Katie Holmes gets even more butch

April 14th, 2009 // 52 Comments

Well, this was bound to happen. Tom Cruise’s efforts to turn Katie Holmes into a man have officially backfired; she’s gone lesbian. Don’t believe me? Just look at these pics and tell me with a straight face you’d be genuinely surprised to see Samantha Ronson hop out of Katie’s backpack holding hiking boots and promises of teaching gym.

That’s what I thought.

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  2. Marina

    I hate Katie anyway.

  3. Somewhere, Rosie O’Donnell is whackin’ off…

  4. I dont believe cruise can coax the dyke out of this girl, she not in the first place!

    and heres my reference:


  5. smarg

    She never was a hottie. But now, it doesn’t matter…she’s his prisoner and sex slave, getting ready for the Martian takeover.

  6. Rhialto

    I wouldn’t recognize her being Katie Holmes.Her mental state looks better though.

  7. Nero

    Wacko sandals.Does she like foot tickling?

  8. teanthor

    I don’t care how much you bash her. She’s still hot.

  9. Richard McBeef

    @5 Prisoner – yes, Sex slave – no

    Butch her up all you want she still doesn’t have that cock that Tom craves



  10. Karen

    Since there’s no black man in this story, can we assume it’s ok to criticize the white girl again?

  11. Darth

    So what’s next? Growing a beard?

  12. His Huge Greatness Himself

    I’m much,much more handsome than any of those paps overthere.

  13. dave

    Yeah, the one thing that keeps me from immediately jerking off every time I see her is now gone. Now that you’ve got me thinking about some chick (yeah even Ronson) muff diving on her means I need some alone time right now.

  14. #11 – Well, Tom Cruise married his beard!


  15. Teanthor's Optometrist

    #8 Make an appointment with me ASAP. Are you allergic to dogs?

  16. Rosie O'Donnell

    Fuck, you people are total idiots – they have to be CARGO shorts. We passed that rule a long time ago.

  17. What an ugly man that is.

  18. Does anyone else remember when she was actually hot? I think I wore out my DVD player pausing a scene in The Gift where she let her funbags fly. What a shame she has turned into the monster above.


  19. catapostrophe

    All these comments are extraordinarily witty and interesting–just like The Superficial itself!

    It’s wild!

    Keep up the work, everybody!

  20. Eva Destruction

    Much as Tom Cruise blumpkins Katie, I want to blumpkin Shoopy after the coffee truck pizza.

  21. hahaha


  22. I really hate Tom for ruining our little Dawson’s Creek girl’s life. She finally lost it but I was expecting this for a while now. God help her and Suri. If you have other people or things you hate yoou can share your feelings on my website http://sharehate.blogspot.com You can also read what others hate and why and you will be surprised. I say, check it out.

  23. Anonymous

    Scientology is a cult. Not a religion. They are complete nutjobs.

  24. Cindy

    If Katie really has developed skill with the strapon, I bet most Superficial male commenters now find her MORE attractive.

  25. Jen

    Holy Hell, WTF happened to her?

    And LOL to #24.

  26. AmeriCanadian

    She looks sick or something…Ela e muita doente. (or is it muito? My portuguese is fail.)

  27. Sarah

    it’s official…Tom IS gay and Katie is his new man lover. WOW and she used to be sooo pretty…what a shame

  28. LA

    What’s she doing in Silverlake?

  29. Randal

    Even though Katie is out on the prowl for Samantha Ronson, she still looks adorable.


  30. Bobaloo

    The sad result of achieving her childhood dream of marrying Tom Cruise.

  31. NY Ted

    Send Tom Cruise to the Somalia Pirates!

    Then we can turn poor brain-washed Katie back into a woman again who likes the man meat that Tiny Tom Thumb can’t and won’t give her!

    She used to be such a cute little thing before she married that fucking nut job!

  32. le fag

    boy’s dont cry


  33. Katie looks like every other slob

  34. Katie looks like every other slob

  35. Katie looks like every other slob

  36. time will tell if they stick together

  37. Do FreeBird

    She looking more like SaMANtha Ronson every day. She’s also been looking pretty zombified lately.

  38. Dan

    I’d make ‘er pregnant.

  39. Ladodgurs22

    Honestly, I’m suprised it took this long for her to turn into that. Then again, Tom Cruise seems to do this to every women he marries. Katie and Samantha are meant for one another.

  40. I’m sure this look will cause a fight tonight!!

  41. There’s “slovenly”, but it doesn’t excuse those things on her feet.

  42. mafme

    I can dig chicks that dress like this from time to time… but usually they don’t have bodies like that or dig the doods.

  43. Dirk the Impailer

    Tom has done everything he can to make her into a boy clone. He only gets it up for young boys, and has done everything in his power to turn her into a boy look-alike so that he can at least fantasize about boys while ramming it up her ass.

    The short hair, the jeans all the time, the no makeup — she could easily pass for a boy.

    What a waste…

  44. yuk.

    If it weren’t for the bag and the shoes, I’d say she looks homeless.

  45. freeeky geek

    Are these pics of John Meyer?

  46. freeeky geek

    Are these pics of John Meyer?

  47. momof4

    You people are so judgmental! Just because she’s dressed like this doesn’t mean she’s a dike! I dress like that all the time and I have 4 kids and a wonderful husband I’m a long way from a dike! I would NEVER EVER be one.. never judge a book by its cover thats all I gotta say!

  48. bertch29

    I am still totally amazed at how much these celebs will pay for clothes that make them look like homeless lesbians. WTF is with those sandals anyway?

  49. What the Hell?

    Did Tommy Boy remove all the mirrors in their home?

  50. Chris

    Poor SamKat.

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