Katie Holmes is pregnant again

June 19th, 2007 // 129 Comments

is reporting that Katie Holmes is pregnant with her second child with Tom Cruise. She was spotted with Tom in Madrid, trying to hide her bump under a loose dress as they watched David Beckham’s last game at Real Madrid. And even though she’s in the early stages of pregnancy, she apparently downed some alcohol at the post-match party.

A source said: “Katie and Tom are thrilled about having another baby on the way. She is glowing with happiness.”

As crazy as Tom Cruise is, Suri turned out to be painfully cute. The only way their next kid is even going to come close is if it comes out a baby koala dressed in a sailor outfit.

UPDATE: Apparently Katie Holmes’ baby bump can appear and disappear at will. The Daily Mail has a pretty comprehensive analysis of the whole thing. Thanks to Jack for the tip, who I hear can pleasure a woman just by looking at them.

Photos: Polfoto

  1. boze

    id hit a pregnant woman like her

  2. black onesie

    what kind of DAMN bathing suit is that? ew!

  3. bungoone

    wtf kind of bathing suit is that? she looks to be about 80 years old with that thing on.
    and she should watch it with that metal buckle. predatory fish are very attracted to flashes of metal.

  4. john c public

    I loathe scientology, but I would still tap ‘dat ass.


  5. jrzmommy

    Ok, she hid the bump under a loose dress. So where’s she hiding her ass?

  6. Victor

    You mean she let Tom Cruise stick his dick in her? Wait, you mean Tom stuck his dick in her, isn’t that dirty, isn’t that too dirty for Scientology? No, no nevermind, it isn’t he was going to eat her placenta. But yeah I agree #1, I would hit it to. Even suck the crust douche remains from her pubic hairs.

  7. Wanky

    wow…shes not that cute girl anymore…shes a woman now

  8. Kikki

    What the hell kind of suit is that? I mean, Come On!

    Still, she looks better than Brittney spears.

    And who is REALLY getting katie knocked up? Or are they adopting. Because you know Tom Cruise is totally gay. And I still think Suri looks Asian.

  9. TRoller

    What waste waster treatment plant is she swimming in?

  10. BarbadoSlim

    And, who’s stunt-cock did they hire for THIS newest farce…..?

  11. Suri

    My daddy uses a machine that pulls the tadpoles out of his weewee and shoots them into mommy’s kittycat. Uncle Leather runs the machine.

  12. Jimbo

    @10 Mini Me

  13. bungoone

    judging by the looks of the first kid, the father is 100% Jackie Chan. I saw it on Maury Povich.

  14. bigsteamyone


  15. Ahem Roid

    It’ll be interesting to see which guy (other than TC) the baby looks like. Everybody says Suri looks like Chris Klein, and Tom’s ass looks like John Travolta’s pelvic bone.

  16. kate

    katie is so pretty.She and her daughter are very cute. She a great mom and a wonderful role mom to her daughter.She look gorgeous as always.

  17. bungoone

    16, yes, every one dreams that their daughter will find a flaming gay husband just like mommy did!

  18. WowJustWow

    Suri is very very cute. Katie looks good too. Nice haircut and I do like the one-piece bathing suit on her.

    Tom is crazy. That’s all.

  19. YouRang

    #11 Yeah Suri, the device is called a fucking machine. He straps a four pound dildo to it, and sets the machine on blistering fast with the balls being rammed up his ass and all. He can’t stop coming after that. Any woman in the room is going to get pregnant. It’s quite explosive.

  20. momofboys

    I think she looks great. Thank god she’s wearing something age-appropriate. She’s someone’s mother for god’s sake and she looks classy, unlike Britney who looks cheap and very trailer-trashy.


    Not again.



  23. wedgeone

    Yes, she’s a wonderful “role mom” – here’s Suri in 10 years, when Katie asks her to follow Tom around to see what he’s getting her for their aniversary:

    Katie: Well, did you see what he got me for our anniversary?
    Suri: Well first, he went to see a movie.
    Katie: A movie? Hmm, I wonder why he’d wanna see a movie by himself.
    Suri: I don’t know. But it wasn’t the movie theater at the mall. No, it was that, really old theater downtown. The Studcat. I didn’t know it was open.
    Katie: Wait a minute. What was the movie called?
    Suri: Fisting Firemen 9. I’ve never seen 1 through 8.
    Katie: Oh my God!
    Suri: Uh, but it must have been a real short movie, though, because Dad came out, like, ten minutes later. And it must have been a sad film, too, because, he had a bunch of tissue paper with him when he came out. Poor old Dad, the movie really got to him.
    Katie: Suri, where did Daddy go after the movie?
    Suri: To the gym.
    Katie: To the gym?
    Suri: Yeah. The White Swallow Spa. (Katie screams) Yep. He went in there and wrestled with all kinds of guys. He wasn’t too good, though. This one black guy had him pinned down for fifteen minutes straight!

  24. p911gt10c

    Remember when Katie Holmes used to be hot?

  25. #13 Your right about Jackie Chan! But is was on Oprah! My sweet, sweet Oprah!

  26. And another hopeless child enters the world, impervious to the impending brainwash to come …

    I hate people.


    I’m really shocked. Considering Tom Cruise either spurts blanks or little pieces of Playstation 2.

  28. Jimbo

    OK, I am so fucking happy that we can all agree that Katie looks great and baby Suri is adorable blah blah blah. I think this is a first for this site. Can we all get past this ass kissing? We all know there is no way Tom had sex with Katie and got her pregnant. He has more of a chance getting Nicole Richie pregnant. At least she kind of looks like a 12 year old alter boy


    oh and ‘wedgeone’ or whatever your name is. How cheap can you get? That’s from Southpark.

  30. *it. Sorry thinking about the cock, again!

  31. jrzmommy

    Jesus..is she like 50 or some shit? When did she turn into such a granny?

  32. Jimbo

    @23 I am shock that you would plagiarize such a fine upstanding show like South Park. You need to take a lesson from Big bang and come up with your own witty shit like him or maybe her, I am not sure what it is

  33. Reality Check

    Hey I “Katie” Better have another baby fast because your hubby is Viagra old!

    Then in a couple years you can get yourself a nice pool boy


  34. wedgeone

    littleBANG, it was an intentional reference, you fuckin moron.

  35. teeteetdot

    Nice freakin belt bucket.

  36. Jimbo

    @35 Do you mean buckle? I have never seen a freakin belt bucket dump shit

  37. Divorce Tom


    … an idiotic, possessive, controlling, illiterate, flaming gay husband…

    How could she let him fuck her? Even many 60 year old women would go “Eww…”

  38. Miserable Bastard

    Katie’s pregnancy is obviously a gift from L. Ron Hubbard. Now that Tom has reached the highest level of “$$clear$$”, L. Ron’s omnipotent spirit has rewarded them with another child. And to preclude any jealousy, he gave John Travolta a year’s supply of jet fuel.

  39. HankTheDwarf

    Cute? If you mean lazy-eyed troll with an extra chromosome cute, then yes.

  40. Chris

    I guess you guys don’t read: “She was spotted with Tom in Madrid, trying to hide her bump….” That is probably why she’s wearing that bathing suit.

  41. There are always two…….a master, and an apprentice.

  42. hollyj

    Step 1
    Tom jacks it to “Playgirl-Short-Man Issue” into a cup

    Step 2
    Doc pours cup into turkey baster

    Step 3
    Doc splooges baster contents into Katie

    Step 4
    Katie conceives second child by Tom Cruise

  43. StoneRose

    Take note of the ‘mother’ hair cut – Tom probably made her cut her long hair to other men that she’s off the market and in the business of producing *his* children.

    Sad but true.

    On the other hand, Angelina Jolie has not gone the ‘mother’ hair cut way and looks all the more vampirish for it, lol.

    On the other other hand, Britney went to the extreme with her ‘mother’, ‘don’t look at me’ buzz-cut fiasco.

    In days before Monty Python witch drowning spoofs, it was said that witches were made to cut their hair as it was believed to hold immeasurable powers. A little feminist history there for ya.

  44. Nice haircut. I hope she has time to drive me to soccer practice before picking up some Lunchables and Juicy Juice at the the supermarket.

  45. Donkey

    Is that Jackie Kennedy?

  46. Ren

    I love Juicy Juice.

  47. Rachael

    God i hate her new haircut – it honestly makes her look about 20 years older. She used to look so sweet and innocent now she looks like a presidents wife.
    Does she ever take her sunglasses off. I saw a pic the other day of her, Tom and Victoria Beckham at a game and they were the only ones with sunnies on – it was also night time – WTF?

  48. Snatch

    She looks like Dorothy Hammill.

  49. Alayney

    #s 3, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, and 13 (that’s as far as I got), you guys are on a roll! Hilarious! That baby REALLY DOES look Asian! I can’t get over that! I can’t decide if I think she’s cute or not but she does look like a porcelain doll.

  50. Awww, matching hair cuts. That suit is hot.

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