Katie Holmes’ Broadway opening picketed by protestors (Also, you can see her nipple)

September 19th, 2008 // 64 Comments

The opening of Katie Holmes’ Broadway show All My Sons was picketed last night by members of the Internet group Anonymous. Protestors wore Guy Fawkes mask ala V for Vendetta, according to Us Magazine:

The group was wearing masks and shouted, “We are not boycotting Katie, we are not boycotting the play, we are protesting Scientology. It is evil. Scientology kills people. It follows you home at night. It is perverted.”
A spokesperson for Anonymous spoke to Us recently about the planned action. “We are going to be there not only in protest of The Church of Scientology,” a member of the group told Us, “we would love to see Katie Holmes get away from this evil cult before it’s to late.”

Some members held up signs that read “Free Katie.” I hear Anonymous even attempted to kidnap Katie and take her to safety. But halfway to their destination they realized something was amiss when “Katie” kept laughing and telling her captors “You know what would cure me? Butt sex. Just sayin’.” Five minutes later they pulled over and tossed Tom Cruise off a bridge who, sadly, landed on the back of a bee and flew to safety. True story.

EDIT: Reader Cuno is more alert than I am this morning. That is definitely Katie Holmes’ nipple in the first two pics. I had to check twice because it’s practically the size of a saucer. But, it’s official: we have nip and I was, uh, testing you guys. Yeah…

Photos: Splash News

  1. Wow…

    FIRST crackas and those with a propensity for dark meat

  2. cuno

    First Finally!!!!are those nipples

  3. Jimbo


    I see a nipple.

  4. norton

    Fish – you missed the nipple!!!!!!!!

  5. Airykah

    She looks like Kim Kardashian’s mom.

  6. nuke

    Totally nipple…

  7. Scooter Magoo

    Hey, is that a Right Nipple I see through her blouse?

  8. Lou

    Hey man, you’re loosing it! How come you don’t mention that tasty nipple? hehe

  9. Nipplerer

    I see nipple. G writer, youre slackin.

  10. GP

    I’d like to see Katie freed from that shirt. That’s a nice looking areola she’s got there.

  11. Mr Hobbes

    You’ve got to wake up this morning, the first thing I saw was a giant nipple staring me in the face.

    Maybe that says more about me, like I need to get a little more of that good ol’ sex happening. Been slacking a bit lately.

  12. Mia

    I remember wearing a shear top with no bra only because my boyfriend insisted on it. The men enjoyed it, but the women gave me disapproving looks.

  13. JO SMO

    Today should be all about nipples on the superficial

    NBN nothin’ but nipples

  14. Is it me or is she looking more and more like Tom everyday?

    and click my name to see her breasteses in all their glory!

  15. havoc

    Woohoo…space nips!

    Hail Xenu…we have nipplage!


  16. Turd Ferguson

    You people are so dumb.
    Thats not a nipple, thats the lens to an alien surveillance system!

  17. Flower

    It’s like an optical illusion, you think you see it and then you don’t.

  18. Mr Hobbes

    NBN Day is the best idea I’ve heard in a while

  19. Anu

    anyone find it odd that little Suri’s been trained to hide her face?

  20. minerva

    damn /b/tards, can’t they go back to posting porn and daydreaming of the chick from lazytown?

  21. Pussy Galore

    Turd is right on this one….Get back to e-baums world Turd!!!

  22. Slut

    Ha HA Ha HA this is the funniest thing I have read all day. Katie Holmes is now Katie Homely and is looking like her freak o husband Tom….yeah that’s right Tom….You are so glib

  23. Diana

    She really needs to find a bra.

  24. Jules



  25. Wow

    The REAL news is that the kid FINALLY DOESN’T have a bottle with her!!!!!!!!

  26. Dont these people have anything better to do? what happens to freedom of religion? live and let live i always say, if theyre so brave, why dont they get some ballz and protest Islam….

  27. WTF

    Poor dumb little Katie. They’re called bras, have some class and get one.

  28. DonTheMine

    What the hell is wrong with her? She’s the same age as me, but she looks like she’s 50 or something.

    I miss the hot boob baring Katie Holmes.

  29. norton

    For the undergarment retarded…. she’s wearing a bra, it’s a sheer bra with an underwire. See pic 1.

    And frankly, that’s a nice tit.

  30. shes sexless even with that see through garb….

  31. Anonymous Jones

    Hi roughdaddy! How are the scientology courses treating you? You quote almost verbatim the script your handlers have been pushing since this whole thing started.

    Scientology is a dangerous cult that disguises a pyramid scheme money making machine. It is not a religion. Even then, no one gives a shit if Cruise believes in Xenu, what matters is things like whyaretheydead.net,

    I will not address your comment about Islam, because that simply would give credence to your cult being a religion, which it is not.

    Believe it or not, most protestors are middle class, late twenties to early forties and have families and lives but also wish to inform the world about this vile and tawdry cult that you love so much.

    And Katie…. just as the cult killed the last vestige of Tom’s vestigal heterosexuality, it has killed your looks and fashion sense, girl. Take that baby and run for your family.

  32. HankTheDwarf

    This bitch needs to show her beaver.

  33. LoL

    suri looks scared. leave them alone!!!!

  34. mamadough

    if i was katie, i’d make it a habit to only wear matching black reebok jump suits and drink nothing but koolaid every time i went out into public. you know, just for laughs.

  35. man I LOVE big areola…but those arent even close to saucer size.

    you want saucer size? click my name to see them.

  36. Matthew


  37. britney's weave

    that child looks miserable… and katie’s hair is wretched.

  38. dude_on

    The transformation is near complete. Gradually she will speak in lower tones. Do not be alarmed. This too is apart of the plan.

  39. Not That Guy

    It’s a sad day when I utter these words: “No thank you, I would prefer to not see Katie Holmes’s nipple.”

    What the fuck happened to our world? Everything was going great, but now we’re all screwed, and Katie’s nipples are unappealling. Dark days.

  40. Randal

    There’s always this certain flair that follows you around no matter where you are Katie and I must say, your opening performance was a hit as everyone said it was going to be.

    Just wanted to send out my congratulations to you on a job well done.


  41. blah

    @ 5…oh my god she does! Which is scary considering how pretty she used to be and the fact that she’s only in her 20′s!

  42. Get away from Tom as soon as you possibly can Katie. You use to be so cool, and you used to have your own personality.

  43. OnlyGayEskimo

    I wonder if she was just hiding her penis all those years on Dawsons Creek, and it is just now confident enough to come out and play?

    It looks like her nipple is drawn on with sharpie under her shirt like “please look at me, I might be a woman”. Poor thing. She has a beautiful face, but she might as well be a zombie for all her lack of personality.

  44. You guys… the nip is normally-sized. It just looks big compared to the rest of KH.

  45. rolacWAHHHH

    The poor girl is never going to learn how to fucking walk.

  46. Cara

    Hey, you took away the nipple. It was there earlier this afternoon.

  47. Arden

    You people are assholes for taking pics of people when they have their kids. The girl looks terrified. :-(

  48. Heidi

    …and TCLTC!

  49. sarah

    is that tom cruise dressed like a woman behind her?? it sure looks like it.

  50. missywissy

    Free Katie????? She did what she had to do and now she’s married to a powerful man in Hollyweird. Why are folks feeling sorry for her, like she’s trapped and can’t get out? I don’t feel sorry for her.

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