Katie Holmes is the queen of fashion

February 2nd, 2006 // 98 Comments

  1. snang

    She a zombie?

  2. HollyJ

    that’s some serious Jack Nasty on her lip

  3. HeeHaw

    Who cares about the fashion statement….am I the only one marveling at the fact that this proves that she’s *really, actually pregnant?!?!*

    For real, I thought her bump was just a pillow shoved under her shirt.

    I’m stunned……..!!!

  4. MortyFishbein

    This what Madonna would have looked like in the “Hung Up” video if she’d been knocked up.

    Looks like the only thing Katie’s been hung up on is psychotic cock.

  5. PKClover

    It’s not as though she left the house like this. It was the wind that blew up her shirt Marilyn syle. And to you nay sayers who think she was birthing a stuffed pillow, HA! She’s really pregnant! And if it takes an embarrassing photo to get THAT point across my friends, job well done. However, wouldn’t strain against the meat curtains a bit uncomfortably? Ow.

  6. aliomali

    I think Marilyn posed for those pictures, similar to Katie. If she wasn’t posing, she could have used her free hand to cover her stomach. It looks more like – I really am having a baby!

  7. Bailey

    Well, if Tom wasn’t gay before, he will be after he takes a gander at those pics. Jeez. Who dressed her – Britney?

  8. azcoyote

    All I want to know is who REALLY banged her and knocked her up. Tom Cruise is a father like Michael Jackson is a father…. Come on out, Tom… We all know. And bring Travolta with you… I wonder if L. Ron was gay too…

    Oh, and that is not the first time she has splotched out the lips. I saw a pic with her (here I think) that showed full on fever blisters on that top lip.

    But yes, she is ACTUALLY pregnant. I too am stunned. I just want to know whether or not the syringe enjoyed it. Lucky en-vitro application device bastard… Please let me reincarnate as that device… Please? It would be fine since her vag is without doubt a “Tom Free” zone.

  9. gossipmonger

    HeeHaw – HAHA… maybe thats the whole point of the outfit… She’s been reading the tabloids about herself and felt she could just do this and then its proof without her saying a word…

    PKClover – thats why there are more buttons on that shirt that she “forgot” to do up. That tends to prevent clothing from doing the ‘Marilyn thing’…

  10. CoJo

    I don’t care what anyone says – it’s so nice to see those little bitty celebrities fucking FAT! Even if it is because of pregnancy and in 3 months she’ll be tucked, sucked and plucked looking amazing as usual…it doesn’t make me feel so bad for being average – and for eating lunch…or eating for that matter.

  11. Holy….

    Well, I’m not hungry now.

  12. she’s doing a great job of looking casual whilst conveniently dispelling those fake pregnancy rumors…
    hey, maybe she can act after all…

  13. First of all, that is not a fishnet leotard, get your facts strait. Secondly, why all the rage people? This is a pregnant woman. No matter what knocked her up, she is still carrying around a human being who is sucking the life out of her 24/7. I have deep, deep respect for pregnant girls, they don’t have it easy, I’m sure half the time the’re wishing to strangle the fetus, or the jackass who implanted it there.

  14. thebor

    I think her head is growing faster than the anti-christ in her womb. Every picture I see of her she has that nasty lip. Tom gave her herpies, which he got from K-Fed while giving him a hummer to Popozao.

    The end is near!

  15. mariootsa

    pregnancey aside, does anyone out there remember when she was actually pretty? it seems like a loooong time ago now.

  16. MortyFishbein

    There was no doubt she was pregnant. I do think her taste was in doubt though.

    Well, there ain’t no doubt now.

  17. cj14mommy

    while it was hard to believe she was pregnany (doesn’t tom cruise have too low of a sperm count or something??), i never doubted her pregnancy…but is it me or does her bump seem smaller than it’s been in the past, i mean come on pictures in october showed her ready to burst!!

  18. Binky

    You can tell in the first pic she’s got her ‘Costco-Sized’ coffee and getting ready to again spend her day to ponder, “How did I get myself into this mess?”

  19. mrschickee

    She should pop into Walgreen’s for a tube of Blistex….I mean come on! It costs less than those endless coffees she shops for. Prioritize Katie!

  20. Jaydel

    She looks older pregnant. Doesn’t look like a teenager anymore.

  21. Don't Drink The Kool-Aid

    Correct me if I am wrong, but isn’t caffeine really GOOD for Prego

  22. CoJo

    Alright – I hate her. She’s like how effing pregnant now, she hasn’t been in public without Tom “I love cock” Cruise in like over a year, and suddenly, she’s taking walks to the local coffee shop to get a cup of coffee…doesn’t she have handlers to do these types of things for her…

    I figured Cruise had her locked in his cellar anyway with the other little boys.

  23. ESQ

    She probably has a camel toe and doesn’t know it or see it for that matter.

    To comment #19, that was fuckin’ hilarious!

  24. Sheva

    One word: gross.

  25. ESQ

    I thought “onesies” go on the baby not on her.

  26. Drew

    she trying to have a screwed up kid by giving it coffee? Hey Katie you aren’t suppose to have coffee when you are pregnant.(granted we don’t know for sure if it is in the cup but I am assuming it is.)

  27. Goose Juice

    that’s exactly what I was thinking… No coffee for fetus. But screw coffee, if I was impregnated with devil seed I’d be taking shots to the head.

  28. SB23

    Look, I have a six-month-old and remember all too well the misery of being pregnant. Especially in finding clothes that a) fit and b) look halfway decent. Katie’s–oops, sorry, “Kate’s”–just thrown in the towel, though, because there’s no excuse for… whatever you call that monstrosity. Even on my worst day, etc., etc. (Oh, and you can have 1-2 small servings of caffeine a day. Boy, I treasured those servings.)

  29. outfoxed

    I know it looks like a fashion faux-pas, but that leotard serves a perfectly logical purpose. With all the freaking ultrasounds Cruise put this woman (and fetus) through, that vag net keeps the baby from forcing its way out of what is now, most assuredly, a radioactive uterus.

  30. I wonder if she’ll give the baby to Michael Jackson if he pays her more than Tom. And whats with that outfit? That baby is going to come out with Mesh Marks on it’s face. Oh yeah, one more thing…Tom, please go back on the medication. You were much more entertaining when you were the silent stupid type.

  31. melificent

    Her “leotard” looks more like a wife beater stretched out and tucked in her pants than it does a leotard. Hmm…has Katie been to see K-Fag?

  32. Nurse Ratched

    Ladies and gentlemen, why has no poster, to my knowledge, suggested what is obvious to me: that Ms. Holmes is most likely still a virgin. Would not the ego of the “man who cannot be named” be most satisfyingly stroked by a birth via immaculate conception?

  33. LMFAO @ Poster # 2 – That is funny Holly.

    But she is pregnant. So her attitude at this point in time about fashion is limited. She looks like she is going to have some serious stretch marks though.

  34. bone_daddio

    suppose Queen Cruise has let Katie know that little bugger is gonna come bursting outta that belly ala Aliens?
    Long Live Xenu!

  35. HollyJ

    The coffee is prob decaf. Decaf’s ok.

    I just wonder if she has to drink it in silence in the dark.

  36. Geno

    The father is Phillip Seymour Hoffman.
    It’s true. I wouldn’t lie.

  37. rachel

    Someone needs to tell her that you’re not supposed to pull your granny panties all the way up to your boobs.

  38. chelleann66

    What amazes me is that that jackass Tom invests in something so “medically” important as a sonography machine, yet neither he nor Katie seem to think getting a prescription for effing Valtrex to take care of Katie’s crusty lips might be in order. For God’s Sakes!

  39. chelleann66

    Good point, Rachel. Maybe we are looking at this the wrong way. It’s not a mesh t-shirt at all, but rather, some sort of weird thong scenario she’s got riding up the front of her business….

  40. Yes, it is difficult to find attractive, well-fitting clothing when you’re puffed up like the goodyear blimp. But both her and her baby-daddy’s combined income is like a jillion dollars. They could afford their own maternity clothing line. But whatever. I applaud her for not giving a shit.

  41. christenwentboom

    is that a BODYSUIT?! at least those snap open easily in case she randomly goes into labor.

    mmm. bodysuits and herpes.

  42. Precisely

    Why does she and Tom feel it’s necessary to remind/convince people about this? This pic only creeps everyone out and makes you sudder in disgust.
    Poor baby. I wonder who the real father is.

  43. Here comes The Mother-Ship. Put on your Nikes.

  44. HughJorganthethird

    I know being pregnant its suppossed to be a beautifull experience; the circle of life and all that shit. BUT FUCK ME are preganat women disgusting or what? I’m ashamed to think I made my own mother look like that at one time. Would it be so hard to buy a bigger shirt? Fuck I’m glad I’m not the poor bastard who has to wash that unitard thing she’s sporting. With lips like those I’d recomend a Level 2 bio-hazard suit with self contained breathing apparatus.

  45. Larry

    Why do people write “her bump” instead what it actually is, “her swollen belly?”

    That said, no, pregnant women are certainly not disgusting, not per se anyway.

    Anyway, how long has Katie Holmes been pregnant? It seems to me that I first heard of this pregnancy back when I was in college, which was over twenty years ago.

  46. HollyJ

    I think she’s wearing a white tee of Tom’s as an undershirt and pinned it to the top of her panties to keep it from popping up.

    She prob doesn’t realize how stupid it looks. Or she figures that no one would notice her shirt because they’re staring at her puss-filled face infection.

  47. hafaball

    If I ever masturbated to her…I apologize

  48. So, do her and Tom Cruise go to the Church of Scientology together? And cuddle up while reminiscing over the good ol’ days, when Xenu ruled the galaxy?

    When Xenu returns, there will be fire and brimstone. You will all perish!

  49. Seamus Begonia Smell

    i hope that’s some kind of herbal tea, and not coffee. that kid has enough trials and tribulations ahead, and doesnt need to be born sans frontal lobes or something

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