Katie Holmes is pregnant again

is reporting that Katie Holmes is pregnant with her second child with Tom Cruise. She was spotted with Tom in Madrid, trying to hide her bump under a loose dress as they watched David Beckham’s last game at Real Madrid. And even though she’s in the early stages of pregnancy, she apparently downed some alcohol at the post-match party.

A source said: “Katie and Tom are thrilled about having another baby on the way. She is glowing with happiness.”

As crazy as Tom Cruise is, Suri turned out to be painfully cute. The only way their next kid is even going to come close is if it comes out a baby koala dressed in a sailor outfit.

UPDATE: Apparently Katie Holmes’ baby bump can appear and disappear at will. The Daily Mail has a pretty comprehensive analysis of the whole thing. Thanks to Jack for the tip, who I hear can pleasure a woman just by looking at them.

Photos: Polfoto