. TXBlonde

    I have two choices here:

    1) I can assume she’s already had the baby – in which case WHY would she be wearing the fake tummy? A lame attempt to fool us? Would you send a woman who had recently given birth out to pound the pavement wearing a fake belly??

    2) I can assume she’s still pregnant, and the odd shape of child is directly related to the wishes of the Scientologists. Or an odd shirt/wind thing…but after seeing the other pictures, I’m pretty freaked out.

    Especially since my pre-teen boys are watching Minority Report right now – but then again, I’ve already told them Tom is a nutcase. And that he’s really, really short. And “bats for the other team” {{wink}} Not that there’s anything wrong with that, unless you can’t have the balls to come out.

  43. Viola

    WOW, looks like she is going to need a lot more than adult-sized pacifier to push that thing out…..

  44. LilJenny

    LOL to #88

    Another way to tell that she is not really pregnant- any woman carrying 40+ pounds in front of her has to lean way back to compensate. In pics of me when I was 9 months pregnant, it looked like I was going to fall backwards.

  45. IRMV

    don’t link freerepublic. it’s a hate group.

  46. IRMV

    don’t link freerepublic. it’s an ignorant, uninformed hate group.

  47. NewGuy

    Dude, IRMV? So fake.

  48. Bad Ass

    Now that I look at it good enough it does look fake. A gust of wind or one of Lohan’s famous ass showing farts in reverse.

  49. krisdylee

    fuck me… where’s the screwdriver to ram into my scull???

    i agree with newguy.

  50. That is the weirdest shit ever. She doesn’t even need to swing a small Ben and Jerry’s on her belly – she could get the whole bulk ice cream container and plant that sucker on that shelf of a belly! Poor thing – she has no idea what she is in for with Tom Psycho Cruise.

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