Katie Couric is f-cking sexy

November 25th, 2009 // 121 Comments

Sometime Monday, an anonymous source started passing around these old Facebook photos of a drunken Katie Couric celebrating her debut as an anchor for CBS News. And my God, I thought I knew what eroticism meant, but brother, I was all wrong. It’s like a gin-soaked duffel bag of raw sexuality telling me to get her estrogen pills because the shit is on. RAWR!

In related news, I’m ready to admit I have a drinking problem now.

UPDATE: I don’t usually call out comments, but meg nailed this bitch out of the park:

She’s just Jon Gosselin’s type!



  1. Sal

    Like a pissing dog

  2. Rough daddy

    I need to revise my previous comment, Katie is more like a sabre tooth than a puma…Yeah # 100 you dont think her dirt box looks like its been blown by an m-80…

    *God, I use so much abusive language I need to spank myself*

  3. Jane

    Guys shut up! In person she is really beautiful…

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  5. Hellen

    I prefer women over 45 to be asexual. Deal with it, even nature’s telling you something when you stop bleeding.

  6. r4i

    Ohh my my check her moves!!! Still maintained a very good figure and most of all in good shape and moves. The photos in which she is bending lower and doing the hot dance moves caught my eyes the most.

  7. BennyFromThames

    @ 107, I was just thinking the same thing! I thought I was the only one getting tired (grossed out) of the pro cougar movement in the states lately. If you’re a 22 yo women you get a free pass to act a drunken fool “occasionally”, but if you’re friggin’ 52 you’re just embarrassing yourself. Your youth went “bye bye” just sit down & take another estrogen pill before you get another hot flash!

  8. iwouldtapthatcrazynewreaderass

    I so totally would, and then I would brag about it when I got real drunk. I’d take her to the AL Roker-Spidey Celebrity Grudgematch, then back to the room for crazy nerd sex.

  9. flaky

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  10. I know what these pics remind me of now. Robert Smigels Smurfette Show. Especially around 20 seconds:


  11. grossed out in California

    This is GROSS! She looks like she wants to eat whoever took pic #1.

  12. I wonder what katie would have said if that was sarah palin dancing like that? Chances are she would have ended up trying to get her ex back… http://getyourexbackresource.com. perhaps tiger will need this kind of advice soon as well…

  13. its great that she is still rockin’ the bod but it is just too damn old and dusty, put it away Pam

  14. Carol

    I’m ROFL @ first pic

    Is Katie Peeing in one picture?

  15. deal

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  16. ArrrBeee
    Commented on this photo:

    Katie Couric is the biggest Prude.
    I watched her for years and every time a sexual story came up, she was so “put off” I is clear that she wants nothing to do with oral sex. She comes across as sex is a take or leave it part of her life. I still bang her.

  17. andy

    i would nail Katie any time of the day

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