Katie Holmes’ cleavage, you’re alive!

November 11th, 2009 // 28 Comments

Here’s Katie Holmes wearing sexy negligee this morning while filming The Romantics, and these pics officially shoot down my theory about her chest being reduced to nothing but belt-sander burns and midget footprints. I honestly expected that one to go the distance. *sigh*

Photos: INFdaily

  1. It’s like there is nothing behind her eyes. She needs help.

  2. BOBBO

    She looks imply THRILLED to be there.

  3. gdj

    hot.. crazy woman style. too bad she got with a crazy man, and that’s on the opposite end of hotness metering :)

  4. bonoofu2


  5. Crabby Old Guy

    He must be said, Katie’s freedom can only be found at the end of my penis.

    As her pint-sized husband once said in one of his films, “Help me, help you.”

    Katie – call me.

    And, BTW, TCLTC

  6. Deacon Jones


    There’s some sweet pics of Anna Lyne floating around from yesterday, yellow bikini. Bound to evoke +100 comments of flab vs skeleton

  7. How is that cleavage. She still looks like a 12 year old boy and I am sure that is the way Tom like its

  8. that long coat is sexy

  9. Stating the Obvious

    Tom will not be impressed when he see’s this. Katie’s gonna have to where the mega kong strap-on later today when she’s dressed as a priest and Tom’s dressed as a choir boy. You know, for penance.


  10. Tom Cruise

    Do not want!
    Oops I forgot she is mine…

  11. Rodham

    Pale, vacant…cigarette face.

  12. whatever

    She looks dead inside.

  13. Sport


  14. Christopher

    More elusive than bigfoot…

  15. The only opinion that matters (to me)

    I want to rescue this woman and her child from that nutjob, control freak, scientologist loving idiot of a husband. She looks dead inside in every picture I have seen her in for the last couple of years. Tom Cruise seems to have that effect on woman. How weak are all the people around him (like his family) who join the religion because of him? Sounds like brainwashing to me. I would have a whole lot more respect for him, John Travolta and all the other big names who sold their souls to scientology, if they just renounced their affiliation to this religion. Believe me, it is that religion that is the cause of her unhappiness.

  16. Hey, that’s a Victoria’s Secret nightie! This must be on a budget…

  17. Hey, that’s a Victoria’s Secret nightie. They must be working on a tight budget, since I’m sure Cruise is mandating a Xenu commission.

  18. Delgo

    She looks awful.
    But better than “Avatar”

  19. Ein

    Full of sadness + About to suicide = This woman.

  20. Hanson Danson

    I would so hit that six ways to Sunday.

  21. KG

    She looks about 12 years old here. Yuck.

  22. Jamie

    I can’t believe that so many people seem to feel sorry for this person.

    Yes, she was a actress (if starring in dawsons pond or whatever it was makes you an actress) before she met crazy Tom. But she was very aware of who she was marrying – i.e that he was loaded and could help her waning career.

    She was a complete gold/career digger – I don’t feel sorry for her one bit. That’s what you get when you be with someone out of self interest. If she’s unhappy now – Wow…..she should have thought of that. I guess money doesn’t really make you happy bitch.

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  25. lol

    It’s either a wonderbra or the girl got some implants as that 3o year old was flat as a pancake. She’s a horrible actress.

  26. She looks like she needs a good spanking – probably never gets one – Tom would probably think thats “inappropiate”

  27. She needs to drop the zero and get with the hero.

    Tom’s too busy waiting for the mothership to give her the attention she needs.

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