Katie Holmes is leggy

January 15th, 2008 // 91 Comments

Katie Holmes promoted her new movie Mad Money on The Late Show with David Letterman last night. She posed outside Ed Sullivan Theater wearing a short red coat and a whole lot of legs. Notice what’s missing from this picture? Grappling hook marks on Katie’s thighs from Tom trying to scale them. Not that I really expected them to be there, but you never know. Maybe he fell into a pint of beer one night and decided to have sex with his wife. Something about using a Cheerio as a life preserver gets Tom Cruise randy. Then again so do Jimmy Dean Sausage Links…

Photos: INFdaily.com

  1. Samantha

    She’s gorgeous. I LOVE YOU, JOEY POTTER. <3

  2. Eggy


  3. BunnyButt

    Okay, I must admit, she’s smokin’ hot here, even if she’s been Scientologized.

  4. gemma


  5. steve

    Scientologists really do make the best dressed crazy cult members.

  6. noneyobeezwax

    yeah, those are some nice legs, but where is her aluminum foil hat? i thought all those crazy cult types wore aluminum foil hats.

  7. Bob

    Perfect legs… long, lean, toned. Perfect. :)

  8. sla

    Nice except it looks like her shoes are on the wrong feet.

  9. Chauncey Gardner

    Everything about Katie is perfect – except her head, and the alien protoplasm inside it.

  10. Gerald_Tarrant

    Haha, nice call sla.

    I think this is another typo. Headline should read: “Katie Holmes is a brainwashed beard for a short man with a small dick who loves the cock.”

  11. p0nk


  12. crabby old guy

    Damn! Looks like she’s channeling Barbara Feldon/”Agent 99″ from her “Get Smart” days – and I have just the secret spy tool in my pants for her to use on her next mission.

    Nice stems.

  13. Al


  14. mrs.t

    Indeed, p0nk, indeed he do.

  15. p0nk

    holy tap-dancing xenu, sla, you’re right. maybe it’s the scientologist version of foot-binding.

  16. Not Really

    She looks like a boring olive oil – go for it Popeye.
    If it shacks up with Cruise, its not worth having…

  17. Kim

    Her shoes ARE on the wrong feet. In the first pic you can totally see the toe of the shoes are angles out not in! I guess when you are numb to the world, so are your feet.

  18. deaconjones

    Nice legs, too bad her mid section is destroyed from birthing the second alien hybrid coming

  19. She’s boring. Did they eat the kid yet???

  20. put the ugly people in the back

    I’ve seen WAY better legs. Hers are a little thick and cankeley. Cameron Diaz is wrecked but hers are much longer and more elegant. Charlize Theron’s take the cake, even Reese Witherspoon for a petite gal has stunning legs. As a leg lover these are certainly nogt the best.

    Plus Katie’s soup bowl haircut really doesn’t do it for me but, I guess it’s the perfect ‘do for under her scientology helmet (which is really an old collander that Tom stuck some buttons and pipe cleaners to).

  21. SF person

    Yeah, I agree with everybody, there’s something wrong with this person, ha ha ha. And the next one too.

  22. those marathons have been doing her good

  23. mrs.t

    How ugly are knees? I just went back and looked at these possibly perfect legs, and the knees just ruin it for me. Knees stop looking good around age 11.

  24. morga

    Hey, she doesn’t look half-bad here! Nothing special, but cute.

    What the heck is going on………?

  25. Suzanne

    She looks ugly. And dumb. That makes me feel pretty. And smart.

  26. Seymour Butz

    Anyone else notice every single picture has her hands inside her pockets?

    Maybe her pockets are lined with aluminum foil?

    Maybe she’s holding onto some magic Scientology pain-relieving device, thus allowing her to wear shoes on the wrong feet.

  27. kzjdf

    damn she looks hot in that main pic

  28. BunnyButt

    I don’t think her shoes are on the wrong feet. I think her feet are on the wrong legs.

  29. Ooba Gooba

    Holy shit, her shoes ARE on the wrong feet!! Is she really that stupid, or is she trying to start a new fashion trend? Or did Tommy make her do it? Amazing.

  30. mrs.t

    In this month’s New Yorker there’s a long-ish article on Scientology….I came away from it feeling like they are more about real estate than anything. Apparently the church has bought up all the terrific Beaux Arts buildings in LA, and people are scrambling to get what’s left on the historic register before the Scientologists come in and sponge paint everything in various shades of salmon pink.

    So, we can add that to proof that TCLTC…faux marble is a dead giveaway for a man of his age, who really embraced his gayness in the late eighties.

  31. TS

    If it’s possible to look like you have no personality, she certainly does. But you don’t bang personality, she’s still hot as hell in these pictures. Olive Oil looking or not. (which is a pretty good call by the way)

  32. Ted from LA

    Let me set the record straight. Her shoes are NOT on the wrong feet. She just has her legs crossed up by her cunt.

  33. edamame

    You can watch the video of her on Letterman from last night on

  34. my comment

    Her hair looks good for a change.

    But,.. bare legs in pumps in January in NYC?

    Red is nice but the coat is too short.
    Brrrr! Cold and all wrong.

  35. Me

    This girl has got the ugliest knees I have ever seen. And she looks totally lifeless.

  36. Seymour Butz

    You’d feel lifeless too if you slept with TC.

  37. Hey TS, where you working now?

  38. Her shoes are pointing to where she’s been instead of where she’s going. It must be like climbing a tree for Tom Cruise.

  39. Irwin

    It’s Agent 99 from “Get Smart.”

  40. Clarence

    Nice stems. I’d bend her over a desk, that’s for sure.

  41. Perspective

    Good thing she has those HIDEOUS FEET of hers covered up. Quite possibly the nastiest paws in Hollywood.

    Oh and your husband is totally insane.

  42. She actually looks nice here. She wore make up AND brushed her hair… radical! ;)

  43. nia

    LOL! I think tom drugged her, what sane grown ass person would put their shoes on wrong. He had to have drugged her. Poor thing.

  44. D. Richards (Mother.)

    Fuck that shit. Look, Dick doesn’t know fashion; all he wears is black, and Vans slip-ons, everyday. And condoms. Condoms everywhere. On his fingers, his penis. All over.

    However, He does know one thing and that’s, if you’re going to show your thighs, male or female, the thighs should be bigger than your knees. If not, you end up looking like some kind of cancer patient. Not sexy.

    Legs should not taper from the foot up.

  45. Auntie Kryst

    Absolutely nothing bad to say here. Katie is looking great. I have to agree with the others, she’d make a great Agent 99. Missed it by that much Chief.

  46. Superbad

    is Celtic’s Paul Pierce her bodyguard?

  47. Rocky

    Katie is beautiful.

  48. Sciento'leggy'

    Regardless of her legs, Xenu told me that Tom Cruise likes Will Smith’s legs better.

  49. That looks hot from here!

  50. Ewwww

    Ewww!!!! How the hell is Tom Cruise supposed to get aroused with that? Where her flannel and denim?

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