Katie Holmes looks really authentically pregnant

April 7th, 2006 // 148 Comments

katie-holmes-pregnant.jpgI’ve never been pregnant so I don’t consider myself an expert on the subject, but I have seen one or two pregnant women in movies before and they usually don’t looik like this. In a sort of related story, Holmes recently appeared with Tom Cruise for his interview with Parade magazine and the writer noted how robot-like she was.

“She wore a large diamond engagement ring. She seemed dazed, passive and vacant. She never stopped smiling. The minute she appeared, Cruise


  1. ebayfan414


  2. jugsgirl

    i think shes already given birth, this is a weird publicity stunt so it coincides with the MI3 opening.

  3. juicylips

    Thats the wierdest shit ive ever seen. she definitely having a girl.

  4. jkough

    Swallow any watermelon seeds lately Katie?

  5. ebayfan414

    It’s official; Katie’s locked up on planet poopypants, while Xenu, dressed up like katie, is impersonating her, preparing for world domination and having great sex with tom.

  6. Binky

    That’s not a pregnancy outfit – that’s a shop lifting outfit.
    My guess is either toaster oven or small microwave.

  7. the end of the world is near, isn’t it?

  8. That pregnancy looks as real as Tara Reids titts or Whitney Houstons teeth. Speaking of teeth, SometimesBoy told me that Tom Cruise gives an EXCELLENT blow-job. Very little teeth and lots of ball stroking.

  9. tits_on_snack

    Uh, that’s gotta be photoshopped or something. Women’s preggo bellies do not look like that.

  10. URalllosers

    This baby shall fullfill the prophecy and bring us closer to the final exedus for the chosen few. The mothership will take those who have converted and all others will perish in the flames! It isn’t too late for you fools to convert. Hurry, run to your local Scientologist church for auditing. Our time is close at hand! Scientology Rules!!!!!!!1

  11. vavavoom

    Why don’t people give the silent treatment to Tom’s other baby, Mission Impossible-3.

  12. ProbablyTooOld

    I’m gonna call photoshopped on this one, too.

    That poor girl. I mean, it’s only in the last couple of years that Tom turned into the Moron from Mars. In the beginning, she had to think, “Wow–the screen idol from my childhood and adolescence wants me!” and it had to be a great feeling. I mean, I didn’t have an ounce of common sense until I was 30 or so, so I can see how the Scientology and bizarre Kidman divorce thing might not have registered.

    Now she’s covered in herpes sores around her mouth, acts robotic and if that pic ain’t photoshopped, she’s the skinniest pregnant woman alive. She’s being groped by a maniacal midget in front of cameras and probably ignored when not. And the little creep is buying her a pacifier so she can’t make the very natural screams one makes when passing a large mass through a small hole sans drugs.

    I just wanna kidnap her, let her get an epidural and have a decent delivery, FedEx the spawn of Satan to Cruise, buy her a crate of Carmex and let her go on with her life.

  13. ferret1

    There’s a Scientology rep curled up underneath her shirt just to make certain that there are no sudden noises that may harm their, er, her baby. Specifically, Katie’s anus is being closely monitored for any potential seismic activity. Hourly results are being reported back to Tom, who is busy on assignment trying to wrestle Ryan Seacrest away from Teri Hatcher. After all, he loves the cock.

  14. oshkoshb-goshdammgosh

    “photoshopped” means you never were pregnant and this is a bad publicity stunt in the form of a fat suit, right? Oh, wait, no such thing as bad publicity. Right.

  15. there’s nothing wrong with that picture…it’s obvious that tom crawled up her leg and under her shirt so he could coach the baby on the impending silent birth…once he’s sure the kid is ready, he’ll crawl back down…

  16. Fawlty

    It’s obvious that it’s just a matter of wrong perspective in that picture, and that she is in fact just holding under her right arm a lampshade she just bought. Probably for the baby’s room!

  17. Allie D.

    Wow. I mean sure, she’s not wearing a maternity shirt and it’s probably adding to the illusion of a stomach sticking out 5 feet from her body. But still… it looks like you could rest a platter of baby back ribs and a pitcher of beer on that thing.

  18. Maybe her belly is the closet and that huge lump is Tom Struggling to stay in.

  19. canucthis

    I wonder if Tom makes Katie watch him shave his balls……

  20. Evil Willow

    What is the plural of apocalypse?

  21. Tracy

    Shhhhh…. keep it down… the baby might hear all your negative words and grow up maladjusted. Tee hee.

  22. tikicow

    I can think of nothing else to say about this picture except that it confuses the crap out of me. I have never seen any pregnant woman have a belly like this!

  23. BarbadoSlim

    This thread needs more Xenu…


    yeah and Tom Cruise loves to hit the Cock.

  24. newbondsux

    #12 ….a crate of Carmex….Ar ar ar…I’m in tears…thank you…I had nearly forgotten…ha ha :)

  25. gogoboots

    See I was hoping this picture would make it on here and it has…it looks like she stuffed a huge pillow, the belly looks completely unlike any pregnant woman’s would. She looks less bloated in the face and her legs look thinner. I’m not sure when it happened, but she’s probably already had the baby.

  26. CheekyChops

    Sounds like Katie has turned into a Stepford Wife. I wonder if she’d malfunction if thrown into a pool of water!

  27. jb

    THERE’s my Hippity-Hop! Damn, Katie give it back, I’ve been looking for that!

  28. I have neva seen anyone pregnant this long what has it been a year, elephants have given birth before this robot, are we sure she’s from Ohio are the planet Mars that tom impregnanted to offspring some aliens,
    So they can take over he’s been covering up something he’s a nuts.

  29. playahater101

    Looks like she’s carrying the Great Pumkin around in there.

  30. Wild Rose

    Yeah, I’ve been around a lot of preggos in my life, as well as carried three of my own, and that’s the fakest-looking damn belly I’ve ever seen! If it wasn’t photo-shopped then someone’s already had her baby!

  31. vanity666

    noo its not her baby you guys

    its tom cruise

  32. o-n


  33. Gina1978

    Youd think that being an actess and having access to costumes and make up etc,that shes get her self a better made FAKE belly!! LMAO Its hovering infront of her body!!

  34. outrageous.opinion

    She got pregnant last June. She would be 10 months pregnant by now. Of course the baby announcment will come at the same time as the opening of M I 3. In the latest real prego pictures she was so swollen and couldnt wear her ring. Seems the swelling has gone down and ring is back on finger…

  35. sunny_sandals

    I’m not arguing that she’s been pregnant FOREVER, but I saw a video of the same clip and it’s just the wind blowing her shirt up. How disappointing.

  36. gammanormids

    Something’s wrong…. wrong… wrong… Even Britney’s statue makes more sense…

  37. Even after all this, she still has an ugly face.

    And I want to let you all know, that “preggo” and “preggerz” sound like mixes of pasta sauce and pretzels.

  38. prideofchucky

    God, Superficial you always posting old newz- she’s already had the kid. A beautiful healthy bouncy baby boy.
    There are pictures:


  39. Jayne

    ^if only the link didn’t say soccer%20ball

    maybe I would’ve laughed a little harder

  40. Kevin

    The only explanation I can think of is that the wind blew up her shirt and made it look like that.

  41. WTF? It is so obvious she’s got a beach ball up her shirt.

  42. WTF? It is so obvious she’s got a beach ball up her shirt.

  43. NewGuy

    This website is sooooooooooo FAKE!

  44. playahater101

    New Guy, you need to learn already that this website is for FUN. You want real news, go to cnn or msnbc. If you hate it here so much, WHY do you keep coming back?

  45. suzy

    1. i’m not katie’s biggest fan but still…

    2. she’s super skinny, so her being 9MONTHS PREGNANT!!! she’s gonna look HUGE!!!!

    3. plus that shirt is short

    4. it’s a side view…

  46. mary

    oh, #27, Hippity Hop indeed! that’s the only expanation. XD

    Honestly, though, what the hell? It’s a trainwreck and I can’t look away!

  47. Anika

    it’s not photoshop guys, it was really windy and it blew the shirt up so it looks ridiculous.

  48. HollyJ

    I think the Scientologists have removed all but her brainstem in an effort to keep her under their total control while she gives birth to Tom-mary’s Baby. ::::insert evil horror music here::::

    I hope she goes nuts with the pain of childbirth and starts to scream and knock shit all around her bed, cursing profanities and calling Tom a big squealing bottom.

    And I hope someone gets a video of it. And sends it to Superficial. So I can watch it over and over and over and over while drinking Sierra Nevada and eating salty peanuts.

  49. bunnyhugger

    naw, she swallowed her BINKY!
    or that giant easter egg that britney’s trying to pass!

    new guy, i hate to jump on the band wagon, but, really, dude! did your mom have any kids that lived? that mysite shit is eating your brain!

  50. hafaball

    i’m sure this was said but…maybe it’s the alien from Alien!! it’d make a lot more sense, since maybe Xenu got her pregnant in the first place.

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