Katie Holmes actually smiles, perhaps it’s the altitude

October 25th, 2007 // 95 Comments

Katie Holmes attended the German premiere of Tom Cruise’s new movie Lions for Lambs last night and, holy shit, she’s smiling. Apparently Katie didn’t take her mind control pills because she seems capable of human emotions and is wearing heels – a big no, no for Tom’s ladies. Which is understandable, because Katie looks at least 50 feet tall standing next to him. I wonder if his haircut looks even more retarded at that height. I’ll have to ask Katie. As soon as she lets go of that 747.

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  1. HORSE

    Ahhh I’m on a role. Lick my as BITCHES.

  2. HORSE

    ASS my horsy ASS

  3. HORSE

    hurry the fuck up douchebags. jebus.

  4. ilovehills

    I dont know about TomKat. You know how there has been speculation about the hills being fake. I didnt believe it . And then I read this Best Week Ever article, It was an interview with the guy who went on a date with LC, the model dude. And he talks about how fake the taping is. Read the article its crazy.Its on the Best Week Ever site. bestweekever.tv

  5. HORSE

    So Horse how are you today?

  6. Crooked mouth, crooked mind.
    Tom: crooked teeth

  7. Nina

    Tom is totally wearing lifts in his shoes. Side by side, he’s only a few inches shorter than Katie in those pictures despite the fact that she’s wearing four-inch heels.

  8. They look gorgeous – maybe the whole smile thing will wear off on Posh.

  9. HORSE

    I’m fine thank you.

    Oh great ilovehills is here. You’ll be happy to know that I am the love child of Heidi Montag and Hilary Duff that’s why they call me Horse.

  10. veggi

    Tom loves Katie in that dress because it looks like she’s hiding a ginormous boner.

  11. give me your candy

    She’s a bitch for wearing huge heels with her shorite husband. Shows us who really is in charge. Way to immasculate your already immascualted brainwashed crazy hubby Katie.

    She’s like 6’2′ there which is fugly tall for a girl and then she’s wearing a little cutie pie dress that only a petite girl would look good in, itloook s fucking ridiculous on this shemale.

    My Hubby’s 6’2″ but had he been shorter I would have respected him and not worn killer heels.

  12. Penquo

    So is that an SS officer on the far right in the top pic?

  13. Frick

    Reverse ass, thats whats wrong with that dress, I just realized it. It looks like she’s a doll and someone swivled her waist around so that her ass was front and center. Not an attractive look , I must say. The shoes suck too. And so does the husband.

  14. Sapphire

    I agree with #13. They look obnoxious together. She makes him look like a midget although he already is, isn’t he like 5’4″ or something?

  15. gotmilk?

    did Posh Spice dress katie & give her posing lessons? she looks so unnatural, not to mention ridiculous, in the second photo.

    nice zombie impression in #5. too bad halloween isn’t until next week Katie!

  16. Sapphire

    And she shouldn’t have chopped her hair off, she looks bad now.

  17. Sue

    haha he looks like a retard with that haircut.

  18. HORSE

    This has brought back the memories of gym class waiting for all the fatties to finally drag their sagging asses to the finish line.

    But, I’m used to looking down at all the losers it’s the story of my life… at the top.

  19. Fluffy Butt

    you know this whole height (power) issue is eventually going to cause Tommy Boy to have a complex, in turn, creating the need to knock gorgeous Katie down a few notches.

    i have lost any remote bit of respect i had for Tom. he’s just ………….. weird!

  20. gotmilk?

    if a short chick wore that dress, it would eat her alive. it looks like one of those chinese finger traps.

    and who cares if she’s taller than him? its’ not like he had her crouch down in their wedding photos so they were the same height because he’s so insecure. oh wait…

  21. spy

    He’s shrinking!

    She looks so tall and adorable next to her robot husband.

  22. Fluffy Butt

    @ 5 & 7

    nobody fucking cares about the hills

  23. kpol

    #17 – I think you might be on to something. She’s got the Posh haircut going.

    Since Katie & Posh are pals, I wonder how long it will be until Posh introduces Katie to Posh’s plastic surgery team?

  24. give me your candy

    #21. He’ll be screwing a shortie in not time.

  25. lovejoy

    Man, she’s had work done…look at those lips and cheeks! Been hanging out with Posh far too much. What a shame, she’ll look like an old rag before you know it.

  26. HORSE

    Ok, it’s a lie. I’m actually a 45 year old virgin living in Mom’s basement.

  27. give me your candy

    no time

    plus if you’ll all remember a tall lady called who got Nicole Kidman dumped after 10 years for 5’4″ Peneloppe Cruz, the guy’s old but he aint faithful.

    somehow though i think she’s gonna crush him. maybe cuz he looks like a bug next to her.

  28. Fluffy Butt

    LMFAO @ 15

    right on! you are on point with that description.

    pic 4. christ, what is up that fucking dress!?

  29. D. Richards

    Ha-Ha-Ha! Cruise is so fucking short. Check him out. I can’t believe his little cock could actually penetrate a vagina. Holmes is so much bigger than he is. It looks so funny, Tommy. The two of you together. L. Ron should grant you heigth like a good lord. You want a good laugh? Check out the link at the bottom of this entry. Scientology was founded by a lunatic.


  30. Sherlock

    There’s only one explanation for the heels – she caught him in bed with the pool boy. Yes, again. This is his punishment, looking like her little wienerdog at the German premiere (German premier? Nein? Ja! Sieg Heil!) of his movie.

  31. HORSE

    Ahhhh I knew the trolls would get angry they like to think they run this joint. I told you fattties I’m the love child of Hilary Duff and Heidi Montag.

    See fucking troll I’m better at having a good laugh at myself than you are. You’ve been dethroned you lap pinkied little basement dwellers. DEAL bitches.

  32. BABY

    his haircut is so yucky. reminds me of adolf hitler’s.

  33. Kittykat

    Didn’t she used to have boobs??? Maybe not… she certainly doesn’t look like she has them now in that dress. She should have thought that through.

  34. Gordy

    She’s a Stepford wife.
    cruise may be 5’7″ but his pecil dick is only one and a half inch long!

  35. D. Richards

    #15. “Swiveled”. Ha! That’s like in the movie Spaceballs when Mel Brooks’s character goes through the teleportation device. But instead of coming out on the other end normal, Mel’s ass is in the front.

    I’d be uncomfortable sodomizing somebody while looking them directly in the face. Boy, I’m glad the ass faces the back.

  36. ZackEfron

    Who is that woman with my man? Damn Tom…I would never wear heels with you.

  37. #25 Oh, she’s been introduced already…

  38. gotmilk?

    there is not way that Oompa Loompa is 5’7″

  39. SSS

    That dress is stupid; the waist seam is much higher in the front, making the poofy skirt stick out. And the bodice is either too large, or doesn’t have ‘lift’ in it, cuz her boobs are sagging in it.

    If I see a tall lady (physically capable of wearing heels) with a medium-height man, and the lady is wearing flats with a dress that looks better with heels, I lose respect for them both. Mainly for the man, because it’s obvious he has ‘little-man’ issues. Kudos for Katie for standing up for herself!

    @13 Why are you jealous of tall woman? Because they’re attractive, successful in love and business too?

  40. castanza

    Wow. I didn’t realize she could look that hot.

  41. LL

    I like her hair. His, on the other hand… maybe he did it that way for a movie. And yeah, not digging the dress either. It doesn’t look well-made or flattering, though it probably cost more than my car.

    I think he’s 5’6″. Which is below average for American men. His bank account would make up for it, but then he ruins it with that crazy-ass Scientology crap.

  42. Wow

    She is hot! i could care less about the dress or shoes. nuff said

  43. K

    She looks cute, but that dress is ridiculous. Looks like a prom dress gone very very wrong.

  44. Nemesis

    They look great. Give me a fucking break.

  45. Katie

    sure, sure…he’s all smiles until his girdle starts riding up…

  46. give me your candy

    Are you retarded? You don’t even know how tall I am and since I’m incredibly happily married to an athlete turned buisness man and have my own successful buisness you’re comment is worthless.

    Fact is different outfits suit different body types and this one looks ridiculous. if you knew how to READ you’d know that I said if my husband were short I wouldn’t walk around in mega heels looking taller than him, it’s just classless.

  47. give me your candy

    that was for #41.

  48. Frick

    Maybe Suri is hiding under there???

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