Katie Holmes has been to a hair salon

November 29th, 2007 // 121 Comments

Katie Holmes accompanied Tom Cruise to the Bambi Awards in Germany this evening. Katie showed off her new hairdo which further proves that she is just a giant walking doll for Tom Cruise to play dress-up with. I’m looking forward to her next look which I’m willing to bet will be a lumberjack. Complete with real-live moustache. How’d she do that? Let’s just say Tom does the cooking and added an extra ingredient. He’s not saying, but here’s a hint: It’s hormone pills.

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  1. sarah


  2. Laura

    she hot! first!!!!

  3. JamieB

    Could she look anymore like Posh Spice with a dye job?

  4. Sarah

    I think she looks cute with her hair like that

  5. i like her hair, but wtf facial expression?

  6. Ruby

    I think she looks adorable, LOVE the hair. I wish my hair could do that (my hair is pretty much resistant to any product known to man). TC on the other hand looks creppy standing next to her. He looks way too much like he could be her dad. Ugh gross.

  7. robin

    I like the hair cut on her. It makes her look so different that its pretty shocking… She’s a different person with this hair cut.

  8. roastbeef


  9. Ruby

    And by creppy I meant creepy of course. And maybe also crappy. *inspects pictures again* Yup, also crappy.

  10. Grace

    She actually is starting to look like a Realdoll. It’s a bit creepy.

    For those who don’t know, also NSFW:

  11. Chauncy Gardner

    Nanu, nanu.

  12. It’s totally a wig.

  13. meh

    Kelly Osbourne, anyone? Anna Wintour?
    Who cares? It’s completely unflattering on her. She looks like a child playing dress up with mummy’s wigs. :-/

  14. nick

    ermmmmm..she is morphing into Posh Spice…posh is her stylist and she is turning her into a real Fem-Bot-Stepford-wife….oh its scary

  15. Ruby

    @ # 16

    If that’s a wig there might still be hope for me yet! Thank you for making another bad hair day seem more promising.

  16. She looks like a Stepford wife!!

  17. Joeb

    Posh 2.0

  18. woodhorse

    Tom Cruise is Alfred Hitchcock without the talent.

  19. Ript1&0

    That’s funny, I thought the extra ingredient was “special sauce”.

    If anyone’s a corpse, it’s this one, not Britney.

  20. Ruby

    All you people who say she looks like Posh: Posh wishes she looked this cute. Posh usually looks all constipated, just without the bloating. Although Katie’s face here is kind of blank (when hasn’t it been that way since she married this assclown?), she still looks way better than Posh ever has or will.

  21. PunkA

    She looks like Britney with black hair. HOLY CRAP!!! Tom has turned a hawt chick into something not. He has the gay-das touch.

  22. ZZ

    she is TOTALLY his doll. no doubt.

  23. clamdiver

    I just dont get it.

  24. Alma


  25. You can tell it’s a wig b/c you can’t see her scalp at the center part and the whole thing looks big on her head.

  26. fluffyrabbit

    Brittney Spears with a decent wig?

  27. zoinks!

    She is doing a horrible job at trying to impersonate Uma Thurman from Pulp Fiction. I don’t like Kate anyways. She talks out of the side of her mouth.

  28. Anal Phlegm Munch

    They should both be publicly flogged, tarred, feathered, and thrown into a volcano. Then we can punt Suri in there after them after we dip her in flaming pig shit.

  29. Holycrap

    God she looks just like Suri with make up on and very shiny hair.

  30. EveryonePoops

    This haircut comes in handy when getting a BJ. If you grab each side and bunch the hair up in your fist, they’re kind of like handlebars. Very auxiliary!

  31. Matilda

    Woah. Can anyone say white Rihanna?

  32. Matthew


  33. zz

    YES! She DOES look like Rihanna.
    AND she DOES look like Suri.
    Oh man.

    Why did someone say “look at her belly?”

  34. it looks like a wig… i’d be surprised if it wasn’t.

    and the belly looks fine.

  35. Ooba Gooba

    I wonder if the Church OK’d this new hairstyle.

  36. Mick


  37. kilngoddess

    It’s a wig and she looks ridiculous.

  38. cmc

    Could be a wig, could be a bump. TC is morphing into Charlie Chaplin. (maybe possibly Howard Hughes – just as freaky)

  39. Ted from LA

    She looks perfect for Hee Haw.

  40. cute!!!! ???????!!

  41. lux

    She looks, good and thin. I like her new bangs, cute!

  42. Annicka

    Normally, I’m not a Katie Holmes fan, but this is the cutest I’ve ever seen her. I hope she sticks with this hair cut, it’s adorable!

  43. Amelia

    So what if it IS a wig. She looks great :) (and sure does look like Suri in this photo set).

  44. Sarah


  45. Screaming Meat Nugget

    Her head looks like the tip of a black dick.

  46. Dorito man

    Tom Cruise—–> putz

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