Katie Holmes is beyond gone

May 30th, 2008 // 53 Comments

These are images of Katie Holmes as she moved to New York City this week to prepare for her role in the Broadway production of All My Sons. And looking into those eyes, I’ve now seen the depths of crazy. Dammit, she used to be hot! Tom Cruise has gone way, way too far. Someone’s gotta do something about this and I’m looking at you, Beckhams. One of you, David, needs to take one for the team while the other, Victoria, spirits Katie to safety. The double meaning of taking “one for the team” goes without saying because it’s butt sex with Tom Cruise

UPDATE: I just received the following e-mail from Tom Cruise. Presented here in its entirety:

Yeah, all that stuff. The team stuff. Make that stuff happen. I’ll pay you in Tom Cruise dollars. When Xenu is defeated in an intergalactic chariot race by yours truly, my money will be worth money! No foolin’.

Heil me!

p.s. I’m smiling right now – Tom Cruise style! (That’s T.C. talk for “pants-free.” He he, I’m naughty!)”

My job is so friggin’ weird…

Photos: INFdaily.com

  1. Guy

    Looking more like a little girl.

  2. bakinmycake

    “Hi, I’m crazy”

  3. Mel

    Tom Cruise is such a fucking wacko!!!!! I feel for Katie…

  4. Delicious Alcohol

    Ha ha, Tom Cruise likes gay butt sex. TCLTC

  5. NickiChick

    She looks like really creepy child. I swear I can her saying, “They’re baaaaaaaack” as she looks at me with those vacant eyes.

    ** shudder **

  6. Rio

    Poor Katie. Who knew the price of marriage to Tom Cruise, douchebag extraordinaire, was the loss of your freedom and your soul? On the upside, I hear Xenu is a stone cold hottie…

  7. Tocio

    Most ironic line in recent movies, from “Go” (1999) with Katie Holmes playing the character Claire: “Gay men are so hot. It’s tragic.”

  8. surgerylass

    Geez! Give a woman a break. Can’t you see she just simply doesn’t have any make up on. Do you think we have it on 24/7. It’s not difficult to see that all hollywood celeb’s are made up, made over, air brushed until you think without make upu is unattractive.

  9. janex

    Crazy? Nah. It’s the look of someone that’s about to defect. Good luck.

  10. SevanSins

    Those oh so pretty pretty eyes…
    (If you stare long enough you see her mouth the words, “For the love of Xenu, HELP ME!”

  11. aurelius

    Guys, you are good!!! This TC guy is a freak (Although I like his movies)

  12. Tommy Sneakers

    She looks like one of those mentally challenged people who walk around with a permanent smile and a blank stare in their eyes

  13. Ted from LA

    I wonder if she sleeps with that expression on her face.

  14. SevanSins

    #14 Don’t ask Tom.

  15. I bet she’s in NYC blowing the entire male cast, even the homos. She has experience getting fucked by a gay man after all.


  16. Evan

    Dear Superficial writer,

    I have been an avid fan for quite some time now, but I must say that this is some of your best work. Seriously. Pulitzer material.

  17. Nola

    As someone who lives in Katie’s old home town I can only say this;

    A Broadway show is only going to prove that Katie can’t act.

  18. Kim Lard-ass-ian

    Fuck who could believe this use to be Joey on Dawsons Creek. Do it David shite you might even like it.

  19. The Last Word

    #4 don’t feel for Katie. She went into this mess willingly. She actually thinks Tom is completely sane!

  20. snarky

    Thats just plain silly. The paps just caught her out & about without any makeup on, thats why she looks different. Without makeup on you can really see how alike Suri & her look. And I have to say, no Katie’s not nearly as pretty w/o makeup; but she looks a lot prettier w/o it than most women do. All that being said, I do have to admit; Tom Cruise is a bit of a nutcracker and does seem to kind of have Katie (sorry, “Kate”) brainwashed.

  21. JimmyBachaFungool

    She is not happy. It’s all over her face.

    Her husband prefers men anyway.

  22. EuroNeckPain

    A boring picture of a normal-looking celeb buying some stuff in stores downtown. Nothing special. And a weird insulting comment that is supposed to be funny.
    Besides being boring, is the picture old also ? Because this is end of May, and even if it is raining, I don’t understand the black winter coat. Especially if this is L.A.

  23. norton

    Where in the hell are Katies’ parents?

    Someone needs to help this kid before she is PERmanently damaged TC style.

  24. andie

    You’d think for as often as this woman is photographed that at least ONCE we’d see her with a smile that reaches her eyes.
    Nope. Dead-Eye Stare
    She looks unhappy

  25. sheana

    isn’t she allowed to show her teeth? never a full smile, always the close-lipped half smirk. i don’t get it. she has one pose. did she used to smile full?

  26. ???

    #24 her parents can’t help her. They’ve been frozen out by the crazy cult. You know the rules of cult, don’t you? Anyone who doesn’t agree with their beliefs is cut out of their life. Her parents have to pretend everything is okay just so they can see their granddaughter.

  27. Koko

    Lookin as crazy as Bjork now…

    (watches over shoulder for ScienTOMogy hit squad…)

  28. NY Ted

    Earth to Katie…Earth to Katie…It is too fucking late for Katie Tate! Her grey matter has been sucked out clean and filled with Tiny Tom Thumbs venom of liquid cult poison!

    Should have listened to us bloggers a long time ago….

  29. VM

    gratz on TC turning her into a little boy.. =/

  30. britney's weave

    for all those commenting on her lack of makeup: what the hell does makeup have to do with that fucked up stare she’s sporting? she’s a fucking vegetable.

  31. Sam Brown

    Stepford Wife. I hope selling your soul was worth it Katie Cruise.. poor bitch

  32. stu

    hey superficial writer

    RE: “UPDATE: I just received the following e-mail from Tom Cruise. Presented here in it’s entirety::

    presented in it’s entirety??

    presented in it is entirety?
    presented in it was entirety?

    you can’t use “it’s” in that sentence, it’s “its”…

    god damn im awesome… i’m… i meant i’m…

  33. greeny

    Tom Cruise is one lucky man…I’f I had her I would be jumping on a coach too!!!

  34. Ted from LA

    I’d be jumping out a 29th floor window.

  35. McKenna

    She looks okay to me. Just isn’t wearing a lot of makeup. Where do you dig up these weird ideas? Lol

  36. Sheva

    She’s dead Jim. (And vacant as an electrical power plant that dumped into a Xenu approved electroshock machine.)

    Tom Cruise has finally killed her. Nothing left but a shell.

  37. Hippo

    Looks like we have some Scientology trolls here.

    The lack of makeup doesn’t account for the emaciated appearance and the zombie eyes. That girl is in serious trouble, and I don’t care how many Scientology apologists pretend she’s fine.

  38. Reel World

    You said it Hippo!

  39. Anonymous

    Someone asked above “where are her parents”… that is one of the things the cult of Scientology does is force you to “disconnect” from people in your life who are not fellow cult members.

    Notice the guy behind her in the second photo? He is one of her handlers that make sure she doesn’t have the opportunity to start thinking on her own and attempt to get away.

    She is a prisoner. Don’t feel sorry for her though because like all of their cult members they gladly enter the prison called Scientology.


    She paid a price for all that she got when she married THE Tom Cruise – whatever you think of him, he’s rich, famous, KNOWS what he believes in and tries to promote it, while she was just a silly 20-something actress from Dawson Creek. He’s older, wiser (!) and probably directs her career and her life now, and there’s no way she even knows HOW to pull away from it.

    Cults tell you NEVER to speak to anyone about what the members do, or something bad will happen. Well, something bad has happened, it’s called YOUR LIFE, Katie.

    Fuck her, anyway. She did it to herself.

  41. Anonymous

    I think Tom and the church continue their pro-ana mind control (see: http://www.unstirred.com/tom-cruise-likes-em-starved/ ) but it’s her fault and I agree with Uncle Ned she did it to herself.

    And I actually think she looks quite sexy.

  42. esther

    Suri looks older than her on these pics haha

  43. Shannon

    Hey, #41, the guy behind her isn’t a CO$ handler. That’s Patrick Wilson. He’s starring in the play she’s going to be in. He’s very successful and talented, and as far as I know he’s not a member of the CO$.

  44. les

    Slamming this couple is getting old. #41 is incorrect as well as, I am sure, most of these posts. She doesn’t have any make-up on and, maybe, just maybe, she’s tired – jet lag, etc.

  45. mya

    bad hair, but her face looks about the same.

  46. India Wilkes

    Hey that’s Patrick WIlson… the most talented and sexy guy around Broadway in the last times. Lots of talent!

  47. roop

    This is the first time I’ve seen Emo Phillips without his MJ Beat It Jacket?

  48. Abi

    Tom has officially succeeding in morphing his wife into an underage anime schoolgirl. Xenu has definitely been making him watch too much Sailor Moon lately.

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