Katie Holmes: Is she pregnant? Let’s speculate FOREVER

August 15th, 2008 // 48 Comments

It seems like you can’t run a celebrity website laced with Herculean commentary these days without running into rumors that Katie Holmes is pregnant as several sources claim these pictures prove. If not wearing a bra and trying to cut more glass than Jennifer Aniston in Antarctica constitutes being with child, then yes, Katie Holmes is knocked up. Otherwise, for God’s sake, please just leave the woman alone so Tom Cruise can finally install her penis, and then we’ve got a story.


  1. WhoCares!!

    She’s so goofy!!!

  2. I don’t know if she’s pregnant, but if she is, I hope it’s not with Tom’s kid!

    Oh and she needs to put a bra on!


  3. jo smo

    Chickens done………

  4. rough daddy

    I cant the believe they strip her of the few ounce of sexuality she had……what am i looking at here?

  5. Surely she isn’t going to let him do the turkey baster trick again?

    Nice nipples though, I also like the claim that she has been wearing his jeans of late… like they would ever need rolling up…

  6. i have it on good authority that the angel of l ron hubbard personally inseminated her with his holy scientologist spunk while tiny tim cruise held her down.

  7. SGT. FIVE0

    Is it just me, because in pic #6, I swear that’s Tom, not Katie….

  8. Rant

    Rue the day when “Fish” posts a bikini pic of Katie Holmes. Keep eyewash bottle near CPU at all times.

  9. michele

    She doesn’t even look pregers. And why is the superficial guy so mean to her?

  10. ashley

    she doesn’t even look pregnant.

    this website is getting SO lame.

  11. norton

    She looks a little thin….. and a little uptight. Check out the death grip on the purse and the pressed thumb fist.

    This gal needs to stay in NY and regroup – and stay as far away from that nutbag Cruise as she can.

  12. tp

    ugly-ass shirt!

  13. roastbeef

    Poor little Joey Potter!!

  14. Kim

    I think it’s funny that everyone makes fun of her hair, but Rhianna has the same hair cut, and on her it’s supposed to be cute. I thinks it’s ugly on anyone! But let’s not leave anyone out either.

  15. Andres

    It’s clear (if you look closely) that she IS wearing a bra, albeit a thin one, and she must have caught a chilly draft. She’s clearly not enjoying showing off her nipples as evidenced by pics 4-6. Other than that, I think the preggo rumors are just meant to deviate attention from a) likely/imminent separation from wacko Cruise and b) Tom’s unabated love of cock…..

  16. nephandi

    Something struck me as odd looking… then it hit me. This isn’t katie holmes at all, look at his chiseled facial features! Its OBVIOUSLY tom cruise post-op… I mean come on ever since top gun we all knew he wanted to let goose use the stick.. YOU’VE LOST THAT LOVIN FEELING!

  17. Ted from LA

    They better confirm this quickly. It looks like they only have 6 or 7 months left to come up with some bizarre fucked up name.

  18. Crazy Old Bitch

    Well, well, well. Look what you’ve done Tom. You’ve spent so much time proving practically anything is a sex object that definitely will fit in your ass, that you’ve driven Katie to another mans bed for the second time. I don’t know how this fake marriage is going to hold up if the baby is black.

  19. Scientologist

    Ye shall impregnate her and wrap her in a long blue garment. She shall consume mass quantities.

  20. johnsonville

    I blame her family and friends. Where the hell were they when she first hooked up with that midget psycho? She is obviously a very weak-minded and weak-willed individual who was easily brainwashed, unlike Nicole Kidman.

  21. She might not be, but her nipples are…

  22. GinaRae

    Stop speculating. I’m going to say she’s not. She’s there because she’s rehearsing for some production or other. Why get pregnant now and 1: ruin her chance to spend time out from under the hubby and 2: break up any chance of her being able to be in said production for a long enough time period?

    This isn’t rocket science people.

  23. Kim

    I do not see anything even remotely resembling a pregnancy bump in these pics. She has a flat stomach. Maybe a slight rounding but that’s normal, even in thin people. This is pretty stupid. Why am I leaving this comment? What’s wrong with me? I need to get a life.

  24. Blah

    how is that looking pregnant? if anything, her stomache looks flat and toned, and she looks braless. Thats about it. Don’t get why she didn’t just wear a bra though since she seems so self concious about it. And that hairstyle; ugh, it looks awful on her. Something better suited for a woman in her 60′s. I don’t understand why she always seems to be trying to ugly herself up. She’s a pretty girl and could look so much better. Shame, shame.

  25. my comment

    Sausage legs in leggings, red shiny flats and a big ol’ wrinkled purple Barney top. Top it off with a butch haircut and insect eyes sunglasses.

    I can’t think of a worse get up than that.

  26. I wonder who the father is??

  27. Matthew


  28. UK_Matt

    First Question Is: Why is she wearing my mad nanna’s nightie?

    Second Question Is: How the fuck did anyone think she’d make a good love interest in Batman movie? I mean not even that fucking awful one which was all weird and homo erotic with the Robin involved and hang on…. its clear now.

  29. NY Ted

    The TRANSFORMATION is almost complete. She looks like Little Tom Thumb from his ‘Risky Business’ days in these photos….SCARY…!!

    Hmmm…I wonder…if she is PREGNANT…then who is fucking her….??

  30. Fiona

    I love Katie. God forbid she doesn’t smile for the paparrazi. She looked stunning at the premier she attended with Tom. She does look aware of her nipple situation and looks like she’s trying to conceal it. Fairly classy and women can’t help those drafty situations all of the time.
    She looks wonderful and not the nearest bit pregnant. Has anyone seemed to realize that she probably wouldn’t get pregnant when she’s getting ready to perform a play (which is live) for several weeks running. Just a thought. Katie’s pretty smart…her family is a breed of lawyers. Do some thinking and research people.

  31. lame

    She probably just has gas…

  32. lawlady

    Pregnant? Doubtful. Eating disorder? highly likely. It’s the dead of summer & she dresses like it’s March. She could only be more covered up if she wore a winter coat. She’s hiding the anorexic look she’s got going.

  33. Mr. Hung Lowe

    Nice raisins.

  34. cranky

    I’d gobble a bucket of shit to lick that bunghole

  35. lawrence

    If all celebritied are pregnant? LOL Kate looks absolutely gorgeous in that picture. Does she have got married? I found some pictures of her at richromances.com. I am just curious~~~

  36. She only has HARD nipples.
    HORNY but it’s the end folks!!

  37. Chelle

    First, put on a bra. Second, what is it with that unflattering blanket-type garment that’s the color of Barney the dinosaur? If she had a pair of Wayfarer sunglasses and a perm, she’d look like Jennifer Grey in “Ferris Bueller’s Day Off.”

  38. Io

    maybe she just had to fart

  39. adoe

    I think her haircut’s cute when she fixes it a little bit more, but the 80′s wardrobe has gotta go

  40. tcis preggers

    I hear tommy girl is pregnant, he/she’s having this one, he’s out of work and has the time, didn’t a he/she recently give birth?

  41. Gen

    How does she look preggers in these pics? I don’t get it…

  42. katie fan

    omg I LOVE KATIE HOLMES!.how does she look pregnant tho? ..plz stop makin mean comments about her .she is gorgeous and so is suri i hope suri turns out to be a diva.

  43. allie

    katie holmes is SO NOT pregnant but if she is i’m happy 4 her cuz everyone seems to be having a baby now….. yall r just jelous of her.but i hope she wears a bra next time so she doesnt get embarassed

  44. missthang704


  45. Yeah I guess she does… if she doesn’t want people looking at her nipples that is


  46. Mike Yuen Ken Paahana

    i dont want anybody 2 no but thats my baby she is carring

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