Katie Holmes appearance update

October 8th, 2007 // 108 Comments

For those of you wondering if Katie Holmes looks are improving, I have your answer: Nope. When Katie wakes up in the morning does she look at herself in the mirror and go “Now, what outfit can I wear to make me look like a middle-aged librarian? Ah yes, the Armani pants and white blouse. How could I forget?” Katie will then go looking for her favorite accessory that further repels the attention of other men. You know, that cute little thing that she usually wears over her shoulder. What’s that thing called? Oh yeah, Suri.

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  1. stix

    shes very pretty though….

  2. KC

    Tom Cruise hides in her skirt.

  3. whackjob

    Two posts…one for each of her little B-cup titties.

  4. cindy

    I think she looks cool.

  5. Guy

    Obviously a different writer today. She looks fine, just a filler.

  6. Katie

    “Do you have anything that coordinates well with a homosexsual?”

  7. She’s trying to be Victoria Beckham, but she’s about 10 cosmetic surgeries away from that.

  8. Katie

    “I’m looking for a fabric that is resistant to stains from semen and astroglyde. Yes, yes, men’s pants, that’s what I said.”

  9. Edeath

    I think she looks pretty and I like the outfit

  10. InstantAsshat-AddFame

    At least she dresses like someone’s mom instead of a two-dollar hooker, unlike many famous women in her age range. But maybe this is what happens when you marry someone old enough to be your dad?

  11. anon

    is it true that tom cruise is bisexual?

  12. tromba

    What’s to improve? The woman is drop dead gorgeous. What the hell do you wan – that really snazzy and sophisticated Britany Spears look?

  13. bone daddio

    if you put a bag over that meh face, i would lick Katie stem to stern!

  14. Petite

    I noticed that she wears a lot of black and white. Do the Scientoligist have a dress code?
    I read about that city in Florida where the big Scientology school or whatever is, (they own and entire city block) and the town folks can always pick out the Scientoligst because they dress alike.

  15. Deirdre Anderson

    I agree with the #10 and the first line of #11 – she looks clean and classic – a lot more than we can say about her Hollywood contemporaries

  16. Taylor

    She looks fab

  17. NotBad

    Well, at least she is elegant
    I know a number of men who prefer “elegant” over “sexy”
    They think class is a turn-on while “sexy” is vulgar
    And they love “the beautiful women of the fifties”
    When you compare Grace Kelly to Britney Spears or Pamela Anderson it is understandable

  18. jrzmommy

    Sally Field looks GREAT in these pictures! I mean, she’s in her 60s! Good for you Sal……………………..What? This isn’t Sally Field? It’s Katie Holmes?


  19. adeliza

    hating the hair cut.

  20. havoc

    What? This is what all the Stepford Wives are wearing this year…..


  21. boo

    Since when does she have such thick thighs? She sure is looking dowdy now a days. Its a shame because she used to be such a pretty and charismatic girl. Something is definetly going on. She looks depressed and tired. I bet she’s on meds. Wonder how much longer it will last with Tommy boy. I give it a couple years at best.

  22. rudy

    Her body looks great, especially for a mom. If they take her off the Mellaril her face will start to look cute again, too.

  23. Mike

    I think she looks great. Beautiful and classy.

  24. paul

    She is still hot. Even more so now I think.

  25. spam lips

    why is she trying to look like she’s 15 years older than she is? he dumped nicole’s old barren ass because she was pushing 40 and was good for nothing but being halloween white and frail.

    attention young girls: when a man old enough to be your dad marries you, it’s not because he thinks your a woman, it’s cause he wants a hot young piece of ass . she should be wearing tube tops and coochie cutter shorts not this “office prude” attire. you have plenty of time to turn into an old hag.

  26. lola

    she needs some makeup

  27. adeliza

    #26-He be gay, so what’s the diff?

  28. Pam

    I hate Katie! With her trim body and classic-look outfits! And with her child all the time, and the kid is always smiling because she’s happy to be with her mom! Die you whore!!!

  29. Judith

    I was never a Katie Holmes or Tom Cruise fan but I am a Suri fan, she is the cutest baby in Hollywood land………….And, Katie would make a great “Jackie Kennedy”.

  30. she’s in the ‘zone’ …

    … poor thing. Does anyone remember when she didn’t look like someone’s GrandMa?!

  31. Italian Stallion

    Damn, that bitch is tall……

    She’ll be doing green bean commercials any day now………

    HO! HO! HO!

  32. havoc

    Loving the zombie stare in the first photo….

    Does Scientology allow Lithium?


  33. Erin

    Aww quit being mean just to be mean. She looks great — admit it!

    #19 was pretty hilarious though.

  34. Jessica

    She’s ten times more attractive and classy than any of you anonymous bumpkins.

  35. here. let me remind ya..

  36. Female Software Engineer

    So she felt like wearing the standard conservative outfit that a woman would wear at any age to be taken seriously in the technical field.

  37. L

    Its called dressing classy..remember..she’s not one of the whores in Hollywood( Britney Spears, Paris, Tara Reid) She looks fabulous and like a lady should!

  38. djthecat

    so who is that other woman? a scientology handler?

  39. jrzmommy

    Happy Columbus Day, Stallion.

  40. Italian Stallion

    Jrz thanks. Wanna celebrate by smoking the peace pipe and maybe suckin some horsecock?

  41. KamUK

    She looks OK y’know nothing special but pretty damn OK, of course one must never forget who she married and that her brains have been sucked out by a a dementor or whatever they are called in Scientology – Oh yeah a Tom Cruise.

  42. MrSemprini

    Ummm, Fish? Like, pants are long and they cover both legs, one at a time. Skirts are kinda shorter and they cover both legs at the same time. Kinda like my dates… except less shouting.

  43. J

    Pants might be funny….if she wasn’t wearing a skirt

  44. LooksGood

    Katie looks good. She’s not a porn star and doesn’t dress the part.

  45. whatever

    She looks like…um…what are the words I’m searching for…ah yes…A CULT MEMBER.

    Is that her scientology “minder” in photo 1? Such an appropriate photo, Katie looking down like a zombie, being led by the arm by a freak dressed the same way. They should get black Nike’s and wait for the mothership.

    I’m still pissed at Tom-I’m-a-fucking-weak-minded-asshat Cruise for sucking her into his bullshit cult and freaked out lifestyle. What happened to you Tom? You used to be a normal fucking person. At least you appeared that way at one time. How sad to find out you’re dumber than fucking Rainman.

    “Definitely…definitely a cult. Definitely a cult. Yeah. Scientology is definitely a cult. Hubbard was baaad…bad science fiction. Yeah. Hubbard wrote very bad science fiction. Very bad. Hubbard sucks. Uh oh, fifteen minutes to Judge Wapner. Yeah.”

    I think I’m going to be Xenu for Halloween. I’m going to roam the malls of southern CA in my costume hoping to run across Hollywood scientologists so I can scare the living shit out of them.

  46. silly habits

    suri cruise is the cutest hollywood baby. but really, i don’t think katie is in love. she just signed up for a reoccuring role as “tom’s wife” in the scientology soap opera called “crazy white people believe in aliens ” she’s just playing his wife. they aren’t serious.

  47. person

    she looks great, too bad she married a faggot alien-worshiper

  48. Toots

    Wow. Look at her face, her eyes, her expression. It’s utterly…..void, of any spark of life or happiness. And yeah, seriously, is that her Scitog Handler? Look at Katie’s EYES, omg!!!

    Something’s bad wrong.

  49. Fluffy Butt…shouldn’t have reminded me. So very sad…. :(

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