Katie Holmes doesn’t even know

May 1st, 2009 // 32 Comments

Apparently, Tom Cruise was at the premiere of Star Trek last night thus confirming my theory on midget quotas, but Christ, scope out the look on Katie Holmes. If that’s not proof he drugs her up good, I don’t know what is. I could probably fire a gun next to her face, and she’d simply yawn then get shin-kicked for showing human emotion.

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  1. lizzy


  2. name

    I didn’t realize that zombies could show emotion.

  3. larry the cable guy

    Who cares about these fool, Don’t you know Danny Gans died today?
    What a great loss


  5. Kdog

    Why does she dress like a 70 year old???

  6. PunkA

    Love her. Always will. She is my guilty little crush. So suck it , Fish.

  7. Nate

    She looks like an alien mannequin that just smoked opium out of a straw.

  8. Dooley

    It’s one thing to see the likes of Britney and lindsey turn into wasted little head cases because you always have that feeling that they could change if they really wanted to. But seeing Katie like this really saddens me – I get the sense that she really doesn’t know what’s been done to her and how her life has been ruined by that arrogant little cult follower she trusted in.

  9. gits

    It’s amazing they managed to snap 2 pictures during the 10 milliseconds when Tom took his steering hand off Katie.

  10. p0nk


    @8 It’s not as if nobody warned her.

  11. Bung

    If only more ads could be fit on this page…

  12. Scientologists don’t believe in drugs. It’s just good old fashioned emotional abuse and brainwashing that’s got her in a stupor.

    Also, being around Tom all day can’t be good for your mental health either…

  13. Deacon Jones

    That’s my exact reaction on Mondays

  14. Napoleon

    Get real man. She’s just gazing in to nothing. Happens to everyone when they’re consumed by their thoughts. It’s actually a pretty peacefull moment when it happens.

  15. inside Katie Holmes' mind...

    “…well, Tom said he was a great friend who he hadn’t seen in a long time and didn’t expect to be here…and besides, don’t all men use a little tongue when greeting a dear, dear friend?…my stomach really hurts…”

  16. zsa

    I always feel so sad when I see her now. I wonder when she’ll come to her senses and leave him.



  17. MBL

    Isn’t her contract about up? She can’t be sticking around from fear that Tiny Tom would get custody of a kid that’s not his. No judge would endanger a child by giving her to someone like him. Wonder if all she was promised has been worth it. She’s aged 20 years, she hasn’t become a world-class actress, nor has her strange taste in clothing made her a fashion icon.
    It must be one helluva non-disclosure agreement!

  18. The Bong Show

    Her thetans have made it to the landing station on Venus. Tom must be proud.

  19. Mama Pinkus

    poor gal knows Tommy will kick her to the curb as soon as she shows any signs of aging

  20. BuffaloSixtySex

    We’re going to find out five years from now that this Katie is a decoy and that Tom Cruise has the real Katie chained to the AC unit in his basement.

  21. 1moreidiotintheworld

    Nawwww….. her brain just checked out. She realized a while back how fucked up her existance is and just simply shut down for good while her body continues on auto-pilot. All hail Xenu!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  22. Is it weird with little tommy as “BUDDY”, folks?

  23. mikeock

    scientology good. me make clay dolls on the clay table. tom cruise is my true love. katie are you in there? Hello? Hello?

  24. SoTe

    Oh my god, that poor girl! That is exactly the look of someone thinking “What the fuck am I doing here?”. Who knows if she really knew what she was getting into, you have a few months of total blindness and “Oh my god, Tom Cuise loves me and I had his poster on my wall when I was a little girl.. I’m in heaven” and then when she finally realized it was actually HELL she was already pregnant and almost married. Too late Katie.

  25. Boogeyman King Dong

    Yes,my ding dong is really THAT big Katie Holmes.Yum!

  26. Sauron


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  28. Roger

    #25: “Oh my god, Tom Cuise loves me and I had his poster on my wall when I was a little girl.. I’m in heaven”

    You KNOW this is exactly how she thought. And if you are a girl, you would think too.

    All I know, she’s certainly not lil Joey Potter anymore. Things are not swell in the ‘Creek.

  29. abby

    Why does she dress like a 55-year-old?

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