Jamie Foxx Grabbed Katie Holmes’ Ass, Yet She Didn’t Have Sex With Him? That’s Strange

August 29th, 2013 // 25 Comments
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“Grab. That. Woman’s. Ass.”
“I’m tryin’, Colin Powell, I’m tryin’.”

It’s been over a year since Katie Holmes divorced Tom Cruise, so allow me to be the voice of reason that says Jamie Foxx was well within his rights to borderline sexually assault the ex-wife of a former co-star. In fact, I’d be offended if he didn’t. This is America. Us Magazine reports:

As previously reported, the single actress, mom and designer, 34, was happy to boogie with Jamie Foxx onstage at last weekend’s Apollo in the Hamptons benefit in East Hampton, New York — where the trained dancer shook her moneymaker with Foxx, 45, to sexy tunes like “Blurred Lines” and “Get Lucky.”
According to a witness at the Aug. 24 bash, however, Django Unchained star Foxx tried to get lucky himself after the dance fest. “They danced, and after a hug he grabbed her butt and tried to seal the deal,” the observer tells Us Weekly.
Alas, Holmes — mom to 7-year-old Suri — rejected him. “She was flattered, but not interested.”

Of course, some people might say the proper etiquette would’ve been to not grab her butt, and instead ask, “Excuse me, white woman, may I swirl your vanilla with my chocolate?” But those people would be kind of racist and should probably shut the hell up. However, in Katie Holmes’ defense, the last time she was intimate with a man, she blacked out before he could penetrate her and woke up six years later next to a tiny female version of him and paranoid thoughts about alien ghosts causing the flu. Which is no excuse to be rude, but sometimes these situations aren’t so black and white. (Poor choice of words, you’re right.)

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  1. She should’ve gone for it, after all to at least commemorate MLK’s 50th anniversary speech…At least Jamie “Had a Dream.”

    Give a brotha a shot Katie.

  2. Katie Holmes at an Apollo theater event…because nothing says “black entertainment” like the whitest woman who ever lived.

  3. dontkillthemessenger

    This story is certified bullshit. Katie Holmes doesn’t have an ass to grab.

  4. Katie Holmes Jamie Foxx
    Commented on this photo:

    “You won’t sleep with me because I’m black?”
    “No, I won’t sleep with you because you are too short. Do you have Dikembe Mutombo’s phone number by any chance?”

  5. Katie Holmes Jamie Foxx
    Commented on this photo:

    AWW MAN, I would totally love to grab Katie Holmes ass. SHE IS SO HOT!!!

  6. Bill Clinton's penis

    Can I grab her ass?
    I have access to the Lincoln Bedroom.

  7. Jenn

    She’s still pining for Pacey, as we all are.

  8. Me (to a Black Woman or Some Other Woman of Non-Caucasian Ethnicity): “A buddy of mine, who was raised in the South, says that if you tell a white woman she’s got a nice ass, you might get slapped. “Black” women, however, take it as a compliment and will be grateful. What do you think?”

    Woman of non-Caucasian Ethnicity: “I think your friend is right.”

    Me: “Oh, good. ‘Cuz you’ve got a dynamite ass and I’d like to rub it!”

    Woman of non-Caucasian Ethnicity: “Oh yeah? You jist try touchin’ my booty and I be slappin’ you upside the head wid a two-by-fo’. Thank you for the compliment, though.”

  9. Katie Holmes Jamie Foxx
    Commented on this photo:

    Is that colin powell?

  10. Katie Holmes Jamie Foxx
    Commented on this photo:

    “Um…your hand is…”
    “Yeah…Just let it happen…Let it happen.”

  11. Katie Holmes Jamie Foxx
    Commented on this photo:

    “Excuse me Mr. Foxx, but your little Django is unchained.”

  12. Who cares

    LOL, this article opens up by saying its perefctly ok to grab a womans ass….if your Jamie Foxx. REALLY? I’d knock his teeth out if he did that to me. Don’t give SHyTE what color he is, who he is or how much money he has. This article is pretty much saying a man is entitled to grab/touch a woman without asking. LOL! Morons, whoever wrote this is CLEARLY IN HEAT.

  13. Katie Holmes Jamie Foxx
    Commented on this photo:

    “Come and knock on our doooor…..”

  14. Katie Holmes Jamie Foxx
    Commented on this photo:

    “Well, honestly, your definition of “supergroup” leaves a little to be desired, Mr. Williams. And, besides, where are the French robots?”

  15. What Katie should have done was slap him and make his rude, obnoxious head spin ( and embarrass him big time!) If he touched someone inappropriately in front of me we would have had words about being a gentleman and if he wanted to escalate the discussion he would have had to drop out of a few movies while he was recuperating. If he had body guards he would have had to hire some new ones.

    I’m not a Foxxx fan cause, while he is talented, he thinks he is way more talented than he actually is and feels he is “entitled.”
    What he’s entitled to is a B—- Slap once in a while.

    • Trex

      Just a shot in the dark here, oh hero of the interwebs, but you’re thirteen years old and just hit puberty?

  16. You stick the hand UP the ass – take a note from Mr. Thicke.

  17. Katie was just a fucking beard. You noticed once she married Cruise she was all over the place. Hollywood’s golden boy got his peeps to give this bitch roles while they pretended to have a “REAL MARRIAGE”. And all the shit that came out of their divorce was 100% stagger and we bought it hook, line and sinker.

  18. Katie Holmes Jamie Foxx
    Commented on this photo:

    Nobody gets laid if Colin Powell is there.

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