Katie Holmes Looks Pregnant Again

May 9th, 2011 // 68 Comments

“Wait. Hot dogs don’t have testicles or a fireman attached to them…”

There used to be a time when you couldn’t clear a Thetan without hearing about Katie Holmes being pregnant again. Especially with Tom Cruise‘s insatiable hunger for a male heir to bring a new golden age to Lilliput. That said, it actually looks like he might have done it this time. And by done it I of course mean drugged her then walked a fertilized egg directly into her uterus. Later, she’ll find a tiny skateboard in her birth canal making him regret using it as a half-pipe on the way out. He’s better than that.

Photos: Pacific Coast News


  1. Katie Holmes Baby Bump Pregnant
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  2. Newbie


  3. D-chi


  4. Bim

    she left the house looking like that???

    • terry

      No ass, skinny jeans, ballet flats(of course cause what else goes with goddamn skinny jeans? Dock Martins?) and white trash hair.

  5. Katie Holmes Baby Bump Pregnant
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    Why do people think she’s pregnant?
    She looks like Britney Spears does on a good day…
    Oh, right.

  6. XYZ

    Pregnant “AGAIN”? Sorry to burst ur bubble but she WAS NEVER PREGNANT. Suri is adopted and Katie’s pregnancy was all fake.

  7. Sir Digby Chicken Caeser

    he gave it to her Rosemary’s Baby style…

  8. the captain

    I’m saying this is absolutely FAT.
    there is a chanche tough she will try to become pregnant again using this belly as an excuse.

  9. Ma

    Actually, it might not be fat, it looks tight/distended and is (maybe) a tad to low for that.

    Fat might be more flabby, higher up, with lovehandles, while it is more pregnancy-looking here. Or, just bloated :p

    • Girl

      I agree with your comment. I’m naturally thin, and when I am bloated/ just ate a big meal/ pms-ing, this is how my body looks. I also looked this way in early pregnancy. But it’s really hard to say at this point. She prob just had a big lunch.

      • Ma

        Well, we will know soon enough, won’t we? :p But imagine the war going on in the Cruise home if Suri suddenly has to share the attention!

    • TomFrank

      “Share the attention”? Try, “first recruit in Suri’s Army.”

  10. Katie Holmes Baby Bump Pregnant
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    That girl has such a bad dress sense.

  11. GeorgeWBush

    Its just gas….and like Ma said, she is looking a little bloated (girl code for u know what time of the……)

  12. probly just stress fat. you can say that without getting sued right?

  13. terry

    Looks like she just crawled out from a goddamn trailer in the Ozarks.

  14. DKNY

    I say weird angles.

  15. Nancy Pelosi

    The guy in that photo looks perplexed.

  16. Neen

    Her lack of ass makes her stomach appear extra bloated.

  17. Deacon Jones


    I wonder if they still shock you with that electric machine thingy if you’re pregnant.

    I forget the fucking name of that thing, I just read about it

  18. JC

    Looks like somebody screwed up. Clearly this photo shows that the dosage of Scientology “Awesome Sauce” is wearing off while Katie’s still away from the compound.

  19. Cock Dr

    She obviously chose her garments with care, to emphasize everything that’s weird with her figure.

  20. Katie Holmes Baby Bump Pregnant
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    looks more like her ass just moved to the front of her body.

  21. Get off her already. She’s only one long, sustained, 20-second fart, followed by a brief pause, followed by a rat-tat-tat-tat, followed by a 10 second inquisitive-sounding fart away from having the perfect figure again.

  22. Richard McBeef

    Travolta’s stomach acid kills most of Tom’s sperm before SeaOrg can pump it out and turkey baste it into Katie so it really is quite the accomplishment to have another child,

  23. Katie Holmes Baby Bump Pregnant
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    Belly and love handles bigger than ass and boobs is never a good look.

  24. Katie Holmes Baby Bump Pregnant
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    If that’s pregnant, then I’m full term!!! LOL!! Plus, she wouldn’t be wearing such a form fitting top if she was trying to hide anything! I love these “reports” of pure nonsense. Why I’m commenting…who knows.

  25. D_Wire

    “Hmmm…where can I find maternity clothes that will be appropriate for the space ship?”

  26. She is clearly just the victim of a weird shirt and bad angle, and probably whatever insemination treatments Xenu is using these days.

  27. The Critical Crassness

    Suri hasn’t been in any of the “Katie” pictures recently……Katie’s belly is proof of why that is……she obviously ate Suri…..like a mother hamster devouring her own offspring with she feels threatened.

  28. Cher X

    Ahhh….something from the Brittany Spear’s Spring fashion line no doubt.

  29. Eyeball

    She’s built all weird to begin with, and she’s always had a protruding stomach. No boobs, no butt. How far is it until her contract is up? Time to squeeze in another test-tube kiddie for an extra $1M?

  30. anonym

    katie always looks spaced out and sad.

    oh well. having a sugar daddy beats working.

  31. That Tom Cruise, what a poon hound!

  32. gerrydee

    She is not preg…imagine someone with a camera following around all of you shooting unflattering photos..leave the lady alone. Why would she want another child with this controlling man??

    • lnyk

      Did she have ONE CHILD with him? I think most women usually wear loose fitting clothing , the first few months.She’s put the IS Katie pregnant question out there ,again.

  33. “Hmm, 12 years ago, I should have put Brad Pitt’s poster on my wall and fantasized about marrying him instead…Oh well…now what flavour Penis gummies did Suri say she want again?”

  34. Nicole

    Those jeans are not good. Enough said.

  35. Katie Holmes Baby Bump Pregnant
    Doc Scweinstrudel
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  36. Sheena

    She *is* pregnant. NO DOUBT that is a preggo belly!

  37. Katie Holmes Baby Bump Pregnant
    Double D
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    Xenu needs to put a baby thetan in her ass too, cause that thing is flat.

  38. Katie Holmes Baby Bump Pregnant
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    Must have had a bored news day with that one. She has had a kid before of coarse she is gonna have a pouch. I’m itty bitty and I have one from my son who wasn’t even a big baby, as a matter of fact he was 6,7. Stars aren’t allowed to be like normal human beings are they. If they sport a tummy they must be pregnant. Who the hell cares? If they get pregnant everyone will find out at one point or another. A baby does come out of it. Stop acting like a damn high school gossiper, damn. Get your facts straight before you post. It would be nice to read. She took a pregnancy test. Katie Holmes IS expecting again. Not, she has a tummy, she MIGHT be preggers.

  39. wow

    more like a constant dieting lady finally had a whole pizza

  40. Katie Holmes Baby Bump Pregnant
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    just joking. if that was not a pregnant belly she would not dress to accentuate “fat” but hide it.

  41. ChazBono

    She looks high out her mind and zoned out on opium or whatever the “cool” scientologists are smoking these days

  42. The Scientology partner Glazed-Over-Look-of-Forlorn-Hopelessness is still in I see.

  43. Elaine

    Maybe he had a wet dream and she rolled in it

  44. hank

    Its called your organs..stupid people. God stuck them in our abdomen, and even if you get REAL skinny, they still have to protrude somewhere. Throw in low waisted jeans, a poor posture and VOILA! A BUMP..!

  45. ivy

    Looks like poor posture to me. I can look the same if I slouch.

  46. Parks

    This photo is from the past! A checkbook and that phone? Obviously, it was taken in 2005.

  47. Katie Holmes Baby Bump Pregnant
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    Does she do ANYTHING other than shop these days???…

  48. Kyle

    Katie always looks like a mess unless she’s been professionally done, someone needs to teach her good grooming.

  49. Sarah

    Judging from the comments I’ve read (I couldn’t make it through- sorry), I’m sure that this won’t be well received, but I have a correction to make. Your reference to “Lilliputia” should actually be “Lilliput”. I know it’s only two letters and that this pretty much officially establishes my status as a bitch with too much time on her hands, (or a complete nerd) but I couldn’t resist.

    Just to add to my already negative image (I’m being presumptuous- people hate that :D), I would like to say that although Katie looks tired, and most likely made a monumental mistake in marrying Tom Cruise, she doesn’t deserve to be dissected and vilified like she’s been so far.

    Believe it or not, I think she looks good. She looks natural. She looks human, and that’s not something she deserves to be bullied for.

    • Blech

      Bitch in the beginning of this post, hero at the end. I agree. Katie’s always been cute. She’s just miserable as f*ck and needs to leave Tom Crouche.

  50. Valentina

    Either Katie Holmes forgot her contract is about to expire, or she agreed to extend it for some really sweet deals.

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