Katie Holmes’ Mom-Ass Says Good Morning

June 22nd, 2010 // 70 Comments

I don’t really know why I decided to start the day with Katie Holmes’ Mom-Ass in a pair of mom jeans, but sometimes you have to pay homage to what once was a proud institution/The Gift. On that note, did you know these things turn perfectly rectangular if no one touches them for five years? And yet society wants to lock me up for being a drunken goose monster. This whole system’s out of order! ATTICA! ATTICA! (I know it was you, Fredo.)

Photos: INFdaily, Pacific Coast News, Splash News


  1. First…..I can’t believe Tom let her out in jeans.

    • Holy apple pie! I’m in the mood for line dancing tonight!

      Seen here in a pair of Tom’s jeans, Katie struts her stuff up some stairs to work on flattening that backside even more. A tucked in plowing shirt adds a gentle splash of color to an otherwise drab day in the fields.

      Yee haw Katie! Ride ‘em like a bucking bronco.


  2. hello

    not bad for popping out a kid. jeans aren’t too flattering but she still has a decent figure.

  3. Mr. Hernandez
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    MILF! Want to give her the Filthy Hernandez.

  4. They’re probably Tom’s jeans…..


  5. like2bcold
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    does she ever smile anymore? its very sad…i remember when every picture of her was all smiles.

  6. first
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  7. roy
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    poor katie

  8. I hope one day Katie escapes the controls of her handler(s), takes off all her clothes in multiple R rated hit movies, & writes a tell all memoir RE: marriage with crazy Tom.
    Ah, the stories this woman could tell………

  9. Jones
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    Looks plenty tap-able to me.

  10. Greg

    I don’t know… she still has a pretty nice ass.

  11. imagen

    Damn, that’s a flat ass. 0.o

  12. I’d still spank her / to her.

  13. Hugh Gerection

    did the superficial get a new writer? for a couple weeks now all the commentary has been extremely lame. not even mildly amusing. it’s just like a regular, celebrity news site now.

    • Oh, good, the “new writer” trolls made it over. For a minute there I thought the redesign scared them off.

      Feel free to poke around, and you’ll notice that, yes, this is almost exactly like a regular celebrity site now. I mean, shit, Miley Cyrus’ vagina practically screams People magazine. What was I thinking?

      • Hugh Gerection

        i wasn’t trying to troll. i was really trying to figure out if there was someone else writing here now. most of the articles just don’t seem to have that same cleverness they did a couple weeks ago. perhaps i’m wrong though, as that miley cyrus post today was hil-ar-i-ous.

      • mensa

        I’m just glad the pop up ads are gone. *cough

      • Blech

        I happen to find the commentary hilarious.

        Go jerk off, Hugh. Looks like you haven’t gotten any in a while.

  14. ROUGH? "That guy got an edge. Unbewevable, I never seen anything like it"

    No more jokes Fish. See how lil Tommy Cruise wreck that ass to kei$ha status…

  15. the old guy

    New Layout: Are the comments picture specific?

    If I go to the next pic, the comments change/disappear.

    That means I’ll have to visit EVERY boob shot in order to make sure that I don’t miss out on some clever witticism!

  16. the old guy

    To answer my own question: Yes, the comments are URL specific.


    Time to lurk elsewhere.

  17. Modwild
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    You’re an idiot. Those are the new old high waisted jeans. There is no one who can wear them and have a giant ass. Her ass isn’t a mom ass, its the fit of the jeans. Jesus.

  18. Photoshop Police

    @ Hugh – that would sure make sense and would definitely explain the site redesign.

  19. iLurk

    Would crush this

  20. zannathin
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    those aren’t mom jeans. know what mom jeans are before you start calling people out on them.

  21. Taz

    Cushion for the………..

  22. Melissa
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    I think the whole outfit is cute. She should have left her hair down though… would have gone with the whole 70′s vibe more.

  23. I actually thought the writing for this post was funny. But I love that movie.

    That is a flat mom ass for someone so young.

  24. bob
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    that is a pancake that would turn, even a master heterosexual like tom cruise into a wiener slobbing fiend

  25. Franksinatrastein
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    Good looking Thetan, for sure.

  26. Eric

    nothing wrong with that ass that my cock deep inside wouldn’t cure

  27. bar room hero

    Did her ass travel back to 1978?

    scientology slag.

    • anonymous

      Gosh I was thinking she’s a serious 70′s throwback in that outfit too.

      Perhaps her thetan’s previous meat body liked to dress this way?

      Or she want’s to remember happier times…like when L. Ron Hubbard was still alive.

  28. missywissy

    I guess it’s muffin top asses vs. mom asses. I’m sick of muffin top jeans already. I’m revolting and buying Wranglers!

  29. Do_Freebird

    I think my Dad dick would fit quite nicely in her Mom ass.

  30. Pancake butt. Where’s my maple syrup?

    • abbey

      Yeah, and if she got butt implants then people would be bashing her even more. How can you make fun of someone for having a butt or not? You people are so heartless.

  31. **What's GlennBeck Doing There?**
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    Tom Cruise and Glenn Beck having an emotional moment about Katie cheating would be golden. There would have to be a lot of breakdown, hugs and tears involved.

  32. Michelle

    I think she looks geat, the only reason it looks like a mom ass is because her pants are high. She is stylish i think. If she was dressed like sookie stackhouse, (Short shorts, tight white shirt), then she would look hot…but she is conservative.

  33. surgerylass
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    It is inevitable that high waisted jeans will come back … again … the same as before. And straight legs.

  34. Crabby Old Guy

    Hey, I’ll take Katie’s “Mom- Ass” any day over Brits, Miley’s or whateverthefuck whore of the moment you’ve posted over the last week.

  35. toastaface
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    Katie, enough hon, it’s time to shave the beard and come on home to me.

  36. Commented on this photo:

    C’mon now, that is a nice ass! So nice in fact I’m linking these pics to my website.

  37. Millie

    This is boring.

  38. toastaface

    Katie, enough hon, it’s time to shave the beard and come on home to me.

  39. gildo
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    very flat but firm and slim better than fat and flat

  40. hiya
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    she have nothing to smile about, those pants are awful, she got brainwashed by a scientologist gay midget, she doesn t make a lot of movies and she s friend with victoria skeleton beckham the most insipid bitch in the world !

  41. JubeJubes

    Ooh Fish actually looks at our posts :D *little girl grin*

    My 2c is: love the site (as always), DON’T be a fuckin sellout and put lame ads of the Kardashians and shit all over the place (what were u thinking with huge 20-second-loading-time Chelsea Lately wallpaper???), don’t make those silly advertorials where u peddle how cool a celeb is and then bash them later (yes we see you trying to be sneaky)…
    And one more thing, don’t feed the trolls! I’m sure I don’t need to tell you. Anyone whose been reading this site can see you’re still as cynical and witty as ever (even if the writers have changed, the shiz is still awesome). The local trolls are too busy flipping between fake Miley Hoohoo pictures and Farmville to check back for your comments anyway.

    Oh and by the way, Katie’s ass looks noice here! Just because you can’t see the pink of her ass crack like your usual visual cuisine doesn’t mean it’s not a good ass.

    OK, I’m finished! :D and PS don’t send me spam or I will end you

  42. Rhialto

    Tom Cruise must be waking up every morning with a smile.After her ass telling him good morning.

  43. Darth

    What voice does her ass have? Soprano?

  44. Gando

    She’s a mom but that doesn’t look like the average mom-ass.

  45. mgggg
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    i wish i looked like that… mom-ass? ummm…no

  46. lauryn
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    EW those tiny strappy heels are TACKY AS FUCK. I love how celebirities have no idea how to dress when they dont have assistants to do it for them.

  47. Now that is an ass that might hurt to surra de bunda.

  48. heybaby

    She looks like is on the set of “One Day at a Time”; and is heading off to the maintenance closet with Schneider.

  49. Shana
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    What ass? She looks like 6 O’Clock – straight up and down…

  50. Scal
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    Wow this is the cutest Outfit Ive seen her wear in Months; Not Frumpy for a Change!

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