Katie Holmes is now Tommy Holmes

April 2nd, 2008 // 51 Comments

Katie Holmes has successfully completed Phase 2 of Operation: Creepily Look like My Husband. Maybe Tom Cruise will have sex with his wife now that she’s practically a taller version of himse- no, wait. Her vagina. Shit. Nevermind…


  1. ashley

    i still think shes gorgeous

  2. luna

    she is a freaking taller Tom……..that shit is just not right ……….i am officially scared

  3. Loser 1

    Always wanted to get the first comment to say what a loser is anyone who feels special for doing it. Blow me.

  4. nipolian

    I can sense a Randal comment on the horizon.

  5. Hemlock Queen

    Ahh now why did she go and do that? She might as well have shaved her head. The haircut is just as horrid as Zellwegers.

    I guess you’ll do anything NOT to sleep with Tom.

  6. melissa

    i thought she was great in pirates of the carribbeean, anyway.

  7. veggi

    I hate you Sam.

    She should have married Pacey..

  8. Rain

    F*KKIN GET KATIE HOLMES OUT OF THERE! YOU STILL HAVE YOUR LAST NAME! RUN WHILE YOU STILL CAN! (No one, and I mean no one will blame you, and I am the least likely person to be a proponent of divorce especially when children are involved. However in this case when people say ‘think of the kids’ it should be treated as synonymous with RUN, F*KKIN RUN!)

  9. mimi

    WHAT? No sleazy sh!t about Kate?

    Fish-Gutz you are slipping…

    So are the rest of you A-H’s.

  10. Trover

    Looks like Kate has found her inner little boy. And I am sure Tom is enjoying touching it.

  11. Spazz

    I love how she towers over Tommy boy. Look at public pictures of the couple she has a new stance where she leans back and bends her knees and STILL has about 7″ on the little runt.

  12. @9 mimi I’ve got your A-H!

  13. Arguman

    Well, Spartan wives would dress up as boys before they had sex with their husbands as a way of creating emotional distance for when they’d go to war. So, maybe that’s what Katie is doing, to prepare Tom for whatever war the Scientologists are going to go on.

  14. Edge

    14th bitches!

  15. fg

    y’all are assholes.

  16. bleak

    All the money in the world, and that’s how she dresses? What’s that around her neck, anyway, some cheap little rock? A half-sucked butterscotch lifesaver? And how about that shirt? It looks like something my mother-in-law would wear. Damn, why do people with such lousy taste get all the money?

  17. nipolian

    Wow #15…….You are obviously highly educated to come up with such a brilliant comment.

  18. Xenu

    Apparently, Gay-te has just come out of the closet. And Tom couldn’t be more proud of his little NAMBLA-looking wife. Finally, a wife worthy of that 3-way with Miscaviage.

  19. janex


  20. http://www.yahoo.com me

    @2: Everyone is taller than Tom.

    She must like anal and he must like giving anal, wonder if there is a little school boy’s outfit thrown in the mix there. Remember ladies. Anal, the only sex that is 100% guaranteed not to transmit the deadly STD known as children, think about it.

  21. Matthew

    again I will say it again….FREEEEEEEEEEE KATIE and TCLTC



  23. tp

    @7 you’re right, she SHOULDA married Pacey!!! I think she’s depressed.

  24. Wow.. I thought that was DJ Qualls from Road Trip.

  25. juniper

    He’s an Star Trek fan, I’ve heard. Obviously he wants her to look like T’Pol.

  26. dave31

    is she pregnant again?

  27. havoc

    That chick is soooooooo Theta clear……..


  28. jrz



  29. I can’t believe it took twenty fucking comments to get one TCLTC out of you half wits.

  30. edamame

    She looks pregnant in the last pic.
    At least she’s a bit taller than Tom, so the kids will be able to tell the difference.


  31. Grunion

    I hope this doesn’t affect her incredible acting career.

  32. Kay

    incredible acting career.. LMAO

  33. Kay

    incredible acting career.. LMAO

  34. Kay

    incredible acting career.. LMAO

  35. wundersmack

    Isn’t it about time for another photo comparison side-by-side that proves how much Suri looks like the dude Katie dated before Tom?

  36. Yasmin

    Her clothes look like the stuff I see at Value Village. I like Katie but her style is so matronly. Maybe it’s the fabric choices. Looks like polyester or something that doesn’t wrinkle. Very old fashioned looking.

  37. woodhorse

    from her downcast posture I would say she doesn’t like being a boy.

  38. washington

    She was great in “The Gift”.

    Her tits, I mean.

  39. i honestly don’t have anything against it. it’s kind of cute. nobody bashed winona ryder’s hair, and she’s had that look for years now.

  40. 1 MILF Hunter

    As long as she’s not John Holmes….

  41. Carla N.

    @ # 40 – No one’s bashed Winona b/c Winona is not married to a gay man.


  42. mrswentz

    The haircut is just a means to distract from her obviously preggers body. She actually seems mortified that she is reproducing again. But, then again, maybe it is just her own haircut that is mortifying her.

  43. gotmilk?

    is that a mullet? i know it’s a little shorter in the back than the traditional mullet, but still…

  44. PunkA

    I met a good friend of Katie’s from where she grew up in Ohio. Said she is totally awesome, but still not sure what is up with her and TC. I think the brainwashing is really working here. poor girl is stuck in the cult now. The bride of Gayenstein.

  45. ubee0173

    remember when she was attractive?… wait- me neither.

  46. toonkinstein

    I thought ew would never have the opportunity to declare T C L T C again. I thought that Super Fish CAVED YES, CAVED I say to the pressures of the pseudo-religion of ScienWTFology.

    Yes…..Katie is transforming into the man Tom always wanted her/him to be….yea..I know she be wearin’ those assless chaps…..but I still wanna know WHERE’S BIG RED’S BOOK?????

  47. Quinn

    these photos were taken at 9:51?? interesting. The real question is… am or pm??

  48. zuzuspetals

    Yeah- he’s not going to have a good night’s sleep until she looks exactly like him. The transformation is nearly complete.

  49. Cliff Notes : Compared to the rest of place – I always thought Tom Cruise seemed like a good shit.
    Binky : Settle down Cliff. Apparently this site burps up from the USA. We’d better watch it.
    Knee Ya Ha Ha : Frank from 16th floor, Chung King Mansions, always thought Jackie Chan and Tom could rice out a ‘Mission Improbable’

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